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Last time


"Every student is required to take this class. So it is not as if you are the only ones. The schedule of periods will change also. Each class will be shortened allowing time for the new one. So you will not have to spend more time in class than you do now. Any questions?"


Chapter 2


Nakatsu was first to jump up and ask the question that was burning in everyone's mind.

"What are we gonna be studying in this 'practical studies' class?"

Namba responded nonchalantly

"The school board decided it would be beneficial for high school students to learn skills that will be valuable to you later on in life"

Not satisfied with Namba's vague answer Nakatsu continued to prod him

"Such as what? Specifically"

With a sigh of defeat Namba readied himself to break the news that he was sure would cause an uproar.

"The new course will encompass the major topics in five different categories. Basic first aide, and bedside manner, CPR, Child care basics, Meal preparation and presentation, and fundamental textile creation and repair."

Nakatsu now seemingly the voice of the assembly took this time to pipe in

"Hold on a minuet there you don't mean that we have to learn to cook, sew, and babysit do ya?"

"I you wish to phrase it that way yes in essence that is the objective of the course"

At this the congregation turned into a mob of objections ranging from "what do they think we are girls" to "just what I need another class to worry about" to "man I don't wanna have to chase after a bunch of rugrats all day"

"Everybody calm down and let me finish" Namba waited for order to restore itself and continued "as I said this will be your last class of the day. However how you rotate between the five topics will be based on which division you are in and who your teacher is. You may pick up your new schedules in the main office that is all"

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