Summary: Harry becomes pregnant, is in love with someone that don't love him in return and loved by someone he don't care about actually someone he hates. SLASH MPREG DM/HP

Pairings: DM/HP mentions of HP/RW

Warnings: SLASH, MPREG and bad language

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Disclaimer: I don't own the world of Harry Potter! I don't own Harry Potter or any character from JKR's books about said character!

It wasn't supposed to be like this


Harry wiped his nose again wondering why he always got a runny nose after crying. He had been sitting on the bathroom floor crying for what felt like hours and got stuck with a runny nose. It seemed to him as he was always crying now days.

Was this really what love was? Was it really meant to hurt this much? He thought while rising from the cold tiles. If love hurt you so much why did everyone else seem to embrace the feeling? Harry just didn't get it, why would you want to get hurt?

After washing his face he looked into the mirror and concluded that he looked like hell, actually he looked worse but why wallow in self-pity? His skin was a pasty pale colour, his eyes seemed to hold back tears and he had bluish grey bags under his eyes. His hair hung limply around his face and he seemed to be shaking from repressed sobs.

Looking down on the vial standing on the sink glimmering in a pale green colour he almost started crying again. He had been so sure that it would turn red but had been more then disappointed when it turned green. Green meant that he was in big trouble.

Red had meant he was free to forget about some unfortunate incidents that had taken place about seven weeks ago, unfortunate incidents involving Harry, Malfoy, a desk and some lube.

Harry had been sitting in and classroom (he didn't really know which one) thinking over ways to tell a special someone that he loved him when said special someone had stumbled in thru the door, kissing some girl and pushing her up against the wall.

To say the least Harry had been devastated, to see the one he considered the love of his life snogging some random girl. He didn't move afraid that they would see him where he sat back in the corner of the room. He tried hard not to sob too loudly but the couple didn't seem to hear much besides each other anyway.

When they finally left he broke down sobbing and almost screaming out in emotional pain, that's how Malfoy found him. Harry hade screamed at him, hit him and kicked him but al Malfoy did in response was holding him and stroking his hair while humming a sad tune.

Harry didn't know how or why but somehow it had turned into kisses, Malfoy had tried telling him no but Harry was to far gone by then too desperate to get away from the pain. The kisses had son turned into more and Harry soon found himself bent over a desk being fucked almost gently by his rival and nemesis, Draco Malfoy.

Just before leaving the classroom Malfoy had turned around too look at Harry, who was shocked to see tear tracks upon Malfoy's cheeks, Malfoy had whispered something that Harry didn't quite catch before leaving Harry standing in the cold dark room alone only half dressed.

Now seven weeks later he was staring at his positive pregnancy test wondering why he was seventeen, male, unhappy and carrying his nemesis child instead of seventeen, male, happy and loved in return by his best friend.