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Chapter Five: Dirk's house and Iselia

We see Lloyd running to Dirk's house. And...HE MAKES IT! OH MY GOSH! THIS IS A MIRACLE! HE DIDN'T GET KILLED! Err, sorry about that.

Lloyd ran into the hut...thing. "Welcome back!" Dirk greeted with an accent.

"Hi dad..." Lloyd replied. "So I was wondering if--


Lloyd inched away from the dwarf. "Uh..."

Dirk ran up to Lloyd and punched him. "HOW YOU LIKE THAT!" He yelled.

Lloyd began crying. "I-I thought you l-loved me..." he sobbed.

"WHAT! I'm not gay!" Dirk objected.

"Loved me like a best friend!" Lloyd moaned.

"Actually Lloyd, I hate you." Dirk admitted smugly.

Then Lloyd started wailing. "NOOOOOOOOO!" He ran outside to find Raine, Kratos, Genis, and Colette. "Oh..." he murmured. "I guess you guys heard that...damn..."

"Yeah, and it was really pathetic." Kratos and Colette stated in unison.

Lloyd frowned and looked at Colette. "I think we're like...supposed to go to the balcony or something..." he muttered.

"With you!" Colette asked angrily. "Never!" She stomped off.

"I guess I'll talk with the others..." Lloyd said to himself. He walked over to Genis.

"What is it Lloyd?" Genis asked angrily.

"Uh...what's wrong with you?"

"Marble died at the ranch so that pretty much screwed up the plot..."

"I guess you're right." Lloyd agreed. He walked over to Raine.

"Hello Lloyd. What the hell do you want?"she asked.

"Uh...nothing...I was just wonder why everyone hates me so much..." Lloyd muttered.

"Using science and math and a lot of other educational things, I'd say it's because you're a complete loser." Raine stated.

Lloyd frowned. "Damn." He walked over to Kratos.

"Um...Hi Kratos..."

Kratos just stood there saying nothing, looking at the ground.

"Hello?" Lloyd asked while poking the 'mercenary'.

"Stop it or I'll kick you."

Lloyd poked him again. Baaaaaad choice. Kratos began rapidly kicking Lloyd in his stomach.

"OW! OW! GCK! STOP IT! I'M SORRY! PLEASE!" Lloyd begged as he fell to the ground.

"Don't do that again."

Lloyd nodded and slowly got up. "Owwwww..." Colette shot a nasty look at him and whispered something to Raine. The professor walked over to Lloyd.

"Colette says that if you REALLY want to go with her, to go to her house at noon tomorrow."

Lloyd frowned. "Couldn't she have told me herself?" he asked.

Colette sneered and walked away, Kratos following her. Genis shrugged and the two elven siblings left also. Lloyd went into his room and cried himself to sleep. What a pathetic loser.

--The next morning...

Lloyd yawned and walked downstairs. He opened the door and walked outside to find his dwarven father near his human mother's grave. What a mouthfull.

"Hey dad, about last night..." Lloyd began.

Dirk glared and handed him a bunch of crap. "Here. Take it and leave."

Lloyd's eye's were gleaming. "OMIGOSH! Thank you sooooo mcuh. You don't know what all this crap means to me..."

Dirk turned around and covered his ears. "I'm not listeniiiiiiiing!"

Lloyd's eye's welled up with tears as he walked away sadly. Genis and Noishe ran up to him.

"ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING!" Genis asked loudly. "Colette left three hours ago!"

Lloyd stared at Genis. "Are...you...SERIOUS!" he gasped.

Genis nodded. "C'mon! If we hurry, maybe we'll meet up with them somewhere!" he exclaimed.

Lloyd and his eleven friend ran to Iselia. When they were about to leave through the other exit, they were stopped by the mayor.

"HEY!" he shouted. "You're like, banished!"

Genis and Lloyd started crying. "W-why? Please let us s-stay!" Genis begged.

The mayor shook his head. "No. It has something to do with the plot that got messed up. We also have to burn down half of the town, including the kid's house." he stated. He and somebody else lit matches and began burning down Iselia. Phaidra ran over and handed Lloyd a letter. Remember, Frank was eaten by a zombie...

Genis grabbed the letter from Lloyd's hands. "It says that Colette told you the wrong time on purpose, and that she hates us!" he exclaimed.

The mayor shoved Lloyd and Genis outside Iselia. "Don't ever come back!" he warned.

The two were almost at a desert when Noishe began barking. "Whiiiine!"

Genis yanked something out of Noishe's mouth. "It's a letter, from Dirk." he stated. "It says that he hates you and never wants to see your ugly face agian Lloyd. And there's also some EX Gems. Whatever those are. There's a guide, but nobody ever reads those things. Let's feed it to Noishe."

Llotd frowned. "Genis, why don't you ever let me read the letters?" He asked in a hurt tone.

Genis grinned. "Because you're too stupid to read them."


Let's check up on Colette, Kratos, and Raine...

Colette grabbed Kratos' arm and pulled him away from Raine. "Kratos, let's ditch that hag!" she hissed.

Kratos nodded and the two ran towards Triet, while Raine was still walking to the ruins. Duh.

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