Scrap Bag

By: Dreamfall

Summary: As a whole, this is just gonna be where I put random bits and pieces that don't belong to any of my other works. At the moment it has but one semi-drabble, and that a Teen Titans slash because my friend had a toothache and needed cheering up.

Section Summary: If I wrote PWP, this would be it. Since I never go above R, it can still be the "plot, what plot?" translation of the acronym, just not the "Porn Without Plot" translation. Thus, there's not much to summarize. Wally's been away for a while. He comes home. Written for my bestest budy AzelmaRoark to distract her from pain and misery. Robin/Wally. 'Cuz nothing clashes with black. And also partly for another friend, Harrysfangrrl, because she's always grateful for slash.

Rating: T, I think. People with strong feelings on sexual themes might say M. I'm gonna go ahead and give the whole thing an M, since it's entirely likely that at some point something I toss in here will go dark, and I don't want to have to change it then.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans.

Spoilers: Ha. R/KF is so non-canon, without having a plot there's absolutely no possibility of spoiling anything. Makes it fun, huh?

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Welcome Home

Robin turned, pressing his face further into the pillow when a hand touched his shoulder. He so wasn't ready to wake up. They'd been called out four of the last five days; he had a twisted ankle with a matching twisted knee, a couple bruised ribs, and so many bruises he looked like he'd caught some kind of disease. He hurt. And he was more tired than he'd ever been before. And there wasn't a battle, so there was no possible reason that he couldn't get just a little more sleep. And, besides, nobody should be waking him by touching him-- it didn't make any sense. The only one who would do that was--

The bed sank slightly, and then he felt warm lips on the back of his neck, then just a hint of teeth nibbling along his neck to his ear, and latching onto the lobe.

"Wally?" he gasped in confusion, finally turning, and ignoring his boyfriend's petulant frown at having the earlobe jerked away.

It was, indeed, Wally, and the fatigue fell away as though it had never been as he reached up and pulled the taller boy's face to his own, kissing the corner of the mouth until the frown finally faded and Wally's lips parted in a smile that Robin took full advantage of. He fell back against the pillows, Wally's weight following him down-- and he flinched as Wally's chest hit his ribs, and all the pain rushed back.

"What is it?" Wally demanded, pulling back and looking at him, concerned. "Jeez, you look like something the cat threw up."

"The proper phrase is 'dragged in'," Robin pointed out.

"Not when the thing in question looks like you."

Robin sighed, but didn't argue the point. "Rough week," he finally said. "What are you doing here? I thought you weren't coming back for another two weeks?"

Wally settled carefully beside him and rolled him on his side, pulling him back against the broad chest so they were lying spooned together, and Robin let his eyes shut, just enjoying the contact all along his back and legs, the arms wrapped around him as carefully as though all his ribs were broken rather than just a couple bruised. He hadn't realized he'd been cold, but the warmth of Wally's body against his was so perfect he thought he must have been.

Only after he had them both settled to his satisfaction did Wally say, lips tickling the back of Robin's neck as he spoke, "Why? Aren't you glad to see me?"

He caught one of Wally hands where it lay lightly on his stomach, and drew it up to his face, breathing in the scent of the boy he'd missed so much, too contentedly lethargic to move further. "I missed you," he said simply.

He felt Wally smile against his neck. "That's why I'm back," he admitted. "I missed you. I just couldn't... God, I missed you, Robin."

Robin smiled sleepily. "S'okay th'yer back? Flash don' min'?"

"Everything's fine," Wally murmured. "Go back to sleep, baby. We can talk when you wake up."

"Gon' be here?"

"Yeah, baby. Not planning on moving an inch."

"S'good," he murmured, drifting back off, far more deeply this time, with the warm solidity of Wally behind him.

When he woke again, Wally was still there, as he'd promised, and Robin didn't move, just enjoying being held again. Wally had been away for two weeks and had been scheduled to come back in another two. And somehow Robin just found it harder to sleep when he wasn't being held. Which was ridiculous, of course. There was no sensible reason for it-- but he still hadn't had a good night of sleep since he'd left.

Finally he squirmed around to face Wally, and found the blue eyes watching him. He wrapped his arms around the other boy, and gave him a long, slow, welcome home kiss.

When they broke apart at last, Wally grinned at him. "I should leave more often," Wally said breathlessly.

Robin slipped his good knee between Wally's thighs and pushed against him, smiling as the taller boy's eyes went unfocused. "Should you?" he asked.

"Yng-- huh?" Wally asked.

Robin wrapped the other leg around Wally, pulling him closer, ignoring the faint twinge in his knee. "Should you?" he repeated, nibbling on that sensitive point of Wally's just behind his cheekbone under his left ear.

"Sh'd I wha--?" he asked dazedly, gasping as Robin's teeth scraped lightly over the skin and reaching out to roll them both over.

This time, though, Robin was faster. All Wally's vaunted speed tended to vanish at around the same time as his eyes stopped focusing, Robin had found, and he rolled Wally onto his back, pinning his hands over his head, legs on either side of Wally's and grinding against him while sucking lightly on the spot on his neck, pausing only to murmur, "Should you leave more often?"

Wally blinked, eyes going clearer for a split second in surprise. "Leave?" he demanded. "This? You mad?"

"That's what I thought," Robin said, satisfied, as he returned Wally to a helpless puddle.

Wally had ample time to return the favor before Robin finally wandered downstairs two hours later, hair spiky from his shower (two showers, actually. They'd discovered before that sharing a shower could defeat the actual purpose of cleansing. Robin had started to remind Wally of this when he followed him into the hot water, but then Wally had dropped to his knees in front of him, and Robin had decided that Wally would really only remember if he learned for himself...) and feet bare.

Beast Boy looked up from his video game in surprise when Robin drifted into the living room, looked at him for a moment, and then groaned. "Oh god. Wally came back early, didn't he?"