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Chapter One

Sonic watched the pink hedgehog; he couldn't help but stare at her. She was beautiful, but not his. He had been too late when he had let her know his feelings, Shadow had already 'moved in' and stolen her heart, not without making her work for his affections though and he knew Shadow wasn't openly affectionate with Amy, but Amy was smitten with the dark hedgehog. Why she accepted the challenge, when Sonic himself was willing to be openly affectionate and willing to do so anywhere and anytime, puzzled him. Sonic frowned, he wasn't happy that they were together, he felt as though Shadow had taken what was his, but he couldn't do anything to tear the two apart; Amy would hurt him badly if he just told her to, not that he would anyway, Amy would most surely not talk to him ever again. A grin fluttered across Sonic's lips; if he came up with a plan where he could split them up whilst staying alive and make Amy come running to him. The grin on his face turned into a devious smirk, he knew the two hedgehogs always went out on a Friday night, maybe, just maybe, he could try and split them up by using their own actions against them... Studying them when they were out on a date. As he continued to watch the petite hedgehog, he noticed a stunning smile, one that used to be reserved for him, cross her face as she suddenly turned her head to her left. Sonic's emerald eyes scanned to where she was looking and watched with untamed jealousy as the object of his Amy's affection was walking steadily towards her. Sonic could feel the jealousy overwhelming his common sense; it should be him walking towards her getting that huge smile, not the black faker. The jealousy got even more to handle when he watched Amy give the black and red hedgehog a tight, loving hug and a kiss on the cheek. Sonic turned his attention to his rival; Sonic noticed that Shadow didn't exactly hug the pink hedgehog back but he held her waist loosely. An evil grin spread across the blue hedgehog's face, maybe Shadow's dislike for public affection can be turned into something bigger than it actually was... With the same grin on his face Sonic walked away from the still hugging couple, devious plans running though his head.


Amy sighed in content as Shadow returned the little kiss on the cheek. She knew he hated doing anything 'couple-y' outside of their own homes, but he was getting more comfortable with it as their relationship got deeper. Amy's mind wandered to when she had first invited Shadow in; his face had been a picture when she had snuggled up close to him and kissed him on the lips. A smile covered her face as she remembered the kiss he had returned, he had placed a lot of emotion into that simple kiss, that Amy didn't actually care that he didn't do anything couple like in public. Getting Shadow to believe that however, was a completely different ball park. He had told the pink hedgehog on numerous times that he would never be overly affectionate, not even when they were alone, but Amy could see that he was beginning to 'lighten up'. As they moved apart Amy went to grip his hand, which Shadow instinctively pulled away as soon as her delicate fingers touched him. Amy looked up at him and he gave her an apologetic look, before he offered it to her. Amy readily took his warm gloved hand in hers and held on tightly. She knew she was in love with the onyx hedgehog, but the question that always tormented her mind was: Does he love her? Amy shook her head, which Shadow gave a questioning look at. Amy shook her head and gave one of her dazzling smiles again.

"What do you want to do?" He asked, keeping his eyes solely on her. That was the best thing about Shadow. He noticed that Amy had worked hard to get him and them to where they were, and Shadow respected her for that. He was only interested in her and her alone. Which she concluded made him better for her, which is why she had left Sonic to his own devices. Sonic had made her cry when he had finally released his true feelings for her; she had of course gone running to Shadow, leaving the blue hedgehog to follow her. Amy wasn't sure why it had taken the blue blur so long to figure things out, but she was happy and she was relatively sure Sonic was happy for her too.

"I don't know" She replied, blushing when she noticed Shadow waiting patiently for an answer and obviously had been during her daydreaming. "What do you want to do?" Shadow shrugged, Amy smiled and put her free hand on his cheek. "Want to get a bite to eat?"

"Sure" He shrugged again and Amy had to stop herself from sighing at him. "Where?"

"There's this cool little cafe up the street... What do you think?" Amy suggested, Shadow nodded without even a grunt of approval and started walking towards where she had pointed. Amy walked beside him, making sure the grip she had on his hand was firm and loving. She knew Shadow wouldn't appreciate her doing anything more than holding his hand, but Amy also knew that she would never revert back to her old ways, she wouldn't shriek at Shadow the way she used to screech at Sonic, She had grown up, and maturing had lead her to Shadow and she could not imagine being this happy with Sonic.


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