Author's Note: Sorry I took so long for an update. I wasn't inspired enough and I didn't want to make some crappy chapter because I had to. However, I've been rereading Geography Club and Order of the Poison Oak, and I was like "Hey! Lets finish this bad boy!" Hope you like the chapter - the drama doesn't seem to stop.

Chapter Five

Sure Enough...

So, I had avoided an awkward and possibly messy situation, and now I was walking home with Otto. There was something weird about Otto being with me at that very moment. My first guess would have been that we had spent a couple of weeks apart, only talking over the phone and the internet, and that this sudden reunion was just a surreal, cloud number nine sorta thing.

But really it was because of the scenario that had occurred within the last two hours and that was nagging at my mind. True, I had declared to myself that Otto was my boyfriend and that when we were together it felt right. But, also true, I couldn't help but think about Kevin. He needed me…

"My sister's husband got a job promotion here in Boise, but then it turned out that his great uncle or something died and he has to go to Australia for a couple of weeks. My sister didn't want to leave on her own, so I offered to stay with her… Russell, are you sure you're okay?"

"Huh? What?" I sounded like the biggest idiot ever. I was finding it hard to focus due to the fact that I had the most stressful hours of my life just occur. I was able to quickly regain myself. "Yah, I'm good. So, how long will you be staying?"

Otto smiled, but his eyes still looked at me a little funny, "The whole year."

My head began to spin. "What?! Why? What about school?"

"You sound disappointed."

"No… I'm not. I'm just a little shocked!"

"But you don't sound pleasantly shocked."

I kissed him on the lips, pulled away, and said, "Otto. I'm happy! I swear!"

And I was happy, I truly was. I just realized how more intense this situation was. I should've told Kevin about Otto, and, even though Otto did know about Kevin, I should've told him what had just happened.

"I'll take that kiss as a pleasant shock," he said, with a little goofy grin on his face, "But you don't need to worry about my education - I'm transferring over to Goodkind."

"That's great!" I said, and we hugged. Suddenly, I felt something vibrate between mine and Otto's leg.

"Um… Russell, what's happening?"

I laughed out loud, "Sorry… The cell is on vibrate!"

Otto laughed and pulled away as I pulled out my cell phone. The screen said it was Gunnar phoning. He should've been in class, why was he phoning me? I flipped it open, and answered.

"Hello?" I asked, as Otto and I turned the corner onto my street.

"Where are you?" asked Gunnar, "I'm on your front porch! With Min!"

Sure enough, as I looked towards my house, I saw two figures standing on my porch.

"I'll be right there! I'm just down the street!"

The two figures looked up, and both waved.

"Who's with you?" Gunnar, asked.

"Otto!" I said, "Okay! See you in less then 10 seconds!"

Gunnar didn't say anything, "Um… Russ… We have an awkward situation."

"Trust me, I've been in worse. What's wrong?"

Gunnar was silent for a moment, "Kevin Land is with us."

Sure enough, I saw a third figure stand up from behind Min. And there was no mistaking… It was Kevin Land.