Outtake Reel 1

Negi: Wow Evangeline, nice outfit!

Eva: Are you kidding? I'm so loligoth it hurts.

Asuna: So, how'd your date with Negi go, Bookstore?


Negi: (trying to pull Nodoka off as she beats up Asuna) Damn bitch! Calm the fuck down!

Ayaka: (from limousine) Oh Negi-kun! Come over here! I'll give you a ride back to the dorms!

Negi: No thanks, Ayaka-san, I'm waiting for Asuna.

Ayaka: I'll give you caaaandy!

Negi: Ooh! Candy!

Ayaka: Bwahaha!

Nodoka: Jesus, it took me TEN MANGA'S to get a kiss from Negi-kun. Damn you Akamutsu! Momma wants some sugar!

Sayo: Oh, shut up. I died a virgin.

Takahata: You know Eva, I just thought, you're a vampire, right?

Eva: Hello? Loligoth?

Takahata: So, you must've killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people! Why hasn't some sort of magical police force shown up to arrest you?

Eva: Oh, come on, who's going to arrest me?

Harry Potter:(crashes through a window) Harry Potter! Auror! Evangeline Mcdowell, you're under arrest for multiple counts of murder, debauchery, embezzlement, and excessive loligothness!

Negi: (walks in) Hey guys, whats- (sees Harry Potter) Oh, it's ON, BITCH.

Konoka: (flying in the arms of Setsuna) Hmm…. This reminds me of something. Oh, that's right, EVERY SINGLE WINGFIC EVER WRITTEN! GET SOME ORIGINALITY AKAMUTSU, YOU HACK!

Negi: Happy birthday, Kotaro-san!

Kotaro: (unraps present) Huh... "Oedipus Rex." What the heck? Why'd you get me this book?

Negi: (coughs) No reason.

Chizuru: Come back to bed Kotaro-kun!

Konoka: (sobbing) He hugged Se-chan ... and then... they started kissing!

Asuna: There, Konoka-chan... it'll be alright... (stops) Hold up, Setsuna's STRAIGHT?

(Cut to Setsuna)

Setsuna: Hey, I'm just as surprised as you are.

Negi: I feel a disturbance, as if a thousand fanboys cried out, and were suddenly silenced...

Negi: Hurry guys! We gotta deliver this message to the Kanii Association!

Asuna: Or, you know, we could just... Not?

Setsuna: Can we do that?

Negi: I... I guess we could... It'd be a lot easier...

Asuna: Yeah, let's just go do something else that involves NOT DYING.

Negi: Um... I guess we could play cards?

Negi: (sighs) I bet the guys over at "Gunslinger Girl" don't have to put up with this crap.

Setsuna: A watch that can turn back time, huh? I've heard of this somewhere before... oh right! Prisoner of Azka-

Negi: Don't you dare say it.