Greetings! If you're reading this, you've been lured by the ever powerful, 'Author Alert' to tell you I've written a new story. That is somewhat true.

What I'm actually doing is conducting a bit of an experiment.

Now, before you ask, the two questions you're probably wondering about the most: (unless you saw it on the story profile...)

1. Fandom: Teen Titan

2. Pairing/Ship: Robin/Raven

And yes, you'll have something to read once you click that forward arrow, and for (at least) the next four weeks, you'll have something to read from me posted to this 'story'. If you're not interested at all in why or how this came about, then just go ahead and click now. I'll wait.

Go on.

Still with me? Okay.

So this is what happened.

During one of my 'challenge seeking' forays into the challenge communities on livejournal, I found a challenge community whose main focus was "memories". I was intrigued by the prompts they gave, so I did what I normally do: I copied/pasted the list and from whence it came onto a word document for further perusal. You see, when I'm in the mood to write something and don't know exactly what, I glance over these lists and see if anything strikes my fancy.

And one night, I was looking at the memories list and I started writing.

What came out wasn't exactly like anything I'd written previously for these two. I know it's different, but I can't exactly explain how or why I feel it's different. So, they're different. I wasn't sure they were good. (I still am not) But I couldn't seem to stop. I wrote through the first four themes before I came back to my senses. Some of them don't have any sort of resolution (and I doubt they ever will), some of them don't exactly fit into the canon TT universe that I normally write in (although they're not strictly AU), and to be perfectly frank, I don't think they make very much sense. I just started writing what came to my head and stopped when I didn't have anything else to write.

I think Puck was dabbling with the darker magicks for this. They're not exactly dark, per se, but they're not my usual fare and I don't exactly know how else to say it. Maybe Puck just had a bad batch of Pixie Dust or something...

Anyway, I didn't officially request the pairing form the livejournal community and I don't exactly think I'm going to. I didn't want to request it for two reasons: One, what I get from challenge communities is actually in the writing to a prompt, because frankly, the readers or subscribers to that community never read or comment to what I post to them anyway, so it's not like I get feedback from them.

They're not very long. (And yet, some might be). you go. I made it a point to not question what came out or try to make any of them relate to one another. I dunno how far I'm going to go. It's a list of 30 themes with a few bonus themes. (I'll post the list further on down.)

If you're brave enough, hit the forward arrow...

If you're curious, read the list, THEN hit the forward arrow...

If you're not interested at you next "Moment". ((shrug))

30 Memories

1. Ten Years Ago...

2. Rings

3. Omamori

4. Lost

5. Do you remember...

6. Annivesary

7. I promise I'll be back...

8. Sunset

9. Figuring

10. I'll miss you

11. Wait for me...

12. Is it you?

13. Wonderland

14. Chimes

15. Slient Night

16. Video Clips

17. Revenge

18. Tears

19. Please forget about me...

20. Diary

21. Bizzare

22. Last meal

23. Pink Carnation (I'll never forget you)

24. Rosemary; Remembrance

25. Zinnia; Thoughts of friends

26. Yellow Tulip; Hopeless Love

27. Love you for a life time

28. Black Rose; Death

29. Sky blue

30. Memories


31. Water Lily; Purity

32. Quince; Temptation

33. Rhododendrun; Danger

34. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

35. Eternity