Hey! I am the one who wanted a Princess Ai section so here is a story

This occurs after the manga when Ai has completed helping Ailand with the rebelion.

Summary: Ai has returned. But why doesn't she feel the same as before? What has changed that makes this visit so much different from the last? Maybe it was her feelings, or someone else's? AiXTakashi

Disclaimer: I do not own Princess Ai, or her songs. Those all go to their respective creators and publishers.

Whole Again

Ai's POV

I sat at the large window in the palace living room, my head resting on my knees which were pulled up to my chest.

Tears welled up in my blue eyes as thoughts of Kent passed through my head.

"Kent..." I whispered, not hearing the door open behind me.

"Ai?" It was Lissa.

"Oh, Hello Lissa. How are you?" I ask, putting a fake smile on my face.

"Just fine, and you?" She asked me worriedly.

"Great, why wouldn't I be, the war is finally over." I say to the window but know she is listening.

"What about that boy? The one Tess was talking about..." She sat next to me on the bench and looked at me from the side.

I didn't answer, I didn't know what to say. But his name did shoot through my head causing the tears I'd been holding back to fall down my pale skin.

"I thought so..." And with that she left.

"Ai? Are you there? Why won't you talk to me? Ai!" The voice echoed in her head.

"Who are you? Where are you? Why can't I see you?" My voice sank into the blackness around me.

"Hello? Ai? Can you hear me? Why don't you talk to me? AI?" The voice sounded close.

"Hello? Hello?" I yelled, but my voice did not return to my ears, it just faded into a darkness.

My eyes flicker open as there is a knock on the door.

"Yes?" I say in a sleepy voice," Come in."


"Ai? I talked to Lissa this morning. She told me about yesterday..." He turned his face away from me.

"Really? WHat happened yesterday?" I questioned, trying to throw him off.

"In the livingroom, you were crying. Why?" He looked back up at me and came closer to the bed, taking a chair next to it.

"It was nothing...really. It was stupid, forget it even happened." I turned my face away from him and pretended to admire the scenery outside my window. The tears were falling quickly by then.

"Really? Then why are you crying now?" He gave me a funny look.

"I'm not crying I'm sweating..." I wiped my face and turned to smile at him.

"Then why does your face have red marks on it?" He sounded like a know-it-all, " I'll bet it was about that guy from the other sid-"

I cut him off, "WHY IS EVERYONE ALL THE SUDDEN SO INTERESTED WITH MY LOVE LIFE HUH?" I screamed in an overwheling anger.

"Because, Ai, we care about you. You saved this world and we just want you to be happy, that's all!" He glared at me and stood up, getting ready to leave, "Just think about going to him, okay?"

He turned to leave, "Wait! You can send me back?"

"I sent you there before didn't I?" He turned to look at me.

I shook my head," No, I am so stupid, I can't leave Ai Land again, who will rule if I do?"

"Whom ever you choose, that's who. I think you should go. I think it is what is best for Ai Land. You being happy, I mean."

"Why does everyone care so much?" I stared at the floor.

"Because you changed this world for the better and if we ever really need you power again, I will personally come and get you. I promise." He grinned at me even though I was still fascinated with the shaggy carpet.

"I won't leave." I state and turn to go into the bathroom connected to my room.

"Fine." He said something behind me and then I found my self sitting and the ground in a Tokyo alley.

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