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Prelude One: Harry Potter and the Path of the Keyblade.

When Darkness lies across the land…

Voldemort raised his arms, as if lifting a heavy weight, and from the ground different creatures emerged. By far the most numerous were the small black ones, with yellow eyes. Some had armor, some did not. Floating balls of darkness, beings that flew carrying swords of cold fire and hundreds more. All answered the call of their master. Voldemort smiled at his new minions, and then turned back to Bellatrix. "Come my dear, we must make haste. Already I can feel the darkness seeking out and destroying different worlds across the universe."

Alliances forged across worlds, both Evil…

Harry hid in the corner, despite this being a vision from the link with Voldemort. Whether he was actually there or not, he did not want to take the chance of his presence being known. Voldemort sat at the head of a table, figures spread out around, with Bellatrix to his right. "You are all here, because you have answered the call of Darkness. I can give you power, glory, whatever you desire…IF you swear your allegiance to me." He turned to the left, where a man in a red business suit was sitting. "What say you Giovanni?"

"You give me what I want, and I will capture my home for you, as long as I am allowed to rule it."

"That is a fair deal, quite surprising coming from the leader of Team Rocket."

"It's obvious that you are stronger than me. I will be content with what I can get, at least until I get stronger."

"Once again, you surprise me with honesty. I know very well you want my power. Who knows, perhaps one day you will get what you seek." Voldemort turned to the next in line, a monstrosity, seemingly a half-man, half bug hybrid; it was not this that caused Harry's reaction, but rather the look of evil in his eye. The creature faced Voldemort, before speaking.

"I want to destroy my enemies. They attempted to keep me from being completed, and almost succeeded. I want revenge. Allow it and I will follow you."

"Very well Cell. Do to your enemies what you will. What about you, Plasmius?"

A ghostly figure sat upon the next chair. His skin was a pale blue, hair dark black. He smiled, his teeth resembling that of a vampires. His cape blew in a non-existent wind, and his eyes glowed a color red to rival the Dark Lord's. "It seems as if I have no choice if I want to live. I may be half-ghost, but I would like to keep the other half alive as long as possible. Allow me the same as Cell and my allegiance is yours."

"It is yours."

Next in line was a man in an interesting suit. It seemed like some sort of armor, and he had a black gun, unlike anything Harry had ever seen before, on his side. "Well, Voldemort, it's obvious that you are stronger than I currently am, so sure, I'll join this merry-little band of evil, but I want my brother," and Harry knew that from the way he spat it out, he hated his brother, "dead, and the rest of that world destroyed, left for myself and myself alone, to do with as I see fit."

"Agreed Knives. Make your plans, and to help in your quest, I have a special gift for you, one which will give you some followers who are absolutely…Gung-Ho." With that, Voldemort turned to the next in line.

"Let me kill the Bat, and Gotham is yours." This man was perhaps the strangest of them all. Skin as pale as Voldemort's had been, he dressed in a purple and green business suit. A green flower adorned his chest, and he seemed just as dangerous as the creature Cell had been. No humanity left in his being, nothing but a sheer murderous intent.

"I think that living forever as ruler of the world is a very good incentive. Give me what I need in order to let my children live, and my allegiance is yours." This came from the next man in line. His skin was pale as well, but it looked as it was from lack of sunlight. His hair was slick, and his teeth were truly fangs. Harry knew that this was a vampire, without a shadow of a doubt.

"Thank you indeed Lord Dracula." Harry gasped to himself. The legendary Lord of all vampires had allied himself with Voldemort. Harry had learned of the legend of Dracula from Remus in third year, but it was supposed to be just that, a legend. Perhaps it was not so much that Dracula did not exist, as that he did not exist on Harry's world. "I shall provide the magic and equipment necessary as soon as possible. Tell Bellatrix here what you need and it shall be yours."

"You know my answer Lord Voldemort. I want the imposter dead, and his companion mine to do with as I see fit. That and the world under my thumb." Harry did not know how to describe the thing in front of him. He looked like a man, but he also looked like a monkey. He had a tail, and his fists were covered in fur, along with his feet, which seemed to be just as effective as his hands.

"It shall be as you ask Lord Fiske. And you Captain?"

"Ye brought me back…and gave me all the advantages of the curse, without its negatives. Give me the Pearl, and allow it to travel from world to world, looting to my content, and I'll sail under ye flag." The man who wasin the spotlight nowseemed normal, but was dressed up as a pirate. Looks can be deceiving however, as Harry learned when the moonlight struck his body. The man's skin melted off his bones, revealing him to be a skeleton and nothing more.

"The ship shall be yours Captain Barbossa. Once we have found it and taken control of it I will cast a spell allowing it to move from world to world."

"You're too kind, milord."

"What of you, Anubis?"

"You kept me from passing into the Shadows, Lord Voldemort. I nearly was there, so therefore I owe you a life debt. As a sorcerer, I am bound to fulfill it. I ask that you grant me the same privilege of destroying my enemies, and then I will be yours to command."

"And you, my lady?"

"What do you have to offer me? You have already consumed my world, and placed it under your rule."

"I offer you the chance to destroy the ones that killed your brother, and a world of your choosing, to rule over under me. Perhaps Anubis' since he is now bound to serve me."

"I want that boy at my feet, with his spirit broken before I kill him."

"A lady after my own heart. It shall be as you ask, Maia." He turned to Bellatrix, who merely nodded. She had served him before when he was a mere mortal. Now she would until she died. "Very well. We are all bound together. Welcome to my circle."

And Good…

"Again!" Link jumped towards Harry, slashing downwards with the Master Sword. Harry raised the Keyblade, moving to dodge out of the way, until he felt the press of the Deity's Helix on his side. "Had I been an enemy, you would be dead, or seriously injured right now."

"I know that." Harry ground out. Weeks of training, waiting on Kiara to repair the Blue Eyes White Jet, and he was still able to be beaten by the Hero of Time. Admittedly, he was being harsh on himself, but with Hermione's life in the balance, he could not afford to slack off. "Once more, please."

"Very well." Link backed up, and this time unleashed a Master Spin, sending magic energy at Harry. The Keyblade Master jumped above the ring of red fire, and swung his weapon into the path of the blue shot coming from the Helix blade.

From the sidelines, Yugi and Jak watched as he put his all into the fight. Yugi turned to his friend. "He's getting better. Link didn't need to use both swords last week."

"Yeah, but it's still not enough to win."

Yugi sighed, and turned back to the training session. He had to admit, Jak was right…

Determine the fate of all worlds, the fate of Kingdom Hearts.

Harry cried out as he felt the heart of this world start to collapse, sensing the end. He pulled the Keyblade, and pointed it at the Keyhole, uttering one word that somehow filtered across the battle. "No…"

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Keyblade Master…

"We end this now, Voldemort." Harry called on the Keyblade, sensing the reassuring weight of the weapon in his hand.

"Given up on calling me Tom?" The figure of Voldemort spoke from the high-table, sitting in the center chair. "I would have thought you would try to infuriate me with that…mortal name."

"Tom Marvolo Riddle died a long time ago. His body just has to join his spirit." With that, Harry attacked, charging the Keyblade with Light energy…

Yugi Moto, the King of Games, Pharaoh of the Cards…

"I won't let you hurt any more innocent people!" Yami yelled out, laying the Dark Magician on his Duel Disk, summoning him through the power of the Millennium Puzzle.

"Do your best, Pharaoh, you won't be able to stop me again!" Anubis summoned one of his sphinx monsters, along with a swarm of Shadows…

Jak, Master of Eco, the Balance Sage…

"Your monsters have tried again and again to kill me and my friends. Your twisted mind has caused enough trouble Maia. Let's see what the last Dark Sage can do against me!" Jak focused on combining the Dark and Light Eco, transforming into Gray. A demon wing on his right, and angels on his left. He was, in this form, able to use any eco he needed.

Maia backed off, slightly afraid of this thing before her, until her desire for revenge set in, and the last vestiges of sanity left her forever. With a roar of rage, she used he mastery of Dark Eco to transform into her Dark self, before calling Lurkers and Heartless to her side…

Join forces to battle Lord Voldemort and the Heartless in…

A clash of metal, and suddnely, the barrier was down. Yugi and Jak rushed to aid Harry in his fight, allowing him a few moments rest as Voldemort found himself being pummeled by Eco and Monster attacks. Harry, bleeding and bruised, focused his energy on the Keyblade, willing it to work. The tip began to glow, a soft white light that gradully expanded, even as Harry felt his energy slip away...

Harry Potter and the Path of the Keyblade.

Coming soon.