Chapter One: A Battle

It had been a simple suggestion.

Back in the Sengoku Jidai, they were close to finding Naraku, but a deadly battle with some of Narakus' minions had proven difficult, and they were all wounded, and in need of rest. InuYasha had had a claw punched through his chest, Miroku had been poisoned by the Saimiyousho, and Sango had been thrown with Kirara into the side of a mountain. Kagome and Shippou had been thrown back a bit by some shouki, but they were much better off than their friends.

After they had defeated their enemies, Kagome insisted that everyone rest. Miroku was already feeling better, as Kagome had given him some herbs that she received on her last visit to Jinenji's. She would have to remember to ask him for moreā€¦ Sango and Kirara were bandaged, and still recovering. Shippou could help them.

There was a problem. The new moon would be upon them when the sun sets. Kagome was unsure of how his wounds would transfer to his human body. Could he die? His hanyou body was strong enough, but if the same wounds were inflicted on a human, it would surely be lethal. And what if some more of Narakus' peons found them? Not only would InuYasha be human, but they were all still recovering. It could prove fatal for all. No, she wouldn't allow it. Kagome instructed Miroku, Shippou, Sango, and Kirara to stay at the abandoned home they had come to rest at, and told InuYasha that the two of them were going back to her time, just for tonight.

"No way!" InuYasha yelled. "If Narakus' stupid demons come after us, I'll just kill 'em like I did all the others!". Kagome sighed. "InuYasha," she replied, "not only are you not in good health, but it's the night of the New Moon. I won't take no for an answer. I'm going. If you really want to stay, go ahead. I'm going back." InuYasha stood there, contemplating, with a scowl on his face. With a grumble, he walked after Kagome.

When Kagome noticed that he was following her, she stopped and turned, to allow him to catch up. They walked in silence to the well. Sitting on the edge of the well, Kagome grabbed InuYashas' hand, causing him to blush. Before he could react, however, Kagome jumped, bringing him with her.