Whole Again

"Ai! It's time to wake up! AI!" Takashi banged on her front door 3 week later.

"What? I'm trying to sleep in here." Ai cracked the door open and gave the intruder a dirty look.

"Ai, there's been an emergency at Shinjuku Library. A break in! They say that the gunman has taken the employees hostage and killed the extras. Ai, Kent's in trouble."

Ai gasped and opened her door wider, revealing her sleeping attire of a button up t-shirt that was 10 sizes too big.

"Ai…" Takashi looked at her up and down before stepping into her condo, "get dressed I'll take you out there." He nodded, giving her a concealing smile.

"Oh, thank you!" She hugged him and slammed her bedroom door shut.

"Ai…you still love him…" Takashi still hadn't told Ai that he loved her, and he didn't plan to.

"Takashi I'm ready." Ai was standing at the front door wearing a t-shirt ripped into a belly button tank and some low cut jeans that had holes in the knees.

He blushed before following her out to his car and driving her to the crime scene.

"Excuse me ma'am, you're not allowed back here." A police officer held her back.

"Do you know who I am?! Let me through right now!" Ai demanded, pushing through the man and up the steps of Shinjuku University Library.

She opened the front door and walked toward the front desk.

As she passed the station Daisuke normally took she heard a click next to her head, "Excuse me ma'am. You need a student pass to enter the library." She turned to find herself face to face with the gun. It brushed against her nose before she backed away, screaming.

"SHUT UP!" The gunman yelled, pulling the hammer back on the gun.

"Ai?!" She heard Kent's voice from behind the counter.

"Kent! Are you alright?" She asked, tears welling up in her green eyes.

"I'm fine! Why did you come here?!" He yelled.

"I was worried about you that's why!" She screamed back.

"I SAID SHUT UP." The man shot the gun and hit a book right next to Ai's head.

A gasp was all the Ai had time to utter before the man grabbed her and tossed her behind the counter with Kent and Daisuke.

"Ai." Kent hugged her and she felt warmth against him chest, "You're so stupid."

She cried into his shirt, "Am I going to die?" She asked, looking up at him and backing away, leaning against the wall.

"I won't let yo-" He was cut off the someone landing on him with a loud thud.

"Takashi?!" Ai gasped before helping him off Kent, "What are you doing?!"

"You think I'd let you come in here alone?" He smiled at her before pulling her into a close hug. She felt that jolt of lightening hit her again with a stronger force then before that stung with a pleasant tingle making her want to stay there forever. She snuggled into his grip, becoming comfortable in his arms before he pulled away and leaned against the wall next to where she had been sitting.

She felt an emptiness once she sat bat down next to Takashi. She wanted that hug again, that hug that seems like it should last forever. She loved that hug. She loved Takashi. Ai shook her head quickly, removing the unnerving idea from her mind and replacing it with the 'he's conceited!' and the 'arrogant asshole' remarks that she knew so well. But still there was that nagging in her head. The one that was urging her to confess, if not to him, to herself.

"Ai. Why did you come back anyway?" Kent's voice broke through her thoughts.

"It wasn't by choice if that's what you want to know." Ai glared at the ceiling angrily.

"No that's not what I meant. It not there's anything here holding you down. Why not go back?" Kent asked.

"Do you think I'd be here if I could?!" Ai yelled at him, turning her face away from the group and to her side. Her eyes closed as she tried to picture herself in a better place. Back home with Lissa and Nora.

Takashi looked down at his Princess.

She'd leave him if she could. He wondered if he gave her a chance to leave, would she with no second thoughts? Did she really hate the idea of being here that much?

"Ai…" Takashi whispered.

Ai's hair swung as she turned her head to look at Takashi, "Would you really leave, no questions asked?"

"Takashi…" Ai whispered.

"You'd really just leave me like that? Here to bear the burden of losing you all over again?" Takashi looked at him feet.


"Hey, woman!" The forgotten gun grabs Ai's arm, "I need a visual hostage shooting and you know what they say, ladies first."

He dragged her toward the frony glass doors that shimmered with red and blue lights.

He held her against the glass, holding the gun to her head where it was visible to the watching policemen and cameras.

The yelling of the men could be heard through the glass, "That's Princess Ai! He going to kill her!"

"Takashi…" Ai whispered, "Help me…" He tears clung to the glass her face was pressed uncomfortably against.

"Ai!" A boy's voice was heard behind her and the gunman.

A swinging chair and loud groan later the gunman was in hand cuff with a large bruise forming across his face.

Takashi held Ai in his arms and was carrying her to the limo out in the parking lot.

"Ai!" Kent ran up behind them, "I was lying to Daisuke whe I said I was over you…you know…when you overheard us talking. I know you were there. It was to get him to leave me alone."

"Kent…" Ai jumped out of Takashi's arm's and walked up to him, "You lost your chance to tell me that…I think I love someone else now."

"What?" Both Takashi and Kent said at the same time.

"You heard me," Ai turned to look at Takashi, "I love someone else now."

His face glowed red, "And who, may I ask, might that be?" Kent glared at Takashi with a look that said 'If it's you you're dead.'

Ai noticed the looked and replied with an immature remark, "None or your beeswax!" She stuck her tough our at him before running toward the limo and grabbing a hold of Takashi's wrist as she passed him.

'Someday I'll tell him face to face. I'll tell Takashi how much I love him.'

That you very much for reading! I know it's probably really short! I seem to have that problem where I start it after I'm done with my day activities and end up having to end it because I'm tired. I know there's also tomorrow but I really need to end this here since I want to get a chapter up before next week, which happens to be my week long vacation. I'll be back not this Sunday but the next! I'll trying a make a new chapter on my mom's lap top while I'm there but there's no promises!

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