Totally random piece that me and my sisters came up with at around three in the morning. It's an Advent Children/HP crossover, in which the SHM find one mother, and wonder if they need another one. Well, at least one of them does. They're probably a wee bit OOC, sorry. Just read it.

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Claw marks on a door

Dirt scuffed his usually immaculate boots, and dust made its steady way into his eyes. Damn, he hated walking. Particularly on dusty roads, under a blazing sun. The fact they didn't have a clue where they were going didn't help his mood any.

He sighed, pushing his long fringe away from his eyes. This proved to be a pointless gesture, since it merely flopped back into them. His sigh turned into a growl, and he wondered vaguely how his younger brother could stand to have his fringe so long. And while they were on the subject of his younger brother, he wondered when the kid would get sense, admit he didn't have a bulls notion where he was going and stop somewhere for directions. Or at least admit he was as tired as the rest of them and let them stop for a rest.

He cast a quick glance at his older brother, and understanding flashed between them. The older boy smiled, sending the silent message "Here's hopin'". He smiled back and sped up until he fell into step beside his younger brother.

Kadaj's eyes were focused on the road, but he seemed to know his brother was there. Strange, considering he hadn't made a sound. He shrugged.

"Kad..aj, we" He hated the stutters, but couldn't help it. He could never help it. And, he'd just turned the blaringly obvious into a question, but what was said was said. And he'd just made himself look like an idiot. It had to be the sunlight, years at the labs being denied of it must have done weird things to his head. And now being put out into it was making him more screwed up than he was already. Yeah, that was it.

The younger boy turned to him, staring at him through a shock of silver hair. Yazoo cocked his head to the side, waiting patiently for Kadaj to deny the blaringly obvious. Which was why it came as a shock when Kadaj nodded.


He stopped, perhapes a little too suddenly as Loz walked into him from behind. He staggered forward with a grunt. Kadaj glanced back at them, raising his eyebrows. He stared right back, disbelief written all over his face.

"W..e've j..ust left a a f..ew miles b..ack. Could..n't you h..ave as..ked for dir..ectio..ns th..en?" Again with the stutters.

Kadaj shook his head. "I thought I knew where I was going back then," he muttered, seemingly unaware of the looks on his brother's face. Yazoo had never felt closer to being angry towards his younger brother. Close, but not quite, because he couldn't bring himself to be angry at the face Kadaj had now put on. Which, of course, was what Kadaj was aiming for.

He shook his head, and turned back to Loz. The older boy was pointing down a small side road, at what looked like a large house. Loz looked around at him, smiling slightly. He found himself smiling back, before starting down the road. Loz followed him, grinning, with an extremely disgruntaled looking Kadaj bringing up the rear. It was obvious he didn't like being bested.

He sighed, a soft breeze ruffling his hair. Maybe today would look up... yeah like that was gonna happen.


Walking was easy. Walking for those several hours had been easy. Walking down this path had been easy. So why was walking across a small yard so damn hard? He sighed, listening to the voices inside. The only voices he'd ever heard through stone walls, were the voices outside his cell. A cell he'd only just left. A cell he could find himself back in any moment if he didn't start walking.

And if he were back, he'd have to listen to those mocking voices all over again.

A small, involentary shudder ripped its way through his slim frame. He wouldn't go back. He wouldn't be laughed at again for being the failure.

The first step was always the hardest. His had been. Small and shaky. A price for being the failure. Loz had strode forward when they'd had that test. And Kadaj had never seemed to be able to do anything but strut. He had looked the weakest then. And this was the same scene. Except the others weren't walking. Neither of them was talking either, something they both knew how to do. Something he was only learning.

He almost snorted. Yet another price for being the failure.

The door came much sooner then he'd thought. He froze again for several more painful seconds. He could see himself reflected in the doorknob. A dirty, exhausted looking child, wearing clothes several sizes too big for him. They hadn't had any money, and had been in a hurry. A 'grab what you could and run' sort of situation. Kadaj had promised they'd find something better soon. Hopefully.

He sighed and knocked.

The door burst open almost instantly. A woman stood in the doorway, a potato in one hand and a small stick in the other. For some reason, she looked rather dangerous. He sighed and ducked his head.

"S..or..ry for you, but w..e're lost. Do you you c..ould tell us the village is?"

She stared at him for several seconds, taking note of the fact that Loz and Kadaj had come up behind him. He looked at his feet. Had she even understood him? And then she spoke. Perhapes the dejected look worked after all.

"Oh you poor dears. You look exhausted. Why don't you come in, and we can sort out your problem."

He could feel his brothers stiffen. Go inside the house? Inside again, trapped within for solid walls with no way out? Tremors started to run through his body as unholy terror seized him. He wouldn't be trapped again. Not again. He wouldn't be laughed at again, wouldn't be abused again. Not again.

He could feel both of his brothers crowd around him. He could feel Loz whispering to him, but the words wouldn't make sense. Nothing would make sense. And then a hand wrapped around his wrist, starting to guide him. a change in ground textures, and then nothing.

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