After years of torment and abuse, Ryan has had enough of Chad, and one of East Highs most legendary battles is ensured to take place...

"Fag." Chad said, shoving Ryan down as he walked past him.

"I'M NOT GAY!" Ryan said, standing up, and dusting himself off.

"Oh, I'm sorry did I say fag, I meant sister banger." He said, laughing, recieving high fives from the other basketball players.

Ryan collected his books and was walking away when someone called him.

Ryan turned around, Troy was sitting at the desk behind him, he tossed Ryan his hat.

Ryan caught it and said thanks, but Troy stopped him.

"Ryan, look, I know Chad can know I'm gonna be frank, he can be a jackass, and the only way to shut him up, and I know from experience is to..well you'll just have to make him shut up." Troy said.

"What do you mean?" Ryan asked.

Troy looked him square in the eyes and said,"Whip his ass and he'll never mess with you again."

Ryan nodded.

"Th...thanks." He said.



It was lunch time, Ryan rushed downstairs and slid in a seat next to his sister.

"Hey Shar." He said, opening his lunch.

"Oh hey." She said, pulling a sandwich out of hers.

Ryan pulled the same out of his and took a bite.

Suddenly Zeke slid next to Sharpay.

"Ummm, hey Sharpay, I baked you these." He said, handing her some cookies.

"Ummm, thanks?" She said, taking them.

Zeke smiled, "Your welcome I hope you like em, I used you favorite kind of marshmallow.''

Sharpay smiled back and he walked away, suddenly a bottled water came flying at Ryan, it smacked him in the back of the head, and splashed water all over him and Sharpay.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHO DID THIS!" She screamed, jumping up.

The entire cafeteria went silent

"Ice queen." Someone said.

She stomped her foot and ran to the restroom with tears in her eyes.

Ryan looked at Chad who had a big smile on his face.

Chad shot him a go to hell look and Ryan just shook his head, suddenly Troy walked past him, he gestured towards Chad and Ryan looked down.


Ryan was in biology, he was nearly finished with his quiz, he was very proud of himself, he studied all night and was sure to make an A.

Suddenly a paper wad landed on his desk, he looked around, then unfloded it, it was the answers.

"MR. EVANS!" The teacher said snatching the paper.

"I...I did'nt cheat someone..." He stared, but the teacher cut him off,"Oh no, you a liar, a cheater, and a theif, you stole the answer key off my desk, lied about cheating and now you going to detention and recieving a zero." The teacher said, wadding up his paper and throwing it away.

"BUT I DID'NT..." He satarted, but the teacher ppinted towards the door.

Ryan sadly walked out of the room, when he turned to close the door behind him, he saw Chad snikering.


It was P.E time.

All the basketball players were shooting around while Ryan and Sharpay sat on the bleachers.

"I hate P.E, we have to watch Coach work with his precious team the whole time." Sharpay said, crossing her legs.

"Would you rather have to do stuff." He asked, watching Troy and a few other run horses.

"I guess you right, but this P.E uniform does make my butt look cute." She said.

Ryan rolled his eyes.

He pulled his cellphone out and was checking his messages when suddenly a basketball came flying at him, it struck him in the face and hand, he fell over nearly unconcious, his cellphone landed on the floor cracking in two.

"RYAN!" Sharpay said, helping her brother back up.

His vison was blurred, and he could bearly hear Sharpay talking to him.

"Ok Evans, go the the nurse, guys gimme three laps for hitting Ryan." Coach Bolton said sarcastically.

Sharpay stared at him through narrow eyes, she helped Ryan to the nurse, where he layed down for a few minutes, before he was finally ok.

Him and Sharpay walked back into the gym, to find Ryan's cellphone on the ground, he picked it up with trembling hands.

"'s ok, we can share mine." Sharpay said.

Ryan shook his head, his eyes filled with tears, he had bought this phone all on his own, he worked at a resturant to pay for it and it was all for nothing.

He brushed a tear away, not wanting her to see him cry.

He dropped the remains in the trash, hung his head, and walked out of the gym.

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