I do not own FMA or its characters. Minor spoilers for manga chpt. 58.

So, this is a strange combination of things, the main two being my New Year's resolution of writing something everyday and my problem with finding a starting point. I went around to all the theme communities I could find and dumped all the themes into a list. Now I'm attempting to write one Royai fic for one theme a day. It's not exactly working that fast, but that's the goal. This is the collection of fics which is posted both at and my live journal. I'll do my best to keep things organized if certain groups of fics end up going together. At this point things are up in the air. In the rare case of a theme turning into a chapter fic, which is unlikey but you never know, I'll post it seperately on with something in the author's note mentioning the project. In my lj every fic will be tagged with 'theme'.

Curing Loneliness

He looked around the little room. It was nice if impersonal. But then it was his first day here. He'd been so excited to get away from his sisters and be able to study alchemy all the time, but he was missing the girls' chatter and barging in on him at all times. He missed his mother and soothing voice. He hadn't expected to feel so lonely and out of place here.

There was a soft knock at the door. He got up from the bed to open it. Hawkeye-sensei's daughter stood there with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk.

"I thought you might be feeling homesick. The cookies are still warm." She smiled. "They're chocolate chip."

He took the offered plate. "Thank you."

He hesitated a moment; he really didn't want to be alone right now. Yes, she was three years younger than him, but it was really nice of her to bring the cookies. "Do you want to share?"

Her eyes lit up. "Sure."

They sat on his bed, passing the glass of milk between them. He sighed. "I'm really sorry. I can't remember your name."

"It's Riza."

He solemnly held out a hand to her. "Hello Riza. I'm Roy. Nice to meet you."

Theme: homesick