"Big brothers."

The two teens looked up and across the subway seat. Both were about the same age and each had a tennis bag with them. One was girl, her hair brown and held out of her face thanks to barrettes. The other was a boy, his hair brown as well. On his forehead was a little scar in the shape of an X.

"Did you just say 'big brothers'?" The girl, Tachibana An, asked.

"Did you?" The boy, Fuji Yuuta, replied.

"Yeah. My name's An," she told him. "What's yours?"

"It's Yuuta. So, why are you complaining about your brother? I mean, he can't be any worse then mine," the St. Rudolph player decided to ask.

An gave a little scowl. "He's so overprotective of me. I mean, one of his teammates asked me out but then my brother threatened him."

"Teammates? Tennis, right?" Yuuta nodded to An's bag. She nodded.

"I as going to turn him down anyways but my brother didn't even give me a choice. He even went as far as to say he'd only let me date a guy before high school if the guy beat him." An sighed. "Like that'll ever happen."

"My big brother's really overprotective of me, too. He keeps trying to get me to leave my school and transfer back to his," Yuuta sighed.

"Why does he want that?" An asked, curious. Yuuta shrugged. "He hates our team's manager," was all he could tell her. Just then, the p.a. system announced the next stop and both teens stood up to leave.

"Oh, are you playing today?" An asked as they headed toward the tennis courts, Yuuta leading the way.

"Yes. Are you here to watch your brother?" Yuuta answered her with a question.

"No. His school's not playing today but I've got a few friends from other schools who are playing and afterwards, we're supposed to head to one of the street courts nearby," An told him. She paused for a moment. "When's your game? What court is it on, Yuuta-kun?" He told her and she nodded, memorizing the information.

A little while later, just as Yuuta was stepping onto the court, he heard a call from the crowd.

"Good luck, Yuuta-kun!"

Inspired by my own older brothers. I love these two idiots, even if they are way too overprotective. I claim no ownership to the characters used in this story.