Tales of Symphonia, second chances.

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Coughing slightly, I entered the run-down cafe near Altamira, where I was sure I'd find Yuan. My old friend had just run off when he found out I'd be leaving with Derris-Kharlan, and I knew he had a tendency to get a drink whenever he was upset. I discovered I was right, as I soon spotted him sitting by the bar, holding his head in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other.

Waving a hand at the veil of smoke that came from other customers, I approached him. At the sound of my footsteps, he looked up sharply. His eyes seemed red, and slightly glazed over.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded. It was almost like growl. Only a bit more tired sounding.

"Checking up on you. You didn't have to take off like that." I responded, taking a seat on the stool next to Yuan. A strong scent of alcohol surrounded him. How many drinks had he had already?

"Why not? It's obvious you don't want to be around me anymore." He took a quick sip of his wine, before placing the glass on the counter, and staring blankly ahead.

"Yuan, I have to do this. I thought you of all people would understand." I sighed. Why was he so upset to see me leave? After all that happened, I was sure that he hated me.

"Tch. Why not send that stupid chosen to Derris-Kharlan instead? Maybe he'd finally make himself useful." Yuan snorted, and took another gulp of wine.

"Why do you want me to stay so much?" I asked, suddenly curious.

"I never said anything like that."

"Then tell me what's on your mind." I said gently, watching him drain his glass and wave at the bartender for a refill.

"I can't." he replied shortly.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm still gathering up the courage to tell you how I feel about you."

Yuan didn't seem to notice the fact that he'd just said something odd. He must've been completely out of it. Watching him accept his refill, I felt my curiosity rise a bit more. Maybe I could take advantage of this.

"How you feel about me?" I enquired innocently.

"Yes. How I feel about you." He repeated, sounding mildly irritated. "That I love you."

I suddenly felt my heart shoot upwards, into my throat. Did I mishear that? No, it couldn't be. My angelic hearing never failed me, even in a crowded bar.

"Why would you need to gather up courage for that?"

"Because the chances that you'd laugh at me are very big. Because of that… human woman." Yuan put the glass to his lips again, trying to drink away his sorrow.

"Anna." I said absentmindedly.

"Fifteen years ago, I figured I'd lost my chance. You got a family. I'd waited too long." He whispered. "So that's why I'm probably never gonna tell."

This couldn't be happening. I had already decided to leave this planet, and all of the bad memories that accompanied it, behind, and now Yuan told me that he loved me. Though he didn't mean to do so. The alcohol had gotten to his head.

This left me in quite a predicament. Afterall, I figured that it would be best to leave, because I loved my old friend, and thought he didn't feel the same way. I figured it would be best to run from my feelings, because I was scared they wouldn't be answered. And now I knew that they would be. Though… Would Yuan admit that he loved me when he was sober?

"What if you got a second chance? What if… hypothetically, I was only with Anna because I was tired of waiting for you to make a move?" I asked, resting my head on one hand and casting an inquiring look at the man besides me.

"Really? A second chance? Hmm… That'd be nice." Yuan closed his eyes blissfully, his mind wandering off.

I was lucky Yuan would probably be too wasted to remember any of this in the morning. Though I felt sorry for him, thinking of the huge hangover he would have. He always regretted drinking the next day.

"I think you should go home." I said, getting to my feet. I'd gotten all the information I wanted out of him, and felt like I should try to keep him from doing any more harm. To himself, and to me.

"But I've still got some… drink." He slurred, pointing at his half-full glass of wine.

"Leave it." I said, a commanding tone in my voice. Yuan shrugged, and got up from his barstool. I had to swiftly extend my arms to catch him, or he would've fallen face-first on the floor.

"Ugh… Funky." He muttered, as I tried to get him to stand up straight.

"How many drinks did you have?" I'd finally asked the question that was on my mind since I entered the bar.

"I dunno. Nine… Maybe ten." He replied, thinking deeply.

I sighed heavily. Yes, he obviously was extremely wasted. And in this state, he wouldn't be able to get home by himself.

"Let's get you a hotel room." I said, pulling his arm around my shoulder and almost carrying him away.

"Hey, what about the bill?" the bartender shouted after us.

"Put it on the tab!" I replied, before dragging my friend out the door.

"You have got to be kidding!" I roared, after being told that there was only room available at Altamira's hotel. It was a so-called 'love-suite'.

"I'm sorry sir, but it's holiday season. All the other rooms have already been booked." The receptionist replied, slightly intimidated by the way I'd shouted at her.

"Is it not possible to add another bed?" I demanded. Afterall, I needed a place to sleep too, and there was no way I'd be sharing a bed with Yuan.

"No. I'm very sorry, but the hotel policies state that-"

"I do not care about hotel policies." I grunted, before turning back to Yuan. He was leaning on a railing, staring blankly at the indoor pond. It looked like I didn't have any other choice. "I'll take the damn suite."

"Very good, sir. We hope you enjoy your stay." The receptionist said, holding out a key.

"Hmph." I snatched the key from her hand, before stomping off, grabbing Yuan by his arm, and leading him to the elevator.

Groaning irritably at the sight of this so-called 'love-suite', I helped my friend into the room, and undid his cloak before pushing him down on the bed.

"Get undressed. I'm taking the couch." I grunted, before turning to a rather poofy, violet couch.

I'd just taken off my own cloak, when I heard something fall to the ground with a clunk, and Yuan cursing loudly. Whirling around again, I saw that he'd dropped his chest armour on his foot, and was now hopping up and down on the other, shouting random obscenities. It caused me to smile lightly. He truly was a bit helpless without me.

"Are you okay?" I asked, tilting my head slightly, causing locks of auburn hair to fall across my face.

Yuan immediately stopped hopping around, and stared at me with an almost curious expression.

"Kratos, come here."

"Hm?" Shrugging lightly, I approached the man, and stopped a few feet in front of him.

"No, closer." He whispered, smiling faintly.

"What?" Getting slightly annoyed, I took another step forward.

Suddenly, Yuan wrapped his arms around me, burying his face in my chest. "Why won't you stay? I need you."

"Y-Yuan?" An overwhelming feeling rushed through my body, as I felt my face grow hot. What was he doing? I knew I should've tried to push him off me, but… I didn't.

"I need you, now." He whispered, pushing closer against my body. I was sure that by now my face was as red as a tomato.

"Yuan, stop this. It's the alcohol talking." I told him. And I told that to myself too. There was no way Yuan would say this. And I shouldn't take advantage of a situation like this. It was wrong, right?

"Can't you see that I care about you? Foolish human." He glanced up at me with wide, emerald eyes. The alcohol that still lingered on his breath was intoxicating.

"Yuan, let go of- Mph!" I was suddenly cut off, when Yuan straightened up to claim my lips in a kiss. I instantly froze in shock, unsure of what to do. I tried to convince myself that it was wrong, but it wasn't working. Afterall, I loved him, and he loved me. Didn't that make it a good thing?

Not thinking clearly anymore, I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss. At the same time, I ran a hand through Yuan's soft, blue hair. He moaned slightly, to show that he enjoyed that. It wasn't long until we'd both taken off our shirts, and Yuan started to kiss my bare neck passionately.

Suddenly, I was overtaken by a feeling I hadn't had in years. Pure lust. It seemed that Yuan noticed, as he suddenly turned me around, and shoved me onto the bed. I barely had time to sit up, before he'd crawled on top of me, trying to remove one of my belts.

"Y-Yuan!" I gasped. If it was possible to blush even more, I would've.

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." He whispered assuringly. And though I extremely doubted that he did, I let him have his way with me anyway.

It wasn't until an hour later, when Yuan was fast asleep in my arms, that I snapped back to my senses. I'd made a gruesome mistake. And I'd have to get rid of the evidence. Yuan should never find out what had happened.

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