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As one grows up they hear multiple legends and stories and other things like them that either are forgotten or are remembered to the day they leave this world to pass to the next. This is about one of thoseā€¦

"It all started century's ago when people first came to the island of Besaid," the old storyteller began. "They all came at once all of our ancestors to this island. Unknown to them they had demons abroad their ship. No not just demons vampires. What are vampires you ask? They are creators of the night. They usually dress in dark colors, which usually end up being black, and they only come out at night. They feed off of any living thing they can get their hands on, which include us. They feel no sorrow or regret for what they kill since they have no soul. What about love you ask my young Rikku? That is a very good question. They only feel love for one thing and one thing only. That one thing is the kills blood everything about taking a life. Now let me continue my story, children."

"So they all settled here on this island. None of them knowing the danger they were putting themselves in for not finding them and getting rid of them right away; until it was to late. One by one villagers would go missing. They would just vanish from their beds at night. Only their body's drained of every drop of blood would be found a week later floating in the water just yonder," she said as she pointed out towards the sea. "At first they thought it was just some ancient god or some sort of higher power that was angry with them for settling here. They thought this until the night of the harvest moon when the creators decided to attack the village. They came all at once and started killing the villager's left and right and not just the men but the women and children too. As all of this was going on one brave man grabbed his sword and hunted down the main vampire. He snuck up behind him and raised the sword high above his head and brought it down upon the vampire sending it threw his heart. The vampire screamed as he turned to dust in the wind. The other quickly retreated into the forest before the same fate came to them. As the years went on we slowly killed them off."

"About a century ago the last one had been caught the ones that caught her put a spell on her and the child she had growing inside her. They let her go not telling a soul what they had done to her or the child. All we know is that she was found dead in the water three months after they caught her. No one knows what became of the child, but it is said that it was a beast killing anything and everything in its path. They also say if you saw it you would die of fright from its hideousness. It has a call that could be heard all over the island. It's this wailing sound like somebody was slowly burning a person with a hot branding iron. What's that I think I hear it," she said as the bushes rustled and a wailing sound came from it. The children screamed as Brother jumped from them and ran around them like a maniac. All of them, but Rikku ran behind the old storyteller. Rikku stood in front of the 'vampire' and stomped on his foot before removing the mask. "It's just Brother," she said as she walked away. This had been her fifty-billionth time hearing the story and she really want to meet the Vampire of Besaid. She would one day she swore to herself.

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