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Six years pasted without any disappearances of Rikku or anything else that could be linked to the vampire. Rikku had aged to become a very talented thief and Yuna had become a talented Gunner. They had moved out of Rikku's mom's place and were living with Lulu…

It was just after dark when Rikku was walking through the market. She really wasn't looking for anything special or anything of the sort, she was just looking. She walked over to one of the many weapons booths and picked up one of the daggers they had. She looked it over for a moment before she put it back down. She wasn't much of a dagger person. She began to walk down the street again. She could see all of the islanders quickly making their way home still in fear of the vampire. She grinned to herself as she thought about it. Her fascination with the vampire had not subsided over the years. She still wished to meet him and find out why he saved her and gave her his necklace.

It happened to quickly for Rikku to really think about it, but a figure ran into her almost knocking her over as she walked past. The figured kept going appearing to not care if she was alright or even to apologize. She turned and began to follow the figure. "Get back here, you don't just run into people," she yelled after them as she picked up speed. The figure picked up speed and entered the forest.

Rikku moved as fast as she could trying to catch up to them as she entered the forest. She had been out here many times before so it wasn't hard to maneuver through the trees, but it seemed the person she was following moved with an unnatural grace. She growled as she put all her energy into it and shot forward through the tree and grabbed the figures cloak. "Who are you," she asked in a serious voice that did not fit her.

The figure stopped at the sound of Rikku's voice. They did not turn towards her or anything as they thought to themselves. "Let go," she growled trying their best to scare Rikku like they did everybody else.

Rikku held her growled and pulled on the cloak as she looked at the figure sternly. She wasn't going to give up on this, something told her this is the person she had been looking for, for a long time now. "I won't until you tell me who you are and why you ran into me," she said her voice becoming less serious.

The figure turned their head to where Rikku could only make out silver hair pale skin and red eyes. "My name is Paine and I didn't mean to run into you," they said softly before undoing the cloak and in one jump jumped into the upper trees and were gone.

Rikku stood open mouthed as she still held the cloak. That had been the vampire… No one looks like that unless they never saw the sun. It had to be, it just had to. She pulled the cloak up from the ground and began to walk back towards the market.

She had to tell Yuna about this. There really was a vampire and wait that voice it didn't really fit. She thought about it for another moment or two. "What if the vampire isn't a vampire at all but a vampiress," she whispered to herself? It could make since this cloak would have been to small for any full grown male to wear. "Paine the vampiress. The vampiress of Besaid, the vampire sounds better," she thought aloud to herself as she walked home.

When she reached her house she looked up at the moon for a moment. "When will I see you again Paine, the Vampire of Besaid," she asked almost inaudibly? She then entered the hut to inform Yuna and maybe even Lulu about what she had learned.

But unknown to Rikku she was not alone on her walk home. A figure moved through the upper trees making sure the girl got home safely. Her red eyes could be seen if you paid close attention. She made no sound as she followed the girl. The figures name was Paine; she had not lied to the girl. Ever since she had first laid eyes on her six years ago, something in her had changed. She couldn't describe it, but she knew that she didn't want to see anything bad happen to her. With seeing Rikku enter her house safely Paine turned to the moon wondering if she was cursed to watch this blond girl forever or if something would through them together or something.

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