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Summary: It's just a scene I though it was missing, on the Christmas episode, right after Marjee yells at Rose for complaining she has two guys into her, and goes to her room.

Marjee is in her room, crying. She dials his number just to hear him with her boss, then she turns it off. The room's quiet and dark. She goes to the window, tears still in her eyes, and hears a Christmas carrol being sung. She just looks out and listens, trying to stop the tears from coming. Then she hears the door opening. It's Rose.

- Hey… - she's not sure of what to say

- Hey… - Marjee answers, with a little smile

- I just… I didn't mean to…

- I know you didn't. I'm sorry I snapped out.

- You were right, you know? - she goes near her sister and sits by the bed, beside her – anyone could see you weren't okay, but it's… I don't know, it seems like you always have the answers for everything, and I always thought there wasn't a problem you couldn't solve with a smile.

Marjee smiles a little more and sits beside Rose.

- Really? You really think of me that way?

- Yeah! I mean, no matter what happens, you always get angry or you just forget about it, and even when things are bad to any of us, you always find a way to… you're like the comic relief, the one who keeps us from going crazy. I guess I just assumed you would handle this the same way. Out of the four of us, you're the most independent one, it seems like you'd be just fine without us, you know what I mean?

- I guess. But you know, a lot of what you said is true. But I don't know. This time… - she starts sobbing lightly – I really thought it'd be different with him. I didn't want to be mad at him or just let him go.

Rose feels a little weird, she's never seen her sister like that over a guy. She starts stroking Marjee's hair. Marjee looks at her, feeling a little weird, but seeing Rose was trying to be there for her, she gave in. She put her head on her hands and started sobbing, this time harder, and lied down, with her head on her sister's lap. Rose kept stroking Marjee's hair.

- I'm really sorry, Marjee.

- Don't be. I never thought, of all of us, I'd be having this conversation with you.

- I know, me neither. But I'm glad you talked.

Marjee takes her sister's hand and just holds it, it made her feel safe knowing she wasn't alone.

- Rose?

- What?

- You were wrong about another thing.

- What do you mean? – she seems worried that she said something wrong

- You said I didn't need you girls. I could never get by without you all. – she says that and kisses her sister's hand.

Rose let a few tears fall from her eyes too, and held Marjee, trying to make her feel as safe as she could.

- Me neither.