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Alternate Reality

Italics are flashbacks and I'll also put a small author's note informing of a flashback.

Italics in present time without quotes is Naruto or anyone else thinking.

"Italicized words in quotes," are Naruto's superior side. (Remember, Gaara doesn't really have an alter-ego, it's just him as how he would be in the future.

"Bold quotes," is when Kyuubi is speaking.


Dual Personalities

Chapter 5


Iruka never blamed them.

Iruka, even with his kind heart, knew they were really special, and gifted, and really good looking.

Iruka never blamed them.

He never looked down on them, he never pitied them, he was never disgusted by them, and he never abandoned them when they needed him.

That's what Gaara and Naruto lo-liked about him. Never love


They hated that word.

It was such a sad word for them.

They didn't understand it.

They hated anything they couldn't understand. They understood people, their 'errors' (even though they don't like those 'errors'), and they understood nature.

But they couldn't understand that word.

They only knew they hated it.

But what they hated the most was (although they would never admit or even consider it):

They couldn't feel it.

They couldn't love anyone.

That was the only thing Iruka ever felt sad about, around them. They couldn't love.

Fuck it, who needs love?


Naruto sighed as he looked at the blackboard that had, written in chalk, things he learned even before the teacher was born. Clad in white, he turned to stare out the window. Sasuke was on the other side of him and he did not want to look at that bastard.


"Naruto, are you okay?" Gaara asked as they walked around the campus.

"Nn, Gaara, something's wrong with me."


"I have to let him go before I reach my limit."


"Tonight, maybe…"

"Want me to go with you?"

"Stop acting like you're my mother, Gaara. I am perfectly capable of protecting myself."

"That sounded so like Sairi."

Naruto glared. Gaara smirked.

"Whatever, but Sairi said he wants to visit someone."

"For pain or for pleasure?"

"I don't know maybe just for a talk."

"This is Sairi we're talking about. The only people he talks to is you and me, and that one time with Iruka. Kyuubi doesn't count; he's just a pet."

"I heard that, raccoon-boy."

"He said, 'I heard that, raccoon-boy'," Naruto repeated.

Gaara glared.

Naruto grinned. "He said he won't take it back."

Gaara raised a hairless eyebrow. (A/N: giggles)

"He said after living with you for who knows how long, he learned how to decipher your glares."

Gaara scoffed. "Tell him not to get you killed. I'll skin him if he does."

"He says, 'I dare you to try.'"

Gaara's face softened and looked intently at his brother. "Seriously, don't get yourself killed. A lot of bad things will happen if you get killed."

Naruto's grinned faded into a soft smile. "I won't. I never will."

The wind around them sighed sympathetically at the two's pain, and brushed lightly across their skin, soothingly.

Not all things that are meant to happen are good.


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