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Chapter 13: Pet Consort

Silence can be so intense at times that it is deafening. Harry shifted on his pillow uneasily, feeling lost he looked around the room he was in. It was Voldemort's bedroom, everything appeared normal, however it wasn't. The bed had not been slept in for 3 days now, Harry had been to uncomfortable sleeping in it when the images of their previous activity flashed in his mind bringing a deep flush across his face. So he had settled for moving some pillows around on the floor and sleeping on them. He had not seen Voldemort since that day; after Bellatrix was taken away Voldemort had turned to him with a strange look on his face, and then walked away from him not saying a word.

Harry had merely sat there unsure of what to do when Snape found him, and told him to go back to Voldemort's chambers. However even though he hadn't seen him, he knew he visited the rooms. Every now and then when Harry was sleeping he could feel a presence standing over him, but when he would wake with a start there would be nobody there. However the trace sent of a spicy, heady cologne filled the room Harry loved that smell it was so enticing, and he could breathe it in all day happily. However, the only downside was that it belonged to Voldemort himself which made Harry pout his lips.

Disoriented with the way things had taken a turn for, Harry wandered around the chambers finally deciding to spend most of his time reading ancient tomes in Voldemort's grand library room. He had a feeling Voldemort was down in his work room below, but he didn't have the nerve to seek him out. Besides, this was the first time he felt free in,...well he didn't know for sure how long he'd been here. Startled by that thought Harry stood up and wandered into the library where he climbed the spiral staircase to the circular balcony area that went around the room holding more book cases. He moved towards an area in the back where there was a small window that overlooked the vast forest surrounding the castle grounds.

He had discovered this little piece of paradise the day before when he was searching through the shelves. It was too small for him to fit through so escape was not an option, but he settled down on the little chaise lounge he had requested from a House elf, and stared dreamily out the window. He could almost imagine himself on his Firebolt souring up into the sky the wind blowing in his hair, and leaving all his troubles down on the earth.

A door slamming loudly startled him out of his dreamy state, and he jumped up heart hammering in his chest. The silence that had settled over the place for 3 days straight had been shattered. Curious as to who it was, he walked to the railing that looked down into the floor below, and peered down at the entryway that led to the living room. Unsure if he should call out to whoever it was he stayed silent waiting with baited breath. Suddenly footsteps sounded out moving fiercely towards the library, then suddenly there he was; Voldemort. Stunned at his appearance Harry stared down at him, as he looked around the room then up to the second floor. His eyes seemed to strip everything apart before finally settling on him.

"Get down here!" he snarled at him making Harry jump out of his skin. Scrambling towards the spiral staircase it felt as though he had left his stomach behind somewhere. He moved down the stairs quickly, maybe he found out about the lounge chair. Going pale with the thought, Harry quickly ran towards him unsure of how far he was supposed to stop he decided about 5 feet away was good. Keeping his head bowed down, and his hands fiddled with the hem of the large shirt he was wearing he awaited his judgment. However it wasn't exactly what he thought.

Suddenly he was grabbed by his upper arms, and pulled forward into a fierce kiss. He didn't even have a chance to react, it felt as though he was being consumed. Voldemort's lips moved on his with a savage passion that he couldn't keep up with, a tongue forcefully made it's way into his mouth and ravaged it. Hands roamed over his body before settling on his ass pulling him up to where his legs were wrapped around Voldemort's waist. Breathless, he tried to gasp in between the kisses, but couldn't get any air in. Then just as suddenly as it happened he was deposited back onto the ground, and Vodemort was a swirling cloak disappearing through the door leaving a thoroughly shagged, yet horrifically confused Harry behind.

Once again Harry was lost. After Voldemort had come and gone in the blink of an eye he went into the living room, and sat on the couch staring at the front door half expecting him to come storming back in and explain what just happened. He sat there, and sat there. He didn't know how much time had gone by, but the only thought on his mind was how strange Voldemort was acting. Almost like he hated Harry, but not really hating him at the same time. Maybe this was some sort of test. Puzzled Harry got up to go back to day dreaming when suddenly the doors burst open. Whirling around Harry's eyes grew big when he saw black robes sweeping around a pissed off looking Severus Snape. Randomly the thought went through his mind, those poor doors I wonder how many times they've been slammed open like that.

"Potter! What the hell have you gotten yourself into now?!" Snape barked at him as he continued to storm forwards. Snapping out of his random thought, Harry frowned.

"I don't understand, what's going on?" he asked. Snape sighed heavily as he came to a stop in front of him dragging a hand down his face.

"Potter, what exactly is going on between you and the Dark Lord?" he asked resigned. Harry blushed at the question, and shifted uncomfortably.

"Nothing!" he said hastily,

"He hasn't even been here in days! Well, except today, but that was only for like a minute, and he was acting weird." he muttered at the end as he looked off to the side.

"Obviously he hasn't been up here, he's been torturing Lestrange and rampaging throughout the whole castle! Everyone's terrified, he's threatening to do the same thing to anyone else who even thinks about touching what's his. He's being overly possessive of you, and what's more he's not hiding it. When he's not making people piss themselves in abject terror he disappears from the castle completely. What happened between you two the last time you were together?" Snape explained. Harry frowned he didn't know Voldemort very well, but that actually sounded like what he thought he would act like so he didn't see the issue.

"I don't want to talk about it Snape, it's not anything important." he said as he turned to walk away. Snape grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

"Tell me NOW!" he snapped at him. Suddenly reminded of Potions class Harry cringed away from him, before nodding and taking a deep breath.

"Well we finally...uh...ya." he said simply as he shrugged his shoulder and blushed deeply looking away. God, why did he have to talk about stuff like this! Why couldn't it be forgotten, seriously it's not like it'll happen again! He was consumed with carnal desire, and upset and wanted to forget what had happened. It's not like it actually meant anything.

"GOD Potter! Do you know what this means?" Snape yelled in exasperation. Looking back up at him Harry wondered if strangely Snape could read his thoughts. Then mentally smacked himself, of course Snape could, but did he?

"He's claimed you, physically and publicly. He has never done this before, you must mean something to him you are not just a pet anymore in his eyes. Perhaps you are; yes just perhaps." Snape mumbled to himself pacing the living room floor. Harry watched in confusion.

"Perhaps I am what professor?" Harry asked breaking Snape's pacing and grabbing his attention. Snape gave him a deep observing look, almost like he was examining him.

"Potter! This might sound strange, but how did he treat you? Was he caring or merely straight forward with it? Has anything else happened between the two of you since then?" Snape asked with an uncomfortable look on his face. Harry blushed deeply, he couldn't believe he was asking something like this, but it must be important.

"Well he was different, different than his usual self. If he wasn't the Dark Lord and an evil torture loving maniac i'd say he was almost caring-ish. I mean it was nothing, it meant nothing it just happened. It won't happen again!" Harry started off uncomfortably, but he couldn't imagine the man he was with that night was the same man that lashed his back to shreds, tortured his friends, killed his parents, and hurt numerous amounts of people. However thinking about those things made his heart clench, and he didn't know why. But he just couldn't let himself fall to Voldemort's plot! Pulling himself out of his thoughts, he noticed Snape was looking at him with concern.

"Then, after everything happened he didn't come back for a few days, but earlier he came in here all pissed off grabbed me, and well...kissed me and stuff then just as suddenly left in a big huff." he said as he plopped back onto the couch. That was one thing he was enjoying, he could do whatever he wanted.

"Perhaps you are now to be his consort." Snape said as he brought a hand up to his chin in thought. Confused, Harry looked at him hard before thinking about what he just said. Consort, wasn't that something like a polite word for concubine? Paling Harry jumped to his feet.

"No, no no! I'm not some sort of consort thing, I didn't make a contract to be that! I'm barely able to deal with being his so called "pet" right now without drowning him in the bath tub! "It" may have happened, and he can act weird all he wants, but i'm putting a stop to this! I'm not some whore, or something he can just have when he wants, and whatever he wants!" Harry ranted his mind reeling out of control. Snape watched him for a moment.

"Calm down Potter! This could either be a good thing, or a bad thing. Being a Pet Consort might not be so bad, if you're willing you won't be tortured as much, and neither will your friends. If you're good enough he may even, possibly let them go." Snape said slowly as if thinking out loud. Harry stopped, his friends could be let go? They could be safe and sound at home? This was great! It was fantastic, it was the exact leverage he needed! However, a thought creeped up on him and stopped his excitement short. What would he have to do, or agree to in order for this to happen?

The smile on his face disappeared. Suddenly he began to realize the choice that was looming ahead. A choice of betraying his family, friends, and himself to become Voldemort's obedient master loving Pet Consort in order to save them, or betraying his friends and let them suffer and die because he refused. Either way it was the ultimate betrayal, he couldn't turn back once the choice was made.

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