Witchy Weddings

When Kennedy asked Willow to marry her, she had been ecstatic. But the United States government still hadn't seen the error of their ways in outlawing gay marriage, and she really didn't want to trek all the way to the Netherlands. She liked tulips, and the windmills looked like fun, but her and water had never really mixed ever since that summer in the Florida Keys where she'd run afoul – or was that afin? – of a stingray.

Kennedy had completely understood, and suggested that they just have a small commitment ceremony with their friends – neither of them had any family left. At least, any that they'd claim. But Willow was sure that something at least partially legal should be possible to manage. After all, she was the most powerful Wicca in the world.

Said witch had originally thought of heading down to San Francisco for a long weekend, maybe even catching a plane to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The congressional overturning of all the weddings performed in San Fran, combined with an apocalypse that delayed their original wedding date, put the kibosh on that idea.

Xander was actually the one to solve their problem, by inadvertently reminding Kennedy of something by comparing the two of them to Red Tornado and Grace Choi. Whoever they were. Willow had never paid much attention to the lives of celebrities. She'd also never even heard of Star City, but apparently Kennedy's family used to vacation there all the time. Something about her mother hoping to catch a glimpse of Green Arrow, and her father being indulgent enough to let her try.

Willow knew that she should have paid more attention to Xander and Jesse when they argued over who was cooler: Batman or Superman? They maybe she would have understood what was going on.

Nevertheless, they were getting married in less than an hour, and Willow couldn't wait.

The newest mayor of Star City was apparently pulling a San Francisco, and successfully. The city charter said that he could marry 'any two people' not specifying gender, and so every Friday he held a mass wedding ceremony. In fact, he had been doing so for over four months, and all the marriages were still valid. The congressional courts hadn't overturned a one of them.

The requirement of having to live in Star City for at least two weeks prior to the ceremony just meant that they'd have to take their honeymoon first. Willow was so not complaining about that. She still tingled all over from that morning's bout of loving.

She was, however, a bit miffed over all the superheroes that seemed to be visiting the city, coincidentally enough – Not! – when they were there. It was difficult to hide the fact that you were wearing several silver knives and wooden stakes underneath your wedding dresses instead of garters from someone that could see through things, or the fact that you were a magic user and a metahuman from someone who was entirely too intelligent – and too nosy – for their own good.

Why the hell Superboy and Robin didn't get married as civilians, Willow would never understand.