Dear Readers, Before you read this, I suggest you read both Geography Club and Order of the Poison Oak by Brent Hartinger! This is suggested because this fanfiction will contain spoilers from both of those wonderful novels. While reviews are wanted, whether they be positive or negative, I wish for you to NOT rant about gay, bisexual, or straight people who support people with different orientations (such as myself). Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this fanfiction!

Chapter One

Sometimes, You Just Have To Laugh

I could feel the stare on the back of my neck. I could feel it all the way from the back of the classroom, his eyes were watching me. I had an urge to turn around, to stare back. Giving into the urge, I turned my head ever so slightly and saw the eyes of Kevin Land looking directly at me.

My eyes locked with his, and for two seconds it seemed like there was only us in the whole classroom. My heart beat faster, and faster, and faster and I was about to scream out to the teacher, "I need an ambulance! My heart is exploding!"

The two seconds ended, and Kevin looked down at the textbook in front of him. As I turned my head around, I saw him look up once again and then look down once again. And after five minutes, I could feel the stare on the back of my neck once again.

Kevin Land. The first love of my teenage gay life. When I came out to the school, he couldn't. I respected that, but apart of me was hurt and destroyed. I could deal with being called The Gay Kid at my high school, and I could deal with all the offensive terms that came with it. But maybe if Kevin, one of the biggest (and hottest!) jocks at Goodkind High School, had come out with me it might've been easier. Or it could've been hell. But it could've been wonderful. But it could've ended all like that of The Tragedy Romeo and Juliet. But it could've been love…

Love. The word bought another name to my mind. Otto. The burn survivor, but oh-so-handsome, and truly beautiful boy I had fallen in love with while counseling at Camp Serenity. That was the truest love I had ever had. I felt a pain in my side, a pain of sadness, as I thought back to our final night together. No, there was no sex - the myth that all gay men are sexually promiscuous isnot true!And since there was no sex, it was all the more wonderful! (I'm not saying there was no sexual acts but there was no SEX).

"Earth to Russell Middlebrook!"

I looked up, the bell had rung, and Belinda was standing in front of me. Belinda, black, straight but a friend to the Gays (she was an original member of the Goodkind High School Gay-Straight-Bisexual Alliance which, I'm sorry to say, did not grow much since it was founded - people were still all freaky about the fact that thereare gay and bisexual people and straight people who supported them). Belinda, who originally I thought was bubbly and originally thought I hate, stood there.

"The bell rang, like, two minutes ago. Day dreaming of a boy?"

I laughed, "No, a girl."

She laughed this time, her infectious, lovable laugh, and I grinned as I put my history textbook into my bag. As I opened my bag, I found a folder note.

"A note…?" Belinda said, smiling.

"I suppose, wasn't there before."

"Maybe from a boy…?"

I smiled a bit, and a feeling of hopefully joy rang through my stomach like bells on a wedding day. Kevin would've had to pass by my desk to leave the room. What if he wanted to come out? Wanted to be with me? What if I got to date the biggest (and hottest!) jock at Goodkind High again? I unfolded the note, hands trembling ever so slight.

Go back to Brokeback Mountain, you sick gay fuck.

Signed, Jarred and Kevin.

I almost felt like crying, but I didn't. I knew Kevin's writing (I'm not a stalker, we DATED!) so I could tell Jarred had wrote it. (By the way, Jarred, obviously, is a jock and, unfortunately, a hot one). But back to Kevin, and why I felt like crying. Basically, the fact that Kevin was a closet gay boy, and the fact that he allowed (probably reluctantly) Jarred to sign his name really got to me. Some part of me always thought Kevin would be a better man and stand up for gay people. But not this time.

Belinda had read the note. And she laughed, and then I laughed. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

I folded the note and placed it my pocket. I have no idea why I kept it. I did. Belinda and I left the classroom, and who did I see outside, seeming like he was waiting for someone?

Kevin Land.