Its just another crazy day for Gar working at the Jump City Mental Institution, until a silent, violet haired girl is brought in. Can Gar get her to open up and speak? What chaos will this mysterious girl cause? BB/Rae

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Chapter: Another Crazy Day
The pale green color of the walls was supposed to be "soothing," but to Gar they were just plain ugly. The fluorescent lights in the ceiling were often too bright, and irritated his bright green eyes. Besides the interior of the institute, Garfield Logan loved his job. Although few envied Gar for his odd occupation, Gar enjoyed his time there.

Mark Logan was the institute's head doctor and psychiatrist. Garfield was Mark's only son, and had recently turned seventeen. It was now summer vacation for Gar, and in a couple months he would be a senior in high school. In an attempt to keep Gar busy, Mark had offered him a job in the juvenile ward of the Jump City Psychiatric Hospital and Gar had eagerly accepted.

The juvenile ward was for all of the kids under eighteen with "mental illnesses." His job was rather easy, and luckily none of the patients were violent. Often he would play games with the kids, although his dad probably wouldn't approve of it. The hospital was usually pretty boring, contrary to what most would believe.

Victor Stone also worked in the juvenile ward at the institute with Gar. Victor was a year older than Gar and had just graduated high school, and planned to go to college soon. Since Victor was rather muscular and large he was often the one who had to help bring the patients to the hospital. He had a shaved head and dark skin, and had always been rather athletic.

Kori Anders also worked in the juvenile ward with them. Because of her cheerful attitude, all of the kids loved Kori. The red haired girl was in the same grade as Gar, they had been in a few classes together, but they never really knew each other until they both worked at the hospital. Although Kori often seemed a bit naive; she was very smart.

Adam Sher was also in the same grade as Gar. Adam had brown hair and brown eyes, and had always been a jock. Rich, popular, and handsome, Adam always got exactly what he wanted. After being spoiled rotten for his whole life, Adam had grown up to be a real jerk. What Gar didn't understand was why Adam would need a job at all if he was so rich? Adam never spoke to Gar, unless he absolutely had to, and at work he would just sit in the small office reading magazines or talking on the phone.

There was also an elderly woman who worked in the ward with them, her name was Crystal and she was about 62. Her grey hair was pulled into a tight bun on her head, and she wore oversized glasses. Crystal was always very serious and strict, and commanded the three teens whenever she got the chance. When Crystal turned her back they would make jokes about her or imitate her, but she would never know.

Because of the greenish tint of his skin and his matching dark green hair, Gar had always been an outcast, constantly getting bullied and teased. No one had heard of the disease he once had that caused his skin to turn such a shade, so in an attempt to fit in, Gar had become the class clown, although everyone always ended up laughing at him rather than at his jokes.

Gar and Victor loved to play video games with the kids on the Game Station 2 that Victor had snuck into the hospital. All of the kids seemed rather normal, although that may have been from all of the medication they were given. A few of the kids were clearly insane, like Richard Grayson, but he was still kind.

Unlike some psychiatric hospitals, the kids were allowed to wear normal clothes instead of the plain white hospital gowns some patients had to wear. Although all of the employees had to wear hospital scrubs.

Every couple of weeks someone new would be brought in. Victor had the honor of helping Dr. Logan, Gar's father, bring in a new patient. Taking the old, white car that was always parked outside of the hospital's huge gate, they would shove the kid in the back and bring them to the hospital. Being the largest employee in the juvenile ward, Victor had to go just in case the kid was especially wild and had to be strapped into a straightjacket.

Today was an average day for Gar, he got up at eight and got dressed. Pulling up outside of the hospital, Gar parked his small car outside the gates, although the hospital had a driveway they didn't like people parking in it. After setting his car alarm, Gar walked up to the gates.

"Hey, Gar. How's it going?" the guard called to him from the small booth next the gate.

"Hey, Eric. I'm good. Just another crazy day," Gar greeted. The guard nodded with a chuckle and pressed the button to open the gates for the boy.

The institute had a large lawn with perfect green grass that the patients got to go on every few days. Walking across the lawn, Gar approached the wing of the hospital reserved for kids. The building was only one story high, but it was still rather large.

Reaching into the pocket of his dark purple scrubs, Gar pulled out his id card. Stepping up to the metal door with a large window in it, Gar quickly slipped his card into the small slit and opened the door once the small light turned green. Pulling his card back out he entered the hospital.

Squinting under the harsh lights, Gar walked down the large room with a high ceiling. There were large windows on the wall to his left. A few couches littered the room, and there was a television against the wall in front of him. There was a large hall leading out of the room to his right and in the corner near the hall was an office with bullet proof glass and a large metal door leading inside.

Gar walked inside the large room, and was immediately greeted by Richard.

"Hey, Gar!" Richard called, running up to the green teen. "I'm about to have a break through on the case! He came again last night, and I almost beat him. I'm getting better! Soon I'll be able to beat Slade, and then I can leave this undercover job!" Robin was delusion, and always talked about some guy he saw that was an insane villain who was out to destroy all of humanity and Richard was the only one who could stop him. Personally, Gar thought it sounded like Richard had read a few too many comic books when he was little. There was a scientific name for the disorder Richard had, but Gar didn't remember what it was.

"Cool. Good luck, Dick," Gar replied unenthusiastically with a smile on his face that a parent might have when listening to a three year old's incoherent rambling. Richard nodded and walked away cheerfully.

Victor was writing something on a clipboard as he walked down the hall towards Gar. "Hey, Vic. Sorry I'm late. I had some car problems," Gar greeted.

Glancing up from his clipboard, Victor smiled when he noticed it was Gar. "No problem. I just finished up giving the morning round of medications," Victor told him. "I have to go out on a roundup this morning with your dad."

"New patient?" Gar asked curiously.

"Yup," Vic slipped the clipboard under his arm and slipped the pen into his shirt pocket. "It's some girl. Her parents can't handle her anymore, so they called us."

"What did she do?" Usually the kid would do something dangerous that would make the parents want to get them out of their hair. Either that or a judge would send them to the hospital after getting into some trouble.

"I heard she tried to attack her dad or something, but I don't have any details. I just deliver the packages, I don't get to look inside," Vic chuckled.

"Well, I don't think any mailman envies your job," Gar laughed.

Victor turned and walked through the door into the room with the bullet proof glass, while Gar followed close behind. Setting down the clipboard and swiping a set of keys off the desk, Victor turned to leave the room. "Well, I'll be back in a half hour. Adam should be coming in soon, so just watch the place until he gets here," Victor said before he opened the door and walked out of the office.

"Later." Falling back into one of the soft office chairs, Gar scanned the room for something to do. The office was a small rectangular room with a desk facing the bulletproof glass, two chairs, a phone, and an older computer on the desk. Gar was allowed to use the computer, but it was really slow and there was nothing to do on it anyway. Leaning back in the chair, Gar set his feet up on the desk. There wasn't much to do besides just stare out the glass and daydream.

After what seemed like only a few seconds, but could have been hours, the door to the office swung open and someone walked in. Adam walked in and glared at Gar. His lean and muscular form towering over the seated teen, who just stared back innocently. Then, Adam pushed past Gar's chair and took a seat in the chair next to his. Quickly, Adam swivelled his chair so his back was facing Gar. Pulling out a magazine, Adam tried to act like the other boy wasn't in the small room.

The tension in the room was too much for Gar to take. Rising from his chair, he walked out of the room. Relieved to be out of the room with Adam, he decided to walk around and make sure everything was all right. Slowly strolling down the hall Gar glanced inside some of the open doors, although most rooms were empty. There were only about 17 patients, far less than the number of rooms. The juvenile ward was only one story because there were never very many patients.

When he reached the end of the hall, he turned around and walked back up the hall. Opening his mouth he yawned; this was a normal day for him.

The door to the ward burst open right when Gar reached the end of the hall. Victor fell through the open door, a girl who had been strapped into a straightjacket thrashed in his arms. Struggling to hold onto the girl, Victor almost fell over multiple times and he could feel bruises began to form all over his body. The feral girl wasn't especially large, actually she was rather skinny. Her hair was an odd shade of violet, and her skin was a pale greyish color. For a split second her eyes made contact with Gar's. In that split second he saw everything. Those dark blue eyes were filled not with fear or hatred, but something deeper. Torment and sorrow tore at her beautiful blue orbs.

Gar watched in amazement as the girl almost overcame Victor, despite his large size. Doctor Mark ran through the door behind Victor. "Quick, pin her down so I can sedate her!" Mark yelled to Victor. The two were making quiet a scene, and all eyes were now on them.

"What does it look like I'm doing," Vic growled. Then, the girl managed to kick him in the knee and he immediately let go. Running as fast as she could, she passed Gar and sprinted down the hall.

"What are you doing? Don't just stand there!" Mark yelled at his son.

"Oh, sorry," Gar apologized. Victor ran after the girl, although he was limping slightly. Gar jogged after him, and Adam came out of the office to help.

Adam was a star athlete, so he had no trouble passing Gar. Victor had cornered the girl, and Adam rushed over to help. Leaping at the girl, both Adam and Victor grabbed one of her shoulders and pinned her against the wall at the very end of the hallway. Although she was greatly overpowered, the girl still struggled to free herself.

Mark ran over and injected something into the girl's neck. The two teens kept hold of her shoulders as her eyes closed and her head sagged. Gar felt bad for the girl. No one deserved this humiliation, even if they were insane. Some of the kids had come over to see what was going on.

"Can one of you bring her into her room?" Mark asked.

"Sure," Victor volunteered. Adam let go, and Victor picked the girl up in his arms. Gently he took her into one of the rooms and laid her down on the small bed. Gar entered the room curiously behind his father. Adam had already lost interest, and he was walking away before anyone could say anything.

Victor was breathing heavy after the struggle, and he stood staring at the girl. She appeared to be about 17 or so. The girl looked so delicate now that she was asleep.

"Should we take that straightjacket off her?" Gar asked.

"We could always strap her to the bed," Victor suggested.

"I don't think that's necessary," Mark said with a smirk.

"What's so funny?" Victor asked suspiciously.

"Oh nothing... Just the fact that you were almost overtaken by a 100 pound girl in a straightjacket," Mark chuckled. A deep blush spread across Victor's cheeks, which made Gar burst into laughter.

"She weighs more than 100 pounds!" Victor desperately defended himself.

"Yeah, and you weigh more than 200," Gar said between giggles.

"I do not," Victor crossed his arms across his chest.

Mark stopped laughing and got back to business. "Well, I think we can get her out of that jacket."

"But isn't she kind of dangerous?" Victor asked, but quickly adding, "I mean for the other patients of course."

"We can just lock her in here for awhile to let her calm down," Mark told the boys. "That tranquilizer will take awhile to wear off."

"Whatever you say," Victor replied. Flipping the girl over, he unhooked the jacket straps on her back and turned her on her back once again. Tugging on the sleeves, the jacket slid off her slim arms which fell limply to her sides. She now wore a plain black shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

The three stepped out of the room, and Mark locked the door behind them. "I have other patients to see. See you boys later," Mark walked to the door of the ward.

"Come on, let's go play some Game Station," Victor said, nudging Gar on the shoulder.

Gar hesitated before following Victor. Taking one last look through the small round window in the girl's door. There was something special about her, but Gar couldn't place his finger on it. He had to know more about the mysterious violet haired girl, and he would, but not until after beating Victor on the Game Station.

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