Warning: Shounen-ai.

Pairing: Light x L

Disclaimer: The only time they're mine is when I'm alseep.


At the beginning, Light and L had tried to sleep in two separate beds. Because of the chain that bound each to the other, one often ended up falling to the floor in the middle of the night, or tangling the blankets and the metal into an impossible knot. Both realized it would be easier to share a bed.

The first night, L took up too much of the space, as he curled into an odd position. Light still found himself crashing to the wooden floor; having lost his balance in an attempt to avoid his shifting bedmate.

One night brought crumbs in between the sheets, another and Light possessed all of the covers.

The problems seemed endless, but eventually, after enough time, the nightly hassle lessened. A 'no food in bed' rule was established and L used a prodding counter attack whenever Light took more than his fair share of blankets.

At some point, something changed dramatically. Instead of silent goodnights, Light began to kiss L gently before settling down for sleep. Sometimes they simply talked about things; the future, dreams, themselves, their lives.


It had been a long day that had gotten the investigation no where. The room was still faintly lit as the two moved to the bed. Light, as usual was the first to slip beneath the sheets, he lifted them in invitation to the man who shared his bed. L turned off the remaining lamp and quietly joined Light upon the mattress.

"Goodnight, Ryuuzaki" it was whispered, and followed by a loving and tender kiss for pleasant dreams.

"Goodnight," L instantly curled himself around the other boy, and smiled as Light's arms entwined around his body; insurance that the other wouldn't be forced from the bed to the floor later that night without taking his lover with him.

They had solved all their problems.