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Chapter 1

"Bones, please!" Booth was chasing after Brennan in the hallway.

"For the last time, Booth. I said no." Brennan snapped, and pushed through the door, entered her own office. She was trying to find that one file about the Civil War body in that pile of files that had been sitting on her desks for months. All the time that she had to help with the FBI and go out to fields with Booth, her lab works were far behind.

"Come on, Bones! It's a three-day weekend. You don't even have to use your vacations! " Booth begged, and took a seat in the sofa.

"I would rather spend this 3 days weekend in Jeffersonian to finish up my works before the next case shows up than going to New Jersey with you." Brennan said, not looking up.

"What? You are going to New Jersey with Booth?" Angela asked, sounded surprised. She had just stopped by to ask Brennan to see if she was going to need a facial reconstruction for that civil war guy.

Brennan rolled her eyes. "No, Ange. I am not. I am using my 3 days weekend to finish up my works."

"I think going to Jersey with Booth is a great idea. Sweetie, you need some time-outs from work. Take it as a small vacation." Angela argued. "Going away would means there's no way you can work and make sure you have the vacation." Oh My God, Angela thought to herself, please, Brennan and Booth needed to be together away for a vacation, then hopefully they realized, or Brennan realized that they belonged with each other!

"See, even Angela supported the theory! Bones, it's just a wedding of my cousin. It's 3 days only." Booth begged again.

Bones pulled the file out, it was at the bottom of the stack. "Go and ask someone else. Why not ask Ange?"

"Brennan, I don't really know Booth that well." Boy, was Brennan stubborn, Angela thought.

"You work with him." Brennan said, oblivious to why Angela was so determine on this.

"And you have more time working with him. You guys are partners; Booth and I are not. I think it would be best for Booth to go to that wedding with you." Angela said. Booth shot Angela a "thank you" look.

"Booth, you can go by yourself." Brennan said, still trying to get out of this wedding.

"Hell no. I am not spending my 3 days vacation with all my family members; they are just all going to freak out because of my job. They are going to ask me everything about my job and how am I holding onto my life and everything. No way I am wasting this 3 days weekend like that." Booth felt chills coming onto his spine, just by thinking about this…

"Then don't go." Brennan suggested.

"I am forced to go." Booth explained. "Bones, come on! I have been begging you for ages now, don't do this to me, please?"

Brennan sighed. "Actually, you only begged me for about a week, it's not the definition of ages."

Angela rolled her eyes, while Booth tried to use his charm smile to get Brennan to go with him.

"Booth, the smile is not going to work this time." Brennan told him simply. She started walking out of her office. Booth and Angela followed.

"Bones, think of it as a favor? Okay? I help you so many times that I already forgot it. Just help me out this once, all right?" Booth begged again.

Brennan bite her lips, and sighed. "Fine, I will go with you. But I am driving."

Booth gave out a victory smile. "Actually, we will be flying on a plane, and we are staying in a hotel which my cousin is going to held the wedding at. So, no driving is involved. Anyway, make sure you pack your stuff; I will come and pick you up on Saturday morning at 4. Have a nice day, and Bones?"


"Thanks." With that, Booth walked out of the lab.

"Sweetie, I can't believe you are going to a wedding with Booth! And you get to see his family, obviously that's a step of..." Angela squealed once Booth was out of the earshot.

"Ange, don't making any stages up this time. It's just me, helping out Booth in this situation with his family. Nothing else." Brennan said it as a fact, and she walked out of her office, carrying the file with her.

Nothing else. Brennan told herself. She's just helping out a desperate Booth with a family situation, that's all. He's not introducing her to his family…was he? Brennan shook her head. The relationship with Booth was straightly about work, and maybe friends, but nothing more, or personal.

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