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Dual Personalities

Chapter 1


The buzzing was annoying, if not maddening!

"Hey, Naruto!" a voice shouted from behind his door, "Wake up! It's already 7:30! We'll be late!"


"Hey, Naruto! It's your first day!"



"I'm UP!"

Naruto groaned and cursed under his breath as he took the effort to push his blankets off, swing his legs off the bed, and stand.

Starting school in the middle of the year was something he was used to, but did not enjoy.

This school was fairly rich, with its own dormitories. Sure, the brochure made it look nice, but, you never know. It could be filled with alcoholic, drug-addicted, horny teenagers. Like the school before, and the one before that.

Ugh, moving schools really was a pain in the ass.


"Took you long enough, Naruto," Gaara said as he leaned against the counter, chewing on a piece of toast.

"Hn," Naruto replied, only having the strength to glare half-heartedly at his half-brother.

"Told you, you shouldn't have stayed up 'till 1 AM playing games on the computer," Gaara said.

"Demo, demo! Sora was on yesterday! So were Riku and Yuffie!"

Gaara rolled his eyes. "Cloud, Sephiroth, and Kairi let them?"

Naruto nodded, "They don't have school today!"

"It's amazing how you managed to stay friends with them when we left Destiny Island High almost a year ago," Gaara said as he wiped his hands on a dish towel.

"Eh? Gaara, don't you still keep contact with Cloud, Sephiroth and the others?"

Gaara made a face. "Only once in a while; haven't talked to Leon in a while, though. He's busy with his motorcycles."

Naruto sighed. "I wish we could go back to Destiny High. We had so much fun there."

"Yeah, too much fun. Our bad habits appeared after only a month."

Naruto flinched slightly at the mention of their 'bad habits'. He hadn't meant to hurt those people…it just happened. It was even passed as self-defense! "I'm sick of moving every time!"

"We just can't seem to control ourselves…"

Naruto sighed, but then brightened up. "Where's Iruka?" He so badly wanted to complain about how he rudely woke him up.

Their cousin Iruka, 24, was currently their legal guardian. They had moved in with him more then four years ago after their parents refused to take care of them.

"He got a job as a teacher at the school, so he can watch over us. The school and the government agreed that it was 'for the best. In case anything happened during our time there.'" Gaara scowled. "Iruka was lucky; the art teacher had to leave for personal reasons so he got the job. He had to go to the school to prepare."

"Art teacher? Is Iruka good at art?"

"Baka, you should see his paintings. He was famous before he got stuck with us, so the school was more then happy to allow Iruka teach. In fact, they threw open the doors for him, set out a red carpet, and called reporters."

"Really?" Naruto asked, wide-eyed.

"No, baka, I'm joking. Although, the principal, Mr. Evans, or something, he's thirty-three, you know, was so happy that he was giggling. He loves art, but rumor gets around that he loves hot younger men as well…"

Naruto made a face. That was just gross…The principal has a thing for Iruka? Naruto knew Iruka was gay, he was not a homophobe. In fact, he and his brother were bisexual themselves. So were some of his guy friends at Destiny High. Actually, when he thought about it, most of his guy friends were either gay or bisexual.

"Yeah, I know how you feel," Gaara said when he saw Naruto's expression. "It's disgusting, a man lusts after a man nine years younger then him. Not to mention that the said man is married, has two children, and is the principal of your school."

"We walking or taking a bus?" Naruto asked as he drank a glass of milk in one gulp.

"Walking; we missed the bus forty-five minutes ago," Gaara said as he started to clean the table.

Naruto looked puzzled. The bus comes fifteen minutes before school started, so that meant… "What time is it?" he asked alarmed.

Gaara glanced at his watch. "It's 9:05, why?"

Naruto's eyes widened. "Holy shit, Gaara! School started a half an hour ago!"

"Nice to know you figured that out," Gaara said as he shoved some money down his pockets, "You took too long to get dressed and even longer to wake up. Time passes by quickly." He shrugged. "It's not like it's anything new."

"I didn't even get my schedule yet! What about our stuff in the dorms?"

"Iruka had it delivered beforehand. Don't you remember?"

Naruto frowned. "No, not really."

Gaara rolled his eyes. "You're hopeless. I pray that your bad habit doesn't come out on the first day of school."

Naruto scowled darkly. "Same goes for you."

Gaara snorted. "I only crack when I see you spill blood."

Naruto stuck out his tongue. Indeed, they were strange brothers.


Earlier in the morning:

The crowd of kids sat on the steps of the school, counting the minutes until the bell rang, which would be in twenty minutes.

In the center of the crowd and the center of the intention sat a really hot senior and on his laps sat his younger brother who was equally hot. The younger brother had his arms around the elder's neck and was kissing him passionately. The kids around them whistled and cheered them on.

Who didn't love some brotherly love?

They were the Uchiha brothers, the most popular, the hottest, and the ringleaders of Konoha High School. The people around them were either hot or really sexy. They included Neji Hyuuga, his shy cousin Hinata, Sakura Haruno, (the most popular girl in school), and her best friend, yet rival, Ino Yamanaka. There was also Tenten, Rock Lee (who would even look better if he plucked his eyebrows and eyelashes and got a different haircut), Sai, and other freshmen, juniors, and seniors. (They rarely ever hung out with sophomores, only a few of them were there.)

Itachi, the older Uchiha, pulled away from the kiss and ran a hot tongue over Sasuke's, the younger Uchiha's, bottom lip. Sasuke shivered in pleasure.

Itachi chuckled. "Let's stop now, Sasuke, before the guys get a hard on and the girls get horny."

Sasuke smirked and nodded, but didn't change his seating position. The teens resumed their chatting and gossip, but Itachi and Sasuke were in their own worlds, ignoring the rest.

Sasuke sighed and got up. He woke up with a really bad headache and going to school wasn't going to help. He swayed his hips seductively toward Itachi's face and Itachi playfully, yet seductively, slapped it away.

"C'mon, guys, school's going to start soon," Itachi said as he hung his bag over one shoulder. Sasuke followed suit. The Uchiha's may be the hottest, but they were never slackers.


"You're late."

Naruto tried not to roll his eyes. Of course, I'm was late, he thought, Otherwise I wouldn't be standing in front of the class being lectured by the teacher on the first day of school.

He repeated that out loud.

He watched as the teacher turned red, some of the boys smirk, and some girls giggle and wink suggestively. Naruto rolled his eyes. Sluts.

As he watched the teacher turn even redder with bored eyes he thought, At least I'm not the only one who's going to get in trouble. Gaara's probably enjoying himself.


Weird school was the first thing he thought as he saw his schedule. His first period had gone by and the second was just beginning. This class, it said, was a mix of sophomores and seniors. For what reason, Gaara had no clue.

Earlier, Gaara had glanced at Naruto's schedule and had remembered it instantly. Poor Naruto, it's still his first period. He's probably going to get detention. On the other thought, I'll probably get it too. I'm five minutes late for class, not to mention I was marked absent in homeroom, also I missed the whole first period. I got it worse then Naruto…

Gaara slammed open the door, not bothering to care who it annoyed. He walked to the teacher, Ms. Li, and handed her a note.

The teacher looked very flustered at the interruption and the students were staring at him. "A-ah, you must be the new student…"

Gaara shrugged, nonchalantly. "Who knows? Maybe…"

Ms. Li blinked before saying, "Ah, well Mr. S-"



"My name is Gaara, nothing else. So don't call me by anything, but Gaara."

"O-oh, I'm sorry G-Gaara," Ms. Li said as she hesitantly pronounced the name as if it were a killing spell, "The only seat available is at the back, next to Mr. Uchiha. Mr. Uchiha?"

A hand rose from the back of the room.

"You can go sit down. We aren't going to do much today."

Gaara trudged up aisle to the back and dropped his bag to the floor. Then he slipped into the seat next to the Uchiha kid, who he only spared a glance and guessed he was a senior, folded his arms on the desk, placed his hands on his arms, and went to sleep.


Itachi Uchiha looked amusedly at the boy next to him. He was definitely hot and had a lot of attitude. Yeah, he'll keep an eye out for this one for sure.


Sasuke was staring out the window when the new boy barged into the room looking like he had not a care about the world. Sasuke glared at the intruder as he had that small exchange of words with the teacher. Sasuke face lit up a little as he looked on with interest. The boy was definitely interesting. He introduced himself as Uzumaki Naruto and the teacher just told him to sit next to Sasuke. Next to him.

Sasuke raised his arm to indicate he was Sasuke and the new boy stared at him a little while suspiciously before going up to him and sitting in the empty chair next to him. He dropped his bag onto the floor, slumped on the desk and fell asleep, light snores adding to the usual sounds of a busy class.

Uzumaki Naruto…he is a bit interesting…


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