Title: Vanilla Soufflé 8

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: Axel/Roxas

Word count: 1472

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: AU, romance, fluff, humour

Disclaimer: As much as I would love to lay claim to Cloud, I'm kinda scared of Leon's gunblade. So well, I don't own Kingdom Hearts and its character, and neither do I own the various Final Fantasies and their characters.

Note: This is a series of spin-off drabbles and ficlets meant to explain some events in my other fic Vanilla. Also talks about the minor characters in Vanilla.

Note 2: This chapter is dedicated to Rainbow Serenity, who wanted a AkuRoku for Christmas! Merry Christmas, dearie!

Summary: Axel had not wanted a job. Roxas had. They ran into each other in the street corner that connected Twilight Street and Dusk Road. Roxas got his job. So did Axel.

When Axel had walked down the streets one day, bored out of his skull and pockets full of the money his parents had all but shoved inside to reward him for his near perfect grades in classes again (he'd have gotten perfect grades actually, but he didn't want to steal Zexion's thunder and make it harder for his pal to impress his crush), he hadn't been looking for anything in particular.

Especially not a job.

Dear gods, anything but a job.

What was the point?

Axel's parents had cushy, stable jobs that paid them enough to afford a huge house and nice cars, and being the only child in his family meant any spare cash in his grandparents, uncles, and aunts' wallets eventually ended up in his bank account.

No, Axel did not want to throw himself into a job so soon. Not when he was just in high school.

There would be enough work after graduation to last a lifetime, so he did not plan on ever getting a job until he was well out of university. In fact, he was already planning for a nice gap year after graduation so he could backpack and see the world, fool around a bit before returning to his dreary hometown and become some mindless office drone.

So nope, as Axel was walking down the streets that day, getting a job was the last thing on his mind.

When Roxas had shoved his younger twin's head under the cold water running from their tap so the lazy butt would finally wake up, he had yelled furiously about how they were going to be late for their job interviews at the new ice cream parlor in town. And because Sora had so very kindly put the last of their cold cereal out of their misery by getting up at 3 a.m. the night prior and eating every last crunch, they would have to leave their apartment with no breakfast.

There was no way they'd have time to grab something fast on the way to the job interview. Not that they had the spare change to buy anything, of course.

Dear gods, but they needed that job so god-damn much.

Ever since their parents had passed away and their uncle Xigbar took over their guardianship, money had been tight. Well, it certainly wasn't Roxas' fault that a good portion of whatever money they had always went towards compensating whatever he broke. There were just too many guys in this world who liked to hit on his younger twin, and as his elder brother, it was Roxas' duty to rid the world of these disgusting, slimy perverts. If it meant having to destroy a table or two in the process, then so be it.

It was just such a strain on their resources.

So who cared about having to juggle between a job and their high school education?

It had to be done.

It would be done.

So yes, as the twins were sprinting down the streets that day, getting a job was the most important thing on their minds.

At approximately 10.09 a.m. that day, Axel was walking down Twilight Street, talking on his cell phone with his high school friend Zexion about how Demyx, Zexion's crush and their mutual friend, wasn't performing so well in his science subjects. Surely, the blond wouldn't object to a bit of one-to-one tutoring, he'd suggested.

At 10.11 a.m., he got off the phone amidst Zexion's sputters and clamped it shut before sliding it into his back pocket. On second thoughts, he took it out again and sent a quickly composed text message to Demyx that he was going to get the one-on-one tutoring he wanted from Zexion and if he wanted anything else, he'd have to talk to Zexion himself. Axel was nobody's message boy.

10.12 a.m. and still bored out of his mind. Maybe he'd pass on another message from Demyx to Zexion?

10.15 a.m., Axel rounded the corner that marked the end of Twilight Street and the beginning of Dusk Road.

10 seconds after 10.15 a.m., the redhead fell heavily on his bottom when someone crashed into him like a 16-wheeler on a highway chase.

5 seconds later, as strings of colourful swear words rolled off his tongue in a way that was too eloquent to be normal, Axel raised his head and fell in love.

At 10.09 a.m., after sprinting for 10 minutes, Roxas almost growled under his breath when he realized they were still nowhere near the ice cream parlor. When had Dusk Road gotten so frigging long, anyway?

10.12 a.m., he backtracked to grab Sora by his collar and continued to sprint while gathering enough breath to castigate his brother for being lured away by the smells wafting out of a nearby coffee house.

10.15 a.m., just when Roxas thought he was going to die from lack of air and not going to have the opportunity to realize his plans of murdering his uncle for telling them about the job opening but not offering to drive them there when it was so frigging far, they finally got to the end of Dusk Road and rounded the corner to Twilight Street.

10 seconds after that, he yelped when he ran into someone and landed unceremoniously on top of his younger brother, who had been running behind him.

5 seconds later, he picked up his younger brother and continued sprinting, with barely an apologetic word to the person he'd just very nearly bulldozed over.

Another 15 seconds later, Sora commented breathlessly about the redhead they had run into earlier following them. Roxas merely picked up speed, not interested in having someone's medical bills piled on top on all the other bills he had yet to pay.

Roxas and Sora were 15 minutes late for their job interview.

Xigbar waved it off and told them that they had already gotten the job because he was the one in charge of the job interviews anyway, so put on your aprons and start working.

They started work 20 minutes late that day because Sora had to hold his brother back lest he murdered their uncle right there and then.

Axel stepped into the ice cream parlor 16 minutes after it opened that day.

He had to wait 7 minutes for his banana split since the beautiful blond who'd crashed into him earlier needed to resolve some issues with their manager before starting work. But it was time and money well spent, because he got to see the blond in an apron and serve him ice cream. And afterwards, the brunet twin (Axel assumed they were twins; they looked far too much alike to be just normal brothers, though he still thought that the blond was a lot cuter) had come up to him and apologize, telling him that he and Roxas hadn't meant to run into him.

So the pretty blond had a pretty name too.

2 hours after stepping foot inside, Roxas marched up to him and demanded that he stopped staring at him because it was quite disturbing, and hello, would you like another banana split? Axel just grinned at the way Roxas almost pouted in his restrained anger.

Another hour later, Xigbar was proud to introduce Roxas and Sora to their newest co-worker, Axel.

20 minutes into working on his first job, Axel got his hand slapped away when he tried to grope Roxas.

Still, at the end of their long day, in a brief instance where Roxas had let his guard down as he pulled his apron over his head, Axel managed to get lucky. He'd timed himself perfectly, and the moment the apron was pulled over the blond's eyes and before he could see properly, Axel leaned in immediately.

What resulted was a sound that punctuated the still air of the locker room.


Backing away, Axel grinned widely. "Thanks for running into me today."

And he quickly hightailed it out of the ice cream parlor before Roxas could kill him or something. He laughed when he heard the sounds of random destruction behind him.

That night, Axel called Demyx over the phone.

"I can tell, Dem. It's going to be the start of a beautiful relationship," he said.

20 days after starting work, Demyx asked Axel if he was still so sure about that after Roxas turned his ice cream tray into a formidable weapon and thwacked him repeatedly over the head for standing within 5 kilometers of himself.

Of course he was. Especially when Axel managed to get another kiss full on the lips 25 days into their jobs, when he'd bent over too low to tease Roxas and Roxas had turned around too abruptly.

That was certainly worth another attack by the blond's killer tray.


Teaser for next chapter (tentative): Unbeknownst to the students, the teachers of Radiant High had their own cork board in the staff lounge. Staff bonding, the headmaster said. Well, little did he know that it was the perfect place for the teachers to discuss and gossip about the latest couple in school. How had that Leon gotten Cloud to confess his feelings, anyway?

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