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Chapter 16:


Today was the day, everyone hated it but they have to accept it. It was their graduation. The students will already separate. Everything seems dark to all students except for the 2 couples in our story. Mikan, Natsume, Ruka and Hotaru.

Even Narumi-sensei was sad about saying goodbye to his favourite level. Jinno-sensei couldn't hide his single tear that fell when students started leaving the academy.

But something was going on at the front of the big gate, Hotaru with Ruka was waving her hands, she was saying goodbye to Mikan. Mikan was also with Natsume, she was also waving her hands, meaning goodbye. Natsume and Ruka shook hands.

And there, they never thought that this day would come, they bid their last goodbye and took opposite ways. Natsume with Mikan, Ruka with Hotaru.

But even though they were saying goodbye at the outside, something else was written inside them.

Natsume took Mikan's hands. They arrived at the train station and they took the train that will go to the town…. They're life will be different from that on… Mikan took her seat beside Natsume and she looked out of her window, "Hotaru-chan, we'll surely meet again sometime right…?"

And that time too, Hotaru and Ruka were riding Hotaru's invention 'the car'. It was an automatic car, you just need to press a button and it will lead you to your destined destination. Hotaru stared at the sky and a smile crawled on her face, "Mikan-chan, I promise, we'll meet again.."


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