Thinking of You
By Drunken Shinigami

Blue x Yuki

Our actions may be different, but our thoughts the same.

I can't recall how many times I've cursed your name.

But now I'm screaming it to myself. Every word coming from my mouth being punctuated by a harsh punch that slams into the side of your face. I curse your name, I curse your very existance.

Someone who has something, but is not willing to accept it.

Someone who can talk to people easily without being shunned, no matter what they say.

I hate him, I hate him, I want him, I need him.

I need you, Yuki Aiba.

But I know you don't need me.

Aires Blue. Just the sound of his name makes me wrinkle my nose and want to throw up.

He acts as though he's more important than everyone else, acts as if he owns everyone that he touched. It really rubbed me the wrong way when I first met him, but now I'm not so sure.

My footsteps are brisk as I approach the loading dock for the shuttle that will take us to the new Liebe. I know Kouji went on the shuttle before me, and that I really couldn't care less about.

I was too busy thinking about him.

My first impression of the guy was that he was an ass with a deficiency that caused him to naturally put himself above others. But when I found out his dad was the Minister of Hyperion, a moon of Saturn, it suddenly made sense.

He was out to prove to someone that he was better than what they thought, just like I was doing.

And… I guess with that, we connected on a field only known to us.

Quite frankly, it scared me.

The shuttle heading for the space port was packed with people, some of them new students going to the new Liebe, others were returning back from vacations.

Yuki Aiba was slumped into a corner, his luggage on the overhead rack above and currently being pestered senseless by dedicated fangirls.

"This will be great, don't you think?" One brunette said, giving the boy a dazzling smile over her shoulder. Yuki grunted, closing his eyes and tightened his fists.

Why did, wherever he go, all the girls imaginable follow him? He never truly knew why.

The girl, noticing his discomfort, sighed to herself and shifted away from him.

Good. He thought dryly.

When he got to the space port for the Liebe and the launching of the Ryvius, he was suddenly flooded with even more fangirls than on the train. He felt like kicking every single one of them out of anger, but instead he opted to walk around them and glare harshly.

He wanted his rematch with Aires, no matter the cost.

"You sure you'll be alright on the bridge alone, Aires?"

A simple look from the blue-haired man and Fu nodded, shoving everyone else along. The bridge crew filed out talking avidly to each other, happy to finally have a break. One last look back from Juli, and the door shut with a quick whisp.

Yuki grunted, squirming around in the binding tieing his arms flat to his back.

"Stop trying, you won't break free."

That snapped him. Harsh green eyes snapped open and met with a dark pair of onyx in a violent battle.

"What's your problem! You act all high and mighty, yet you never really DO anything to deserve it!"

"…You're right."

The mahogany-haired teen took a sharp intake of air, his eyes widening suddenly. He stopped fidgetting on the ground.

"…What did you say?" He sounded more in awe than anything, yet he kept his stern glare in place.

"I said you're right." Aires answered simply, giving a sideways glance to the mahongany-haired teen before closing his eyes.

"I don't get you." Yuki spat.

No answer was returned.

After thinking it over for the six months since I left the Ryvius, it made sense to me now.

Everything Aires did, everything he received up until now, would never impress his father. Now, with his death due to Hyperion's explosion, he could never prove to him that he was worth something to him.

That he was someone.

I bit my lip, my duffle bag slung over my shoulder swaying due to my harsh strides. I could hear Cullen whom I had met up with a while ago, sigh irritably and mutter something about my attitude problem.

I didn't really care right now. All I wanted was our rematch.


The dark hallways were illuminated. Everything that was once dark in these hallways were now being covered in a blanket of light, reveilled to the world what they truly were.

That also includes myself.

Over the six months after the Ryvius incident, I've been drifting. I went down to Earth for a bit, curious as to see what was there and the other half vaughly wondering if I would meet up ironicly with Yuki Aiba.

That boy… so much the same, yet so different from myself. He interested me in a way no one else had.

I heard yells down the hallway, and my eyes snapped wide open.

It was him, Yuki Aiba.

I stood up from the little shadows I could find, my back resting against the wall. My heart began beating fasted.

Why was I nervous?

It's because you're a coward.

I strained my ears to listen to the yells, trying to make out words from the echoes that bounced off the metalic walls.

"Well, whatever. Do you want me to wait here?"


I knew I was eventually going to be found, so I straightened my back and lowered my hands to my side. If there was one thing I was sure of, it was that Yuki Aiba would throw a punch at me.

I smirked. He was so predictable sometimes.

The pacing footsteps drew closer to where I was hiding, and then, a few seconds later he came into my view. My eyes narrowed, he still wore the same outfit he did on the Ryvius six months ago, his lean form silhouetted against the bright light.

He turned his head side to side, then looked over his shoulder. And that was when he spotted me.

My body tensed, waiting for him to strike me at any second.

Instead, he dropped his duffle bag on the floor softly and left it there. Hands in his pockets, he walked over to me, not breaking his stern gaze he always wore.

I felt my eyes widen, my teeth beginning to grit together. I was trapped, and I sure as hell didn't like it.

He stopped a meter away from me, then smirked, "Don't you like being cornered?"

"Don't underestimate me."

"Whoever said I was?" He replied smoothly, eyes still looking into mine. He was reading me like a book, every few seconds flipping a page and knowing more about me. The REAL me.

"You're the worst type of coward, you know that?" He went on, "You have to hide every time something doesn't go your way."

"And you take everything for granted."

He looked a bit taken back from what I said. My eyes hardened, "You have a brother who cares, and a family." My voice became sharp, cutting through the tension like a knife.

"I don't. They all died."

Yuki Aiba… he looked pretty stressed now. How could he respond after he learned his lesson about the precious meaning of life? He had saved his brother, after all. That should be enough proof.

After a few more seconds of silence, he opened his eyes to look at me again, "Did you even consider them your family, because the way you talk about them, they sure don't sound like one."

I felt a part of me snap inside, realizing he was right. My fist was raised, and he was ready. His smaller, tanned hand blocked my punch and I felt myself cry out in agony.

I cried out over everything. Everything I lost, everything I could've gained, but never tried to.

We continued to fight, taking it out into the middle of the soundless hallway. My fists were being blocked and his attacks kept slipping through my defense.

Why was this happening?

His foot caught me in the back of my right knee, and I collapsed, my hand shooting out and grabbing his collar, and then he smirked. We fell onto each other painfully.

Yuki was sitting on my lap, leaving my legs useless. Both my hands were pinned over my head; he smirked at his handywork.

"Looks like I won."

My face remained emotionless, but inside I felt a hole beginning to form. It was eating me away inside, knawing away at my soul.

Then I realized: I had attacked the same way Yuki did when we first met – out of anger and inner pain. Back then, I had been able to supress the feeling of guilt when my father was still alive.

Over the months, we had reversed our rolls.

My eyes were beginning to sting from holding his triumphant look for so long. Tears were beginning to form at the corners of my eyes.

I didn't know if that was because of emotion or of not blinking.

"You're weak," Yuki pointed out sharply, yet his voice had a soft edge to it. Like he realized too what had happened between our rolls. "This won't count, I want to fight you when you're a challenge."

I never answered, the power of speech had left me once he had pinned me down. All I could manage was to blink, and he understood.

Slowly, he loosened his grip on my wrists and slid off my lap as discreetly as possible. I swore I caught his face tingling with red once he realized the position we had been in.

Standing up to his full height, all I could manage was to sit up properly. I felt so weak.

"You're a pain," he said dryly, extending a hand in front of my face, waving it around for a few seconds.

Graciously, I accepted it and hoisted my lanky form up beside him. He quickly retracted his hand back into his pocket, and coughed.

"Don't forget about our fight." He said, staring at the wall.

He walked over to where he left his duffle bag, picked it up, and began walking away, leaving me to bask in the light. He was returning to his supposed 'girlfriend', I guessed. I tighted my hands into fists, my back facing towards his destination.

"Thank you." I said, closing my eyes and walking in the opposite direction.

Without my knowledge, he had smiled.


(Author Note: This was a bit OOC, but I really wanted to get this idea out before it ran away on me. -swats plot bunny back into the pen- Now stay there, young ones!)