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Title: False Accusations

Chapter: 3/3

Fandom: CSI

Characters: Greg Sanders/Nick Stokes

Word Count:

Rating: PG

Warnings/Spoilers: mention of rape but not really… (You'll understand while reading)

Summary: "Evidence never lies," That's what Grissom always says. But what happen when it does? (Fic inspired by an SGA's one. Don't remember the title through, sorry.)

As always, Rayrayfaulks did a wonderful job beta-reading me! Thanks !

Chapter 03

Archie passed by the nurses and other members of the medical staff without being seen. He went inside Nick's room, relieved to find it empty. Of course, now the only problem would be to make get Nick to wake up before something bad happen.

"Nick!" He shook him slightly, not wanting to hurt the man but wishing he would wake up. "Come on, man, you have to wake up. They have Greg, Nick, if you don't wake up, it's going to be a mess. Come on, Nick," he pleaded.

Greg retreated further away inside his cell, scared. The policemen had already taken a hit or two at him, but there was nothing he could do to prevent it. Actually, there was nothing he wanted to do to prevent it. He had hurt Nick pretty badly and he still felt so guilty for it. Maybe he deserved to be punished. When he thought about it, the pain in his ribs and his bleeding lips seemed to be just the right way to atone for what he had done, taking the beating without fighting was his redemption.

The men were now really close to him and he just looked down, not wanting to see the blow coming. He flinched nonetheless, ready to take it, but a voice -- a very angry voice--interrupted them.

"Get away from him and open this fucking door!"

A voice broke through the mist that enveloped his mind and Nick grabbed at it, willing himself not to let it go. He was getting tired of this state of semi-consciousness.

"Nick, Nick," the voice was getting louder and louder until, finally, he was able to identify it.

"Archie," he whispered, wondering briefly what the other man was doing here.

Archie, on his side, was ready to make a little joy-dance.

"Thank God you're awake. Nick, you have to call the others, do something, they think Greg raped you."

The declaration was enough to wake up Nick entirely.

"What!" he exclaimed, sitting up on the bed. "What are you talking about? That's ridiculous! They would never believe something like this."

"They do! Nick, he's got to be in custody right now. You have to tell them the truth."

Nick shook his head, and began climbing down the bed. "I have to go to Greg." Less than fifteen minutes later they were on the hospital's car park, heading towards Archie's car.

When they finally arrived at the police station Nick almost jumped out of the car, not caring about the pain he felt as the sudden movement jarred his injuries. Maybe he had been wrong about getting out of the hospital so soon but he had to see Greg.

He didn't bother saying hello to anyone or even asking anyone's help. He knew where Greg was and he had a bad feeling about it. As soon as he saw Greg in the cell with the other policemen, Nick saw red.

"Get away from him and open this fucking door!" he bellowed, anger clearly creeping in his voice.

The policemen jumped and turned around to look at him, immediately recognizing him. They didn't understand why he wanted to come in, because quite frankly who would want to see their rapist, but they immediately opened the door.

Once the door was open, Nick shoved the men aside and ran to his lover who, hearing Nick's voice, had looked up. Nick sat down at his side and was instantanely engulfed into a hug. Greg buried his head in the crook of Nick's head, crying softly.

He didn't cry because he had been scared of what the policemen were going to do to him, nor did he cry because of the physical pain he was in but because he just couldn't believe his friends could think he had hurt this beautiful man.

"They… They thought I… I raped you." Greg said between sobs.

"Shhh." Nick soothed, running a comforting hand on Greg's back. "I know what they think," he said, kissing him softly on the head. "I'll tell them the truth."

Nick pulled himself back and captured Greg's lips in a tender kiss, an arm still around him. He tried to pour all the love, all the tenderness, he felt into that kiss, wanting Greg to feel it.

Unaware of everything around them, the two lovers never noticed when Brass and Grissom arrived, apparently having been alerted about Nick coming there. The sight of the two men told them everything they needed to know about what really happened between them and, somehow, rape suddenly seemed really far away of the truth and guilt creeped in.

Archie didn't say a word when he saw the two older men appearing and the policemen leaving. He simply motioned for them to be quiet before turning his gaze on the two lovers. Never had he seen such a heart-wrenching sight. They were simply beautiful together and he thought they were all fools for never noticing it ; so much love surrounded them that it was almost tangible, it had always been. So why did the people who were supposed to see what was hidden had never been able to see it?

Looking up to Brass and Grissom, Nick's glaze was as hard as still. "I'm taking Greg home," he stated in a voice that didn't let place to discussion. And, as the two lovers stepped out of the cell, Greg leaning into Nick for support, no one made a single move to stop them.