Title: Fourteen Days

Author: Fate Believer

Summary: What difference does fourteen days make really? AU.

Pairing: M/D

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Shonda Rhimes is God. They all belong to her and the nice folks over at ABC.

A/N: I know, I know, I'm working on like 3 different projects right now, but I promise to have updates to all of them before the end of the week. This just wouldn't go away, so I must get it out of my head.

Day One

Meredith Grey didn't like to think of herself as an alcoholic. It was on night's like these though that she considered taking herself to an AA meeting. If for no other reason than to get her problems off her chest. It was her first night back in Seattle, a city she never really had cared for much, despite the fact she had lived her almost all her life. Leaving Boston behind hadn't been easy, but it was easier to manage her mother's estate from the city where her mother's nursing home was. She had visited with her mom this afternoon and it hadn't gone well at all. Which was what brought Meredith here. She didn't want to go home to a house full of her mother's things just yet. At least the alcohol would dull the pain a bit.

She liked this little place. It was right across from the hospital where in two weeks she would be starting her seven year residency. She was finally going to be a doctor. Being the doctor of Ellis Grey wasn't easy. After all, the woman was one of the first major league women surgeons. Sometimes it felt like there was more pressure on her because she was Ellis Grey's daughter. Which meant she had to work that much harder to prove to everyone, her mother included, that she was going to make a fantastic surgeon.

" What'll it be , " a friendly voice asked and Meredith looked up into the kind eyes of the bartender.

" Tequila , " Meredith replied with a slight smile.

" Ouch. That bad huh , " the bartender teased her as he poured the shot.

Meredith merely laughed and nodded.

" Haven't seen you in here before. I'm Joe , " he extended his hand to shake and she took it with a smile.

" Meredith , " she responded.

" Well, tell ya what Meredith. Since it's your first time in here and all, this one's on the house , " Joe winked at her as he walked away.

" Thanks , " Meredith called out to his retreating back.

Derek hated first days. He hated not knowing anyone and not knowing his way around a hospital. He was a surgeon and surgeons were control freaks. Which was a difficult thing to be when you didn't know anything about your surroundings. He had met with Richard early this morning to get his hospital credentials and to find out where his office was going to be located. That had been the first sour point of the day. His office. Richard had most certainly exaggerated when he had been talking about what office Derek would be using. It was the size of a closet. Of course, when he had gone to confront Richard about it, he was told that the Chief of Surgery was mysteriously out of the hospital for the rest of the day.

Now, he couldn't believe he'd given up a Park Avenue private practice in Manhattan for a closet sized office in Seattle. Derek had liked his life back in New York. Well, except for the part where his wife had cheated on him with his best friend. He nursed his scotch, hoping to chase that thought away. No, the move to Seattle had been a good one. One that was necessary. He needed to get away from Addison and Mark, to get away from his failed marriage. Addison loved New York too much to ever consider coming to Seattle. Besides, it wasn't like he told her where he was going anyways. He had just simply waited for her to start her shift before going into the house and packing up everything he wanted to take with him. He had bought himself some land out away from the city. Derek liked nature and unfortunately bonding with nature didn't happen much in Manhattan.

Now, here he sat, drinking away his misery in a little bar across from the very same hospital that he would be working at. Not very smart if you're actually trying to get away from your problems. No, he decided. The best way to get away from his problems was to find a distraction.

Joe had watched Meredith slam back six shots of tequila back to back and he felt his own stomach turn. If there was one thing he couldn't tolerate liquor wise, it was tequila. He didn't know how people did it. She didn't even take it with lime or salt. No, she shot it naked. He cringed. She wasn't going to be feeling too well in the morning. Tonight, it seemed like all his customers were miserable. Little Miss Meredith with her tequila and Guy whose name he did not know at the other end of the bar who had been drinking scotch all night. They made a perfect pair. What was that saying? Misery loves company.

She was working on her seventh shot when Joe put another one down in front of her. He merely shrugged and pointed to the guy at the end of the bar. Her eyes traveled to where his finger was pointing and it was then she saw him. He was hot. At least in her eyes. She didn't think the alcohol had much to do with that. She was sure if she was sober, he would still be hot. He had dark unruly hair and even from where she was sitting she could see the clear blue color of his eyes. He smiled at her charmingly and raised his glass to her. She did the same and quickly turned up both shots.

She excused herself to go to the ladies room a few moments later, her bladder all but screaming at her. It was on her way back to the bar she spotted the dartboard. She grinned. Finally, something she could take her aggression out on. She quickly made her way to the bar to ask Joe for the darts. He looked almost hesitant, but he handed them over. She understood. She wasn't sure she'd want someone like her throwing sharp pointy objects in her state, she mused. The stranger still sat at the other end of the bar, but as she walked towards the dartboard she could feel his eyes on her.

Amazingly, she managed to keep all the darts on the board. Joe kept bringing her shots of tequila, courtesy of the stranger. By shot number twelve, she was well past buzzed. Her hand was poised and ready to throw another round when a warm hand closed over hers. She didn't have to turn around to see who it was. She had seen the handsome man moving towards her out of the corner of her eye.

" It'll work better if you throw it like this , " his voice whispered into her ear. His breath was hot against her neck and she shivered. Score one for him. Along with being totally hot, his voice was incredibly sexy.

Together, they pulled back and the dart released from her hand. Bull's eye. She grinned. She threw the rest of the darts, all of them precariously close to her one bull's eye. Meredith stepped away from him and went to the board to collect them. She walked back slowly, finally getting a good look at the man. She had been right. Totally hot. She extended her hand and offered him the darts.

" Wanna play , " she asked huskily.

" Do I ever , " was the reply she got.

He had found his distraction. She came in the shape of tiny little blonde with dazzling blue eyes. Not normally his type, but having watched her, there was something about her he could relate too. Maybe it was the look she had. It was the same one he knew he had. Like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. He had beckoned the bartender over and asked what she was drinking, then told him to put whatever else she ordered on his tab for the rest of the night. He had watched as the man had delivered her next shot and pointed towards him. He raised his glass in salute and watched in amusement as the woman downed the shot without even flinching. He watched her get up a few moments later and he was disappointed, thinking she was leaving. Then, he watched her heads towards the ladies room and he breathed a sigh of relief.

She returned to the bar to ask the bartender something and he watched the man hand her over a handful of darts. Ah, so she was a dart player. He watched in curiosity as she took whatever aggressions she had out on the board. For such a small thing, she had one hell of an arm. All of them managed to wind up on the board, but no where near close to a bull's eye. It was then he decided to make his move. He crept up slowly behind her and closed his hand around hers as she was poised to throw another one. He expected her to turn around and tell him to get lost, but she didn't.

" It'll work better if you throw it like this , " he had whispered into her ear and he felt her shiver. That was a good thing right?

He was pleased when they threw back and released, that the dart landed dead center of the board. She threw the rest by herself and then went to collect them. He watched her walk to the board, eyes trailing over the curves of her body. When she turned around to face him though, he was struck by just how beautiful she actually was. She stopped in front of her, hand extended and full of darts.

" Wanna play , " she asked him huskily.

" Do I ever , " was his reply as he took the objects from her hand.

Hours later, they stumbled from the bar, bodies fused together. His hands were tangled in her hair as her mouth attacked his viciously. Her teeth nipped at his bottom lip, but he gave back as good as he got. They stopped long enough to climb into the cab he was sure the bartender called for them. She had broken away for air long enough to give the cab driver an address before she was back on him. He almost felt sorry for the guy. Almost.

When they finally made it to what he assumed was her house, it took them a good fifteen minutes to even get inside. He couldn't keep his hands off of her while she was fishing for her keys to unlock the door and apparently she was easily distracted. After what seemed like forever, they finally managed to stumble into the house. He had her pinned up against the door, holding her up with her legs locked around his waist. Clothes were torn in their hurry to get them off and ended up discarded on the floor as he carried her up the stairs. She would break away long enough to tell him where to go before her mouth would be on his again or kissing whatever patch of skin was available. That in itself was driving him mad.

He managed to get open the door to what he assumed was her bedroom without dropping her and they made their way precariously towards the bed. His shirt was already off and hers had been lost long ago, along with her bra. He dropped her on the bed, wasting no time in covering her body with his. She laughed drunkenly and rolled them over to where she was on top, her hands pulling feverishly at his belt. The last coherent thought he had was pulling a condom from his wallet.