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Chapter Four

Closing the door, the pink female turned and sent the male in front of her a huge smile. Walking towards him, she lifted her arms and looked directly into his eyes, asking 'permission' to embrace him. A small smirk crossed Shadow's muzzle before he shook his head. Lowering her ears, a pout came to Amy's face; sighing she began to lower her arms in defeat. It was only when his gloved hand touched her chin and angled her head to look at the other hedgehog. She then took notice of his smirk and its hidden meaning. Another beaming smile appeared on her lips as she threw her arms around him, nuzzling into the white fur on his chest. A content sigh fell from her form as she felt his streaked arms travel around her waist and a very light peck placed upon her forehead made her look up at him

"Thank you for the lovely evening Shadow," she said softly "I'm sorry I set the evening off badly though..."

"You did no such thing," he replied, looking down to her with a very faint smirk

"If you say so," she smiled and gazed into his ruby orbs. There was something about the glint in them that drew her in and made her weak at the knees "I love you" she whispered softly, placing her lips on his. She knew that by masking room for him to respond, there would be no awkward silence on his part. So she just wanted to show him how she felt as well.

Shadow lowered his ears slightly and tightened his grip on her waist. He was thankful for the kiss she had bestowed, it made him not responding with the same words easier. Returning the kiss, but with more passion, he lowered his hands to rest on her hips. The onyx male felt a small pressure on his bottom lip; smirking, he returned the little nip and an almost silent content sound fell from his chest. A giggle fell from the female in his arms and she broke away from the lip-lock

"I've never heard you do that before," she beamed at him "I like it!" The ebony male stared down at her and merely raised an eyebrow

"Well then, I may have to do it again sometime… Won't I?" he stated with a smirk, teasing her.

"How about now?" she asked, looking up to him hopefully. Crimson eyes softened slightly at her pleading look then to escape her pout he gazed to the clock

"Not now," he responded, bringing his eyes back to his girlfriend "It's getting late"

"I don't mind if you stay here Shadow..." she offered. Her beau was silent for a few moments, contemplating her offer

"I do not think that would be a good idea Rose," he spoke, his grip becoming more secure around her, as if he actually did want to stay "I should go" Amy pouted, but smiled non-the-less

"Okay Shadow," she nodded, also tightening her grip on her boyfriend "Can I come and see you tomorrow though?"

"You do not need to ask. You know that," he sighed, giving her a light, teasing smirk then placing a feather-light kiss on her lips. Slipping from her grasp, he headed towards the door, arms by his sides, not even daring to look back. He didn't want to see her expression that might make him change his mind. A sudden sound of movement behind him made him turn abruptly; only to be met with the pink hedgehog's lips on his own. Smirking, he returned the act of affection and pulled away "Good-night Rose"

"Night!" she grinned to him, releasing him from the hug. There was no way in hell she was letting him leave without a proper kiss! Nodding to her, the male hedgehog whisked himself away in a flash of chaos-caused light. Amy put her hand on the side of her face and sighed "You make me so happy Shadow..." she whispered to the now empty room. Smiling still, she walked up to her room and quickly changed into her pyjamas. Rushing into the bathroom, she brushed her teeth, the smile never fading. Jumping into bed a few minutes later, she sighed once more and closed her eyes, wishing that her boyfriend was next to her before letting sleep claim her.


A rushed knock at the front door the next morning shook Amy from her daydream. Looking to the door with a smile, she opened it quickly opened it to be met by a blue figure

"Hey Ames" the hero greeted coolly, a smile on his face.

"Hello Sonic," she responded with a smile, stepping aside to allow him entrance "Come in"

"Thanks!" he casually walked past her and took a seat on her sofa. The rose female closed the door and turned to face him, unsure of his motives for paying her a visit at this time in the morning.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Nah, I'm fine thanks. Just came by to see how you were" A small frown settled on her face. Why does he suddenly come around all the time now I'm with Shadow?

"Well, I'm fine and yourself?"

"I'm great, as always," he responded, his trademark pose coming into action. The blue hedgehogs smile faded slightly as he saw the frown on his friends face "Though I do have something to tell you"

"Oh? What is it?" she asked, moving to sit next to the hero, though keeping at reasonable distance. His words from the evening before were still fresh in her mind and she didn't know if she could handle another argument about it.

"Now don't 'spaz' out," he started, making the frown on her face deepen "I saw you n' Shadow walk to your date last night and he was being pretty cold towards you. Do you really think...?"

"Sonic..." she warned, folding her arms defensively "You should know how Shadow is by now. It may look like he's being cold or ignorant, but he's not. He is really loving and caring, he's just not used to showing it, that's all!" she said calmly, defending the one she loved

"Mhmm, okay. Then why did he shake his head whilst you tried to hold his hand?" the cerulean male asked, turning to face her

Amy's emerald orbs narrowed slightly "You followed us?!" she asked in a low tone. A sheepish smile came over Sonic's face

"Maybe," he than tried to dig himself out of the hole he had just put himself in "But..."

"No buts Sonic," the upset female interrupted "Out"


"Get out!" she cried, waving her hand towards the door "You said that you wouldn't let my and Shadow's relationship get in the way of our friendship. Please leave!" As he saw the state his comment had put her in, he sighed and stood, heading towards the door. The small sobs from his friend piercing his heart like little knives. Closing the door, he walked slowly away from his love's home. I just have to keep wearing her down. After all, quitters never win... And I am definitely no quitter!


Knowing that seeing a certain person would calm her down, the pink hedge-girl rushed towards Station Square. The conversation with her friend half an hour ago was still running through her head and she needed reassurance. Normally she would go and see him in the afternoon, both to give him his space and to let him rest. Running up to the communal front door to the block of flats he resided in, she composed herself before pushing the buzzer on the corresponding number of her beau's abode. A few seconds later a grumpy voice cut through the static


"Shadow, its Amy," she spoke calmly not betraying her distress "I know I don't usually come until the afternoon, but I needed to come now..." The small sound of the door being unlocked interrupted her tirade and a smile rested on her face as she opened it. She could always rely on him.

As soon as she reached his abode, she knocked and blinked when it opened instantly. Looking into his ruby eyes as she entered; a new batch of tears fell down her muzzle. An un-gloved hand pushed the door closed then wiped the tears from his girlfriend's eyes

"What's wrong?" he asked, in a softer tone from his greeting via the intercom

"I had a visitor this morning," she responded, trying to keep her sobs at bay "And he said some upsetting things"

"Was this visitor the faker?" Shadow asked, wrapping his arms around his beau and then guiding them to his plush white sofa. Plopping down and pulling her onto his lap, he awaited her answer

"Yeah..." she then wrapped her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes once more "He followed us on our date last night"

"You should now worry about him Rose," the ebony male stated "As I have told you before, he is just jealous. Do not let it get to you" A smile shone through her tears at his sincere words

"Thanks Shadow, you're right" she giggled and snuggled into him, now happy. Wrapping an arm around his female, crimson orbs glared at the plain, royal purple wall across from his seat. That blue hedgehog was getting on his nerves. Amy was his now and he planned on keeping it that way.


Next time: Another date, Sonic once again tries to make Amy change her mind. Shadow confronts Sonic and then the hero tells Amy a little lie...