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The second that his teeth pierced my skin I screamed. What could I say? It hurt A LOT.

I heard the protests of all of the Cullen's. Then I heard a growl and I knew that it was not Richard or any of the Cullen's. The next thing I knew was that Richard was ripped away from me and I fell on the floor.

A voice form behind me said, "Are we late for the party." And then to fit the moment. All hell broke loose.

Richard's vampire minions and such stormed the house and the Cullen's were freed. From behind me 5 vampires ran, and joined the fight. Even though our side was out numbered, we had more reason to fight and also brute strength.

The next thing I knew I was lifted up and placed somewhere. I wasn't sure where, but I knew that none of the vampires could get me easily. I watched the fight from where I was.

The fight wasn't long in time, but it was very emotionally long. It was definitely draining, and the fact that I was loosing blood and slowly but surely the venom was making it self known.

I was watching and wanting to do something. Oh god; I remembered Edward. Please don't let him believe Richard. Yes I had been in his bed, and yes I had kissed him, but still. I didn't want to be there.

I blacked out for a few minutes and when I came to again there was an eerie silence. I was in so much pain. It was even worse then when James had bitten me. I moaned and the next thing I knew Edward came and picked me up.

"Bella." The last thing I saw before I passed out from the pain was my angels face.

I wasn't fully unconscious and the only thing that I was really aware of was Edward never left my side. He would say that it was okay, everything will be all right, and such like that.

I seemed like years, but in all it was only 13 hours. It was around noon I was later told that I woke up. My heart never stopped, but I was still a vampire. Everything was sharper. I could see the differences of the colors; smelled the many different things that I never noticed before. I could even here the conversation downstairs.

I opened my eyes again and realized that this was the first time that I had been without anyone around me. I carefully stood up and tested my legs. I was far more graceful, even more then I had been when I was in the club.

There was something different about me, but I couldn't tell what.

I carefully walked down the stairs and heard the Cullen's and the newcomers talking. The newcomers wished them luck and then left. I guessed that these were the Denali coven because they drank animal blood.

Just then Edward noticed me and he ran over to me.

"Bella are you alright?"

"Yes." The rest of the Cullen's walked over and looked at me. "Hi guys." Once Edward had heard that I was alright he held me very close to him. I still needed to breathe so I had to ask him to let go.

"Edward I am not breakable, but I still need to breathe." Edward pulled away suddenly and all of the Cullen's looked at me in shock. I blushed. Damn I had hoped to get rid of that annoying habit.

Carlisle came over to me and he leaned in. "She's right. Her heart is still beating."

"Is that bad?"

"Well it has never happened so I don't know how this will affect her, or if it will stop eventually, or something else entirely. Only time will tell."

"Oh god. Where is Charlie?"

"He is currently sleeping of the shock of watching a complete stranger bite his daughter and then an all out vampire war." I nodded my head. I was hoping that I could talk to Edward alone.

"Edward could I talk to you for a minute."

"Sure." The Cullen's took this as there cue to leave and so they went to different parts of the house.

I took a breath and then started to speak.

"Edward, I want you to know that you know that what Richard said was true." His eyes opened in shock and then showed his hurt. "I was in his bed, but nothing happened." I blushed when I said this.

"Bella you're not telling me everything."

"After I hung up on you Richard came in. He had heard my conversation. He wasn't happy to say the least. He kissed me and then we were in his room. When I didn't respond he hurt me."

Even though it was in the past it still hurt. The things that I had done with him I had never done with Edward. I didn't want to tell him these things, but I knew that if I didn't then it would always be between us.

"So we went from kissing on the wall to kissing on the bed. Then went my shirt." I was looking down and blushing profusely. "And then my pants. When we were done with me we or I started on him. When we were done and we were only in our underwear we kissed for a very long time, and then we went to bed."

I looked up and saw looking at em with compassion.

"You think that I blame you for what you did." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. "I don't. I know that it was not your fault."

"Oh Edward thank you." I threw myself at him and then hugged him and kissed him as hard as I could. Then I thought what happened to Richard. "Edward, what happened to Richard? No editing."

"Carlisle, Emmet and I took care of him."

"You killed him."


"What about his minions?"

"They ran away. I doubt that we will ever see them again." I smiled at this and cuddled into his arms.

"I love you Edward."

"And I love you Bella."

We cuddled up with each other and I knew that I had never felt more at peace and I knew that I could definitely get used to an eternity of this.

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