Title: When You Can't See the Forest
Character: Dean
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the universe they live in.
Summary: Dean's having a little trouble with his eye sight.
Author's Note: This fic has no point. I just happened to go to the optometrist today and came up with the idea on the bus on the way home.

"When did you last get your eyes checked?" Sam finally asked, after weeks of observing his older brother squinting while reading.

Dean looked up from the book he was trying to read, frowning. The last time he'd had someone look at his eyes, he'd been 21 and a burning farmhouse had almost collapsed on him. Dad had insisted he'd get his eyes checked because, according to the old man, "Once you lose your eyes, you lose the hunt."

But somehow, Dean didn't think Sam would be satisfied with that answer, so Dean just demanded, "When was the last time you got your eyes checked?"

"A couple years ago. Maybe I should get mine checked again too."

"How'd you afford that?"

"Student medical plan."

Dean snorted. Of course. "Well, we can't afford it."

"Then just get yours done. I can wait."

"No one is getting their eyes checked!"

Sam took a deep breath and continued in a level, condescending tone, "Dean, if something's wrong with your eyes, we gotta get it fixed. You know what Dad would say."

"Yeah, I know. Lose you eyes, lose the hunt." Trust Sam to bring up Dad when it worked to his advantage. He knew Dean couldn't ignore Dad like he could his little brother.

"This is all your fault." Dean grumbled as he and Sam walked out of Dr. Walker's optometrist office two weeks later.

"Whatever, dude." Sam replied, trying to keep a smile of his face, at least while Dean was looking at him, "They're your eyes."

"Glasses! Fuck! How are we gonna afford this."

"We'll find a way."

"And I look like a geek."

Sam could help bur snigger. That was true. They'd chosen the cheapest frames possible and they weren't the most flattering. Dean shot his little brother a glare and Sam quieted down immediately.

"At least, they're only reading glasses. You won't have to wear them all the time." Sam tried to console.

"Fuck! Reading glasses. Dude, I'm 27. I'm too young to need reading glasses."

"If you didn't live like you were going to die before the age of 50, maybe this wouldn't be an issue." Sam chuckled at his own wit, "Welcome to mid life."

Suddenly, Sam stumbled from a well placed kick in the pants, literally.

Sam shot his older brother a dirty look and Dean laughed. You didn't need reading glasses to kick ass.