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Chapter 1: Raise the Curtain...

The night had been a resounding success—a flawless heist, a merry police chase across several blocks as a spectacle for the crowd, and then vanishing unimpeded to the comforting anonymity of the night.

Kaitou Kid perched on the edge of one of Tokyo's numerous skyscrapers, absently tossing a round-cut amethyst upwards and then snatching it back out of the air. Not the right jewel, but one more possibility to cross off of his ever-growing list. What had an old American inventor once said?

I've not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

"Just make it gems, and the quote would be accurate."

"Which quote would that be?"

At the unexpected voice, Kid fumbled and nearly lost his prize to gravity. Deftly recovering and pocketing the amethyst, he managed with some effort to retain his poker face, and stood. Turning as slowly as he dared to meet his undetected visitor, he casually crossed his arms in easy reach of his glider controls. Anyone who could sneak up on him was definitely dangerous, possibly an enemy, and he would be damned before he would let himself be trapped without an escape route.

When he saw the speaker, however, he raised a skeptical eyebrow. A zippered robe with a hood obscured almost all identifying features; the only thing he could be sure of was that his opponent was male.

"Interesting choice of costume. I doubt you're a friend of the miniature detective, so should I ask you to relay my fondest death wishes to Snake?"

He received a chuckle in response, dark and liquid and with a hint of danger, but strangely free of malice. "I don't know anyone around here, let alone snakes. I was doing some scouting when I saw you. I have to say, that's quite the shiny bauble you have there."

"You were just looking around, and you saw me," Kid repeated in a flat, disbelieving tone. "I'm over thirty stories up, and you don't look like you can fly. I'm curious as to how you got here in the first place."

"I have excellent night vision. As for how, well," the man waved a heavily cloaked arm, almost indistinguishable amidst the darkness. "You're a phantom thief. I have tricks of my own."

"Forgive me if I'm not reassured. What were you doing?"

"Scouting. You don't want to know any more than that."

"Oh, but I do." Even though he maintained a straight face, Kid's lips were thinning.

"With the line of work you're in, and the type of people you already know? Worry about the enemies you have, rather than seeking out more." A sigh. "It doesn't look like they've found this place, anyway, and if they haven't yet, they probably never will. It should be safe."

He turned and started walking away. After pausing for a moment to process the enigmatic statement, Kid started after him. "Oi, what do you mean, 'this place'?"

Back still turned—either he was extremely confident in his ability to sense danger, or he was an idiot—the man shook his head. "Some friendly advice… Don't spend too much time in the dark. It's tough to escape, and there are things in the light that are too precious to lose."

Kid stared at him, incredulous at both the accuracy of the statement and how skillfully it failed to actually answer his previous question.

What on earth was going on?

As he watched, the black-clad man raised a hand, outstretched like he was reaching toward the invisible horizon. A shadow blossomed in the air nearby, even darker than the surrounding night. Snaky tendrils rose and stretched into what vaguely resembled a doorway, if doorways smoked like they were edged by ebony flame.

"Go back to your jewels, kaitou-san. Forget tonight." He walked into the blackness, vanishing from sight.

Kid made his decision instantly and lunged forward, diving through the hole in space before it could dissipate.

I still have tonight's amethyst. Hakuba-kun is going to kill me, if I ever make it back alive.

A heartbeat later, he had crashed into the legs of his new acquaintance and was rolling to a stop. Nervous, but obstinately refusing to show it, he rose to his feet with practiced grace.

And paused.

The universe had suddenly become immune to the laws of physics. Shades of dark blue, purple and black intermingled in an almost psychedelic gyration for as far as the eye could see. Including, somehow, everywhere that lay below the invisible plane of ground he was currently standing on.

"You." The growl refocused his attention on the cloaked figure, who was brushing non-existent dust off of his sleeves. "Are an idiot."

"Certifiable," Kid agreed amiably, trying to repress the urge to giggle. It wouldn't do him any good, and was unlikely to impress the man who was probably his only way out. If given the choice again he would probably do the exact same thing, but that didn't mean he wasn't worried about his sanity for doing so. Or his breathing prospects.

"Why did you follow me?"

"Because I'm the kind of idiot who discovers that his dad was murdered, and then follows in his footsteps to try and find the killers."

Um. That didn't sound very good. Had he actually intended to admit that?

"You alluded to some pretty big happenings. Whatever it is that I'm doing, what you're involved in is much bigger. I want to know what it is that could have endangered me or—" he paused, struggling to find the right words, "or what is mine. Who are mine."

"…You're sure? You'd be better off forgetting."

"I'm occasionally an impulsive guy, but I plan on living to remember."

"You might not be able to ever return home."

"After all this is over, I'll find a way. Aoko'd kill me if I didn't come back, and Akako-san would magic me back and then kill me."

His response elicited another chuckle, and the mysterious man pushed his hood back. Kid's eyes widened almost imperceptibly. Long silver hair, swept-back bangs that defied gravity even more than his own hair did, tanned skin, and golden eyes that regarded him with dark amusement.

"What's your name?"

He hesitated only for a moment. It seemed silly to withhold his name from someone he'd just followed through a hole in the air to somewhere that most definitely wasn't home. Especially since the man obviously didn't have the slightest interest in arresting him.

"Kuroba Kaito."

"This probably breaks all kinds of rules regarding world travel, but since you're already here, and the universe appears to have remained intact, your presence probably won't twist the fabric of reality any more than it already is."

"That's good?" Kid ventured weakly.

"Yes. And who am I to disbar a traveling companion? I watched you tonight, and some of the tricks up your sleeve might prove useful."

He began walking forward through the bizarre corridor, motioning for Kid to follow.

"But… what's going on?"

A wry smile twisted the older man's lips as he glanced over his shoulder. "Come on. Time is limited, and I can fill you in as we go. As for the short version, though: Saving the universe, of course. You expected anything less?"

Kid congratulated himself for showing very little on his face as he jogged to catch up with his new ally. Saving the world was a new one. Saving the universe, even more so.

I really, really hope I don't regret this.

::blinks:: Was so not supposed to happen like that. Started as a tiny plot-bunny. Then the plunnie sank its teeth in and demanded a longer fic, which spawned everything after about the first 400 words. Kaito was supposed to say safe (if slightly unnerved) at home, but no, he wound up jumping into the KH2 universe. Darn it.

Don't really want to spoil KH2 for anyone who hasn't played it yet, so Kaito's companion has remained unnamed.

This is a mostly open-ended vignette. It would be interesting to see the kind of mischief Kaito can get into in a place like this, but no plunnies have bitten to tell me all about it. If they do, Kaito might get the chance to wreak havoc among the worlds – and maybe steal an Orichalcum or two.

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