Note from the Author: Where the HELL am I finding these pairings? -- I might continue this if you guys like it … shrugs It doesn't seem like it's over to me, you know?


Midnight Moon, I owe you for this perfect night.

Shino had always been a light sleeper. It came, he supposed, with the lifestyle, living as a ninja, with parents who were ninjas.

So when his bed shifted under the pressure of another body, he awoke immediately. The warmth of a body curled against him, and a voice murmured, "I'm glad you don't wear that coat when you sleep."

Shino's eyebrow lifted as he peered down through the darkness at the intruder. "Kiba?" He took a moment to be thankful for the night, because his glasses weren't in place. "What are you doing here?"

His teammate had curled into a ball beside him, like a puppy. "Akamaru went out for the night and -."

"- you can't sleep without someone with you." Shino finished for him. "Why didn't you go to Hinata?"

"I usually do."

He blinked down at his friend in surprise.

"But she's so shy. If I move, she flinches, and I can't touch her at all. I needed someone I could curl up against." His head lifted, a darker silhouette against the blackness. "Do you mind?"

Shino didn't respond, letting his head drop back against his pillow, and put an arm around him, pulling him closer. He didn't mind at all.

Kiba hurried to get closer, tucking his head under the taller boy's chin. "Thank you," he muttered sleepily.

Shino lay his cheek on Kiba's hair, running his fingers along the red marks he knew were on his friend's face. "Don't worry about it."