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Even If I Have Amnesia

Chapter 1:

The Accident

"Jinno-sensei!" Shouted Narumi as he opened the door, Jinno who was half sleeping quickly opened his eyes and looked at the person who called his name, "What?"

"Sorry to disturb your slumber but I have bad news!"

Jinno looked directly at his eyes, "What?" He asked still with cool voice.

"Mikan Sakura, she got hit by a car …. She's in the hospital right now… "

Jinno quickly stood from his chair, "WHAT?"

"Can't you say anything else except what?" Asked a monotone voice coming from the door. Both teachers looked at the door and found Hotaru, her eyes were full of tears.

Jinno approached her, "You saw everything?"

Hotaru turned around, "Ha- Hai… "

Jinno made her face him but all he got was a shot of Hotaru's baka gun, "Baka, don't do that to me!"


Mikan and Hotaru went out of the academy and decided to go around the human world. Mikan saw a candy shop and hopped across the street without paying attention to the cars passing by.

Hotaru was about to run after her when she got hit by an eight-wheeler truck. Hotaru cupped her mouth and ran towards Mikan, she looked at her best friend's body. Every part of her was bleeding, even Hotaru's dress was already stained with blood.

Hotaru brought out her portable cell phone and called Narumi.


"This is Hotaru."

Narumi let out a little laugh as soon as he heard her say her name.

"Mikan, she's been hit by an 8-wheeler truck"

Narumi stopped laughing and froze, "Na.. ni?"

"Deaf, do I really have to repeat it?"

"Still acting like that Imai in a time like this?"

"Shut up, I'm infront of the stupid popular candy store right now, hurry up or she might lose a lot of blood."

Narumi put the phone down and headed for Mikan's classroom, he asked everyone who has the teleport alice and one of the students rose up. Narumi quickly pulled him out of the classroom and gave him some instructions. The student nodded and in a second, they disappeard.

Narumi appeared infront of the teary-eyed Hotaru, he turned around and saw a bleeding Mikan, he immediately carried her to the nearby hospital in the academy.

They headed for the emergency room and two nurses came running to them,

"Sir, what happened?"

Narumi turned to look at Hotaru, Hotaru sighed and started explaining.

The nurses brought Mikan to the emergency room leaving Narumi and Hotaru alone in the waiting room.

Hotaru was staring at the ground while Narumi was biting his fingernails in fear. (yeah.. very very hard to believe)

Hotaru rolled her eyes and looked at Narumi, "Hey, don't act like a three year old child, Mikan is strong, she'll survive…"

Narumi bit his lower lip, "Yeah.. maybe I should calm down.."

He stood up from his seat, "I'll go to the academy to inform everyone about this.."

Hotaru gave him a nod and continued staring at the ground.

End of Flashback

Jinno-sensei's eyes started to get big, he ran out of his office shouting, "I'll be in the hospital! Inform everyone about this!"

Hotaru followed outside the office, "I'll inform my classmates… "

Narumi didn't have any other choice but to say yes to Hotaru, while Hotaru went to her classroom, he went the other way, the way to the faculty.

Hotaru opened the door, everyone looked at her.

"Everyone… Mikan's in the hospital"

All of the students became quiet except for a boy with the fire alice, he stood up from his chair and approached Hotaru, "WHAT HAPPENED?" He asked clenching his fist.

You really are worried about her Natsume huh? I understand you.. "She's been hit by an eight-wheeler truck"

Natsume's eyes twitched, he grabbed Hotaru's wrist and started pulling her to the hospital, "No time to lose… no time to lose.. she might die…. No.. she can't "

Hotaru sighed and just let Natsume pull her, she also wants to see her best friend anyway.

They arrived at the hospital after about 10 minutes, they entered the emergency room and a nurse walked to them, "Your companion is in room 208."

Without even answering the nurse, Natsume started to pull Hotaru again, now to the 2nd floor.

They arrived at the door, they didn't knock, they just entered the room and even banged the door.

Natsume let go of Hotaru's wrist and approached the bed, his eyes full of tears already, he used shirt to wipe it. "Mikan…"

"So you really do love her?" A voice coming from behind the bed asked.

Natsume looked at him, "Sensei.."

It was Jinno-sensei, he smiled at Natsume and closed his eyes, "Even if Mikan's stupid…. You still like her.. its because of hre sweetness and kindness right?"

"Whatever" Was the only answer Natsume could give.

Jinno chuckled, "Stop lying.. I know you like her… "

Again, he answered the same answer.

As they were arguing with each other, the body in the middle of them started to move, "Uh…… "

Natsume stopped arguing with Jinno and looked at Mikan, "Mikan?"

Mikan opened her eyes and blinked, "Who… who are you?"

Natsume's jaw dropped, he put his hand on his hair and started to pull it, "You… don't know US?"

Mikan reached for Natsume's hand and pulled it down, "That's not good… you'll rip your hair… yeah.. I'm sure I don't know you… who are you? Who am I?"

Jinno bit his tongue.."I knew this day would happen someday.."

Both Hotaru and Natsume glared at him.

Mikan pulled the end of Natsume's sleeve like a 2 year old girl, "Please answer my question…"

Natsume got back to his senses and smiled sweetly at Mikan, (yes.. sweetly..) "You're Mikan Sakura.."

Mikan's heart beat fast, she doesn't know why but as soon as Natsume said her name, her heart started to beat fast.

Natsume shook Mikan slowly, "Mikan?"

Mikan started shaking her head, "Hehehe… sorry.. I was just deeply in my thoughts… Hehehe.."

Then, she looked at the person sitting on the bench infront of her bed, she smiled at her, "And who is she?"

"Hotaru Imai" The girl answered.

Mikan gave her a big grin, "Nice to meet you!"

After seconds, the door sprang open.

Hotaru and Natsume looked at Mikan and then at the group of people, "Ohayo…"


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