A/N: Hello again everyone. This prelude was inspired by a challenge I read, which will be listed below. It's a kind of crossover I guess, but more like a cross-placement, where I take the plot of one story or movie and place characters from another genre in it. So, here's Potter's Eleven

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THE CHALLENGE: Take the movie Ocean's Eleven, and replace the actors with characters from Harry Potter.


1. Must be Canon as of writing. Any book(s) afterwards can be disregarded.

2. Must be Post-War and Post-Hogwarts.

3. Harry Potter must take the place of Danny Ocean.

4. Ginny Weasley must take the place of Tess Ocean.

5. All but one of the "Ministry Crew", that is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and Luna must be used. You may use them all if you wish, but you can only leave ONE out.

6. Must include one character that we know little about, for ex, Dennis Creevey, or Fleur Delacor.

7. Either Draco Malfoy or Voldemort must take the place or Terry Benedict.

Prelude Seven: Potter's Eleven

When the world turns it back on you after you save it…

"Mr. Potter, you were caught attempting to steal Ministry controlled artifacts, in this case, Time-Turners, in order to sell on the black market. While this was your only conviction, you have been indicated, though never charged, in over 20 other burglaries and thefts. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Well, as you said, I was never charged."

"What we are trying to determine Mr. Potter, is was there a reason for this crime, or was there a reason you got caught this time."

"Most of the world views me as a glory-seeker, who claims to have taken down Voldemort. On top of that, my wife left me, and I went into a self-destructive pattern."

"Would you experience a similar pattern, should you be released?"

"She already left me once; I don't think she would do it again."

"And what would you do, upon release? And just for the record, there are many of us who believe you about You-Know-Who."

Harry smiled. He was out.

The only thing you can do…

"Long time no see Harry Potter." Harry lowered his copy of the Prophet, looking at the blonde in front of him. He raised an inquiring eyebrow.


"Luna Lovegood can't get past the Department of Games and Sports. How have you been Harry?"

"Fine. You seen him around?"

"Last I heard he was working out of Hogsmeade, taking Pureblood children that think like Malfoy for what they have."

Is get your old crew together…

"God I'm bored."

"You looked bored."

"I am bored." Ron looked over at Harry. "So what's the plan?"

"You two are out of your God-damn minds! Do you have any idea what you're asking? Casino security can NOT be beat, I know, I invented half of it after the war!" Mad-Eye Moody looked at the two in front of him. Seeing the disbelieving looks on their faces, he went on…

"You ready, oh brother mine?"

"Waiting on you old bean."

"There you go with that old thing again; I'm the youngest by a full minute!" With that, Fred launched his controlled broom, racing even with George's Muggle car. It was an even race, until George lost control of the wheel and accidentally ran over the broom…

Neville watched the security cameras, until he noticed one of them moving. "Hey, don't…don't touch that."

"Why not?" The agent looked over at the boy in confusion.

"Do you see me grabbing your gun and playing with it?"

"Hey, magic-boy, relax." Neville sighed, before turning around. Working as the bridge between the Muggle police and the Aurors was difficult…

"You sure about this Ron? I mean, the man has to be in his 80's, at the least."

"Yeah, but after he got tired of teaching he joined the duel circuit again, and he hasn't lost yet."

Harry watched as Professor Flitwick battled a much younger opponent. "I don't know…" Harry cut himself off as Flitwick sent a charm at his own feet, before he began flipping and jumping around in moves Harry would have trouble doing on a broomstick. With a final spell, he took down his opponent. Harry and Ron both stood, clapping, before Harry turned back to the red-head. "We got a Duelist."

"We got a Duelist."

"Now wait a minute, are you accusing me of booby-trapping?"

"Well how about it?"

"Booby-traps aren't Ms. Tonks' style." Tonks and the Auror looked over towards the voice, to discover a red-haired man in robes to the side. "Are they, Nymphadora Tonks, AKA, The Basher."

Tonks smirked, as the man made rubbed his hand through his hair in a distinctive gesture. "Not really."

The man pulled a badge out of his robes. "Padamus Da Grim, Hit-Wizard. Let me guess, single spell-line, transferring one Explosion Hex, under twenty feet?" Seeing the cop nod, he smiled, before turning back to Tonks. "Did you search her for weapons, and I mean REALLY search?" The Auror shook his head, so the Hit-Wizard moved over to Tonks before putting her against the wall.

"Here we go. Careful, I'm ticklish."

The Auror was about to remark about Tonks' humor, before the agent turned to him. "Find the Professor, would you?"

"Who's the Prof…"

"Just find him, alright!"

As the Auror ran off, Tonks turned to the man behind her. "Wotcher Ron."

"Hey Tonks. How fast can you make something with what I gave you?"

Silence for a second, before she turned slightly. "It's done."

"I saw you, at the stand. I heard you, outside the washroom, and I smelt you, when I placed my bet. I knew you were here before you did." The aging werewolf turned to the man standing behind him, allowing a small smile to grace his lips.

"It's been awhile Remus."

"Why are you here Ron?"

"Box seats, come on."

As the two sat down, Remus pulled out a box of medicine and ate a few pills. Ron watched him, before letting his curiosity get the better of him. "What's the medicine for?"

"New form of Wolfsbane. Experimental, but it should let me keep me human form during the full moon. Tastes better than a potion too." Remus swallowed the pills, before turning to Ron. "I'm out Ron. I have a life now, a home in the country, and a wife waiting for me there, one that doesn't care about my condition."

"We never get out Remus. We stay sharp or get rusty, but never out. You rooting for the Irish side? Seems there Keeper is having some trouble against the Americans."

"He always lets a few in, everyone knows this." Remus watched as another goal was scored against the Irish. "So want to tell me what the plan is?"

Ron smiled, before leaning over and whispering in Remus' ear. The werewolf's eyes went wide, and after Ron had finished and left, he sat there. Watching as the American Seeker stretched out an inch farther than the Irish, grasping a wing of the Snitch in his hand…

Harry watched, as Dennis Creevey rode the express from Hogsmeade to London, before accidentally bumping into another man. Harry smiled as the train stopped. He bumped into Creevey, leaving his note and taking the wallet he had stolen, before heading for Diagon Alley…

Dennis knocked on the door to the private room, and watched as the door opened to let him in. Sitting at the table was Harry Potter. He smiled, before pulling out the card Harry had left for him, in place of the wallet he had taken.

"You wanted to see me, you could've just asked."

"I wanted to see you work; Colin says you do a good job."

"Yeah, well brothers brag about each other, you know?"

"I do." Harry pulled out a Portkey, with a large 4 p.m. on it, before setting it on the table. "You're either in or out. Right now."

Is to take some payback.

Malfoy spoke into the phone Ginny handed him. "Who is this?"

"The man who's robbing you."

Harry Potter in…

Potter's Eleven.

Coming Soon.