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Edward had gone hunting again which left me with nothing to do except go to school and do homework. I couldn't even visit the rest of the Cullen's because they had all gone together. Edward had said that they would be back soon though because he didn't want me to be alone for to long. Who knows how much trouble I could get into. What a great ego boost on my behalf.

Just then the alarm clock went off, which pretty much screamed that Edward wasn't here. The only time that I even set the clock was when he was gone because he would wake me up. Why have an alarm clock when you have a vampire?

As I rolled over to turn it off I realized a second to late that I was on the wrong side of the bed and I was about to roll off. Next thing I new my face was having a conversation with the floor. The pain shocked me for a second because I was so used to being caught before I even had the chance to fall. When was Edward coming back?

After showering and getting dressed I made my way downstairs too only trip down the stairs and then roll into the corner of a table. That would leave a bruise. And it did, when I saw myself in the mirror half of my face was covered in a light bruise. Damn. I really needed to do something about this whole falling thing. If only Edward would change me. Then I wouldn't have to worry about this at all.

Seeing as I was already late and didn't own enough make-up to cover the bruise I just drove to school, wishing that Edward was here now more then ever.

When I got to school I saw Mike waiting for me at the front of the school. Not again. That boy was just not getting it. I was not dumping Edward. I did not want to go out with him. He was not supposed to have these thoughts about me because if Edward found out Mike would be in several different pieces.

Boys never learn.

"Hey Bella. How are you? Woah. How did you get that bruise? It was Cullen wasn't it. I knew that he was no good. I told you so and now look, he's beating you."

"Mike it wasn't Edward. I tripped down the stairs and rolled into the table."

"Oh. Umm. So did we have any English homework?"

The day went on like that until finally the day ended. As I drove home I thought about Edward again. I had counted during the day and so far I had thought about him 2,647 times. If I weren't me I would say that I was getting obsessed. Heck, even though I am me I would say I was obsessed.

After about an hour I was done with my homework and started dinner. I wasn't up to fish again so I tried something different. We were going to have breakfast for dinner. As I cooked some bacon, eggs, and pancakes I managed to burn my hand with a pot.

"Ah crap. That hurt." I walked over to the sink and put some cool water on my hand. How many more days would he be gone? The door opened and apparently I turned too fast because the next thing I knew I was slipping on the new rug that Charlie had bought for the kitchen. Right before everything went black I heard Charlie say my name.

"Bella," and then everything went dark.

What seemed like hours to me was actually about 5 minutes. After coming around enough to open my eyes I looked at Charlie and said, "How long was I out for?"

"Oh god Bella. I saw you fall and you hit the corner of the table and then you didn't get up. You had me so worried. You have been unconscious for about 5 minutes. I was getting ready to call the hospital."

"Don't worry Cha- Dad. I'm okay it's not like I haven't done it before," and it was true. I had, but I was cutting my time unconscious down. The first time I had been out for an hour and a half, the second 45 minutes and this would be the third time. Go me. Even if it was for a bad thing. At least there was one thing that I was better at then Edward. Falling, tripping and getting hurt; well that and blushing.

"Dad just to let you know dinner is ready." That made him smile a little. He had been really scared and then he noticed the bruise on my face.

"Bells what happened to your face." And so for what seemed like the millionth time that day I told him what happened that morning.

After eating and washing the dishes I excused my self and went upstairs. It had been a long day and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. So I quickly took a shower and decided that I would wash my hair in the morning. I was to lazy right now. Looking at myself in the mirror I groaned. Where I had hit my head on the table there was a large lump forming. Great just what I needed.

Brushing my teeth and getting in bed seemed to take forever. When my head hit the pillow all I thought was that I sure hoped that Edward came back soon, and then I drifted off to sleep.