Scrap Bag

By: Dreamfall

Summary: As a whole, this is just gonna be where I put random bits and pieces that don't belong to any of my other works. At the moment it has but one semi-drabble, and that a Teen Titans slash because my friend had a toothache and needed cheering up.

Section Summary: The alternate version of Shaving Cream. Less fluff, more heat. I like Cy's version better, but they're pretty different, so I thought I'd post both. This one's from Terra's PoV, catching a similar scene (although a bit later in it)-- and staying to watch a bit. I still think it's probably T, but inching close to M. Slash and voyeurism abound. I'll ruin my rep as a serious author yet:p But sometimes a gal's just gotta have fun. And friends sometimes need doses of slash. Just the way it goes.

Rating: T, I think. People with strong feelings on sexual themes might say M. I'm gonna go ahead and give the whole thing an M, since it's entirely likely that at some point something I toss in here will go dark, and I don't want to have to change it then.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans.

Spoilers: Ha. R/KF is so non-canon, without having a plot there's absolutely no possibility of spoiling anything. Makes it fun, huh?

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Shaving Cream, v2

Terra followed Starfire into the danger room and then almost ran into her as Starfire stopped immediately in front of her. She edged around her friend and her jaw dropped as she saw Robin and Wally fighting for possession of a can of shaving cream which, apparently, both had had before, judging by how they were both splashed and smeared with the stuff, clothes, skin and hair. She froze at the sight of it, trying to wrap her mind around the image of Robin smeared with shaving cream and-- and smiling . "Are they really...?" she started softly.

"Joyfully indulging in strange courtship rituals," Starfire responded, equally softly.

Barely managing to silence a squeak, Terra gasped, "In what? They are not!"

Starfire shot her a look, and she was surprised at the flush that had risen in her friend's face-- a flush that she didn't come from being embarrassed, partly because Starfire was never embarrassed, and partly because if she ever was, she wouldn't look like this. With sparkling eyes and slightly parted lips and-- she wasn't embarrassed. "Indeed they are. Look."

So she looked. Looked as Wally licked his lips as Robin fell into a graceful backflip to avoid a stream of shaving cream; his shaving cream-smeared shirt, which had come untucked at some point (and how weird was that -- she'd always wondered if it snapped underneath or something, it was always so smooth), falling up, revealing an equally speared stomach and chest beneath before falling back into place. Looked as Robin's eyes locked on Wally's face, and his lips curled slightly further in satisfaction as he noted the lip-licking. Looked as he raised is brows and cocked his head slightly to one side and asked, "Is that the best you've got?" with a tone of voice she'd never heard from him, something warm and dark, something that made her tingle and feel warm.

"You see," Starfire breathed.

"But--" she started, but it was true. She did. But-- but they were both boys . Could they even-- how could--

Wally stalked forward, hips moving more than they usually did when he walked, eyes locked on Robin. "I've got better," he purred, and Terra swallowed.

"I want to join them," Starfire announced.

Panicked, Terra caught her friend's arm as she moved to stand. "No!"

Starfire turned her clear gaze on her and studied her. "No? Why not? You wish to join them as well. I see it."

"I don't!" she objected. "And-- and even if I did, you can't just-- you don't just join. They think they're in private! They wouldn't want us to see them! Robin wouldn't at least," she added judiciously, thinking maybe Wally wouldn't mind so much. A lot of her illusions about Robin had been shattered in the last couple minutes, but she was pretty sure that it remained that he would hate anyone to see this side of him that he didn't actively invite to join him.

Starfire cocked her head to one side and considered her words, then sighed. "You are correct. We shall train together another time then, and leave them to their courtship ritual?"

"Yeah," Terra agreed, swallowing. "We'll train later."

Starfire nodded, turned, and left. She made no attempt to be careful or quiet, but neither of them so much as glanced over. Which was just as well, given as how there was no way they would overlook the girls if they did. Terra told herself to follow her friend. She even went back as to move closer to the door. Then she stopped, breathing quickening slightly as Wally moved blindingly fast and was suddenly directly in front of Robin, one hand in the smaller boy's belt, while Robin stood still, gazing challengingly up at him.

"Much better," Wally promised.

Robin's head cocked slightly to one side, and she noticed a small bruise under his ear. "Prove it."

Wally moved closer, hand steady, holding Robin in place, until they were chest to chest. "I don't do parlor tricks," he said softly, grinning, as he dropped his face towards Robin's.

And Robin was rising up slightly, the two body's pressing together, and Wally didn't even seem to notice Robin's hand wrapping around the can as Robin's lips found his. Robin's other hand moved to the waist of Wally's pants-- and then slipped in, and Terra couldn't stop a tiny squeak of shock, because this was Robin, and he didn't do things like that-- and Wally's eyes drifted closed and his hand went limp-- and Robin slipped the can from it and then squirted the red head square in the ear.

Wally jumped a foot and howled. Robin laughed and grinned at him, a mischievous grin that was wrong on him-- completely wrong. Totally wrong. And yet so unbelievably right that it made her toes curl and the tingling become a pulsing as the hand in Wally's pants pulled the taller boy back towards him, pinning them together, and when Wally wouldn't drop his mouth to Robin's he dropped his own mouth instead, and bared his teeth and nipped at Wally's chest through his shirt, catching something and pulling, and she realized it was a nipple as her own hardened and pulsed in response, her breathing fast and light as Wally groaned, throwing back his head and suddenly moved forward, driving Robin back until he was pinned against the wall, and he dove down to suck on the bruise under Robin's ear, and that sound couldn't be coming from Robin, that whimper, a silent plea for something she didn't understand, not really, but it was-- and Robin's leg was coming up and twining around Wally's and Terra swallowed hard as Robin dropped the can and the hand that had been holding it scrabbled its way under Wally's shirt, lines of tanned skin showing through the shaving cream as the fingers moved through it, vanishing under the shirt.

And then somehow they were kissing again, and Robin's other leg was coming up and wrapping around Wally's waist so he wasn't touching the floor at all, just being pushed against the wall by Wally, as they kissed. The hand under Wally's shirt caught the hem and pulled it up, tugging insistently, and Wally reluctantly released Robin to raise his arms and let the shirt be pulled off him. Then, even more reluctantly, let their lips part as the shirt was pulled over his head and dropped unceremoniously to the ground, and Robin's mouth dropped to his shoulder and he began licking and nibbling along his collarbone as Wally thrust against him a bit harder to hold him in place and then began working at getting Robin's shirt off, and the two were chest to chest, the shaving cream starkly white against the tanned bodies, swirling and smearing under desperate hands.

And it wasn't Robin's voice that whispered a broken, "More..." But it was closer to his than it was to Wally's, and Wally responded by working the clasp of his utility belt and then sliding his hands down Robin's hips, rolling the fabric down, and Terra turned and fled.

Not because she didn't want to see, but because she did. So much. She wanted to see and know and feel, but it wasn't right. She shouldn't be there and they'd never be doing this if they'd realized she was there.

Flushed and panting, she fled to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Her skin felt over-sensitive as she stripped, and the water was refreshingly cool when she dove into the shower, letting it slowly sink in. She tried not to think about it. What she'd seen. What she would have seen if she'd stayed longer. She wanted to know, but at the same time she didn't. She wanted to see, but she didn't. All she knew for sure was that it had been perfect. And it had been too much.

When she finally got out of the cool water and got dressed again, Terra thought maybe she understood now what people meant when they said, "You'll understand when you're older." That's how she felt now. Like she wanted all of this, but it was too much. Too soon. She thought maybe she'd understand when she was older.