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Revenge of the green orange beast

Summery: Since Kakashi won't teach Naruto, the blond goes to Kakashi's rival to learn the power of youth. YOSH!

Pre read by Amei-chan

Chapter 1

The preliminary for the third and final stage of the Chuunin Exam had ended a few days ago. Now Naruto was trying to get his teacher Kakashi to train him so he could beat the bully Neji who hurt Hinata.

"Come on! What do you mean you can't train me?"

Kakashi replied lazily but firmly, "Well you see I'm busy. I have other things going on."

Taking out his Icha Icha Paradise, Kakashi continued, "I could not give you my full attention."

Naruto's eyes narrowed. He had a pretty good idea where his sensei's time would be going, and he was not happy one bit at all.

"You're going to train Sasuke, right?" said the blond not really asking a question since the answer was obvious.

"Now, now don't complain," spoke Kakashi as he shrugged.

Naruto was stupefied. Don't complain? In the second exam, Naruto almost died by that snake freak. He wasn't stupid considering whatever the freak did, it was almost unexpected. It was true that the Five Element seal done by the freak unbalanced the two Four Season Seals causing his chakra control to become unbalanced as well, but it also made Naruto's mind very imbalanced, causing him to do things that are unnatural, such as observation and thinking.

Yes for the first time in his life, Naruto did some thinking. He had looked back from his earlier battle and he had noticed when he fought dog boy, Kiba, when he couldn't make his shadow clones quickly enough.

He came to the conclusion was that he had to regain back his chakra control if he was ever able to fight properly.

"Don't worry Naruto, you can train with someone else. In fact, I got a teacher for you," continued Kakashi.

"Oh? Who is the new teacher?" asked the blond.

"Behind you," replied Kakashi.

Naruto turned around and he almost blew up. Out of all the people Kakashi picked, it had to be Ebisu, the know it all pervert.

"Well, I'll be going then," replied Kakashi as he left in a cloud of smoke.

"We meet again, Naruto!" grinned Ebisu. He was thinking this was a great time for some revenge for last stunt.

But Naruto didn't reply. He was in some sort of daze. He was really mad at Kakashi. He did not fit the definition of a teacher. The only thing that Kakashi taught him was the tree climbing exercise. Naruto knew he was treated like dirt, but he guessed that Kakashi's ideology was false. It was always about Sasuke this and Sasuke that. He was tired of being treated like dirt. No matter what he did, even if it was greater than Sasuke, people never acknowledged the blond.

With his imbalanced mind, he concluded that he must go to Kakashi's rival, Gai. After all, Kakashi did say that he could train with someone else.

Ebisu was puzzled, Naruto seemed to be out of his mind considering his eyes were dulled.

"Uh, Naruto," asked Ebisu as he waved his hand over the fox boy face. Nothing had happen until a few moments later.

"NO!" yelled Naruto, scaring Ebisu out of his wits. "I can't accept it! I must beat Neji and snake freak!"

Ebisu gave an arrogant smirk. "Don't worry with my training; you'll win at no time."

Naruto gave him THE look. "Really? If you're so great, why hasn't Konohamaru become a powerful Hokage by now? No; time is crucial and I must go find him."

"Never, you have to defeat me first before you can find a new one. You're my responsibility," declared Ebisu.

"You mean more of entertainment and annoyance," retorted the blond. "I don't have time to chat with you, so I'm going out full force. Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

A couple of clones appeared out of thin air.

'Uh oh,' thought Ebisu as he knew he was going to get beaten.

"Henge! Sexy no jutsu!"

The area exploded with a cloud of smoke with drop dead gorgeous girlish shadow clones.

"Ebisu-sama!" moaned all the girls.

"Gah!" cried out Ebisu as blood came out from his nose and fainted because of blood loss.

"How pathetic," replied Naruto as the rest of the clones unhenged themselves to their original forms.

"Okay everyone! Try to find Gai!" commanded the original Naruto.

All the clones nodded and they parted away.

The Narutos went to various places where Gai would be such as the dentist office, the barber shop, the spandex shop, the supermarkets, or the gym. But he was not at any of those places.

Luckily one of clones found Gai near the hospital where he was sitting in Lee's room and the clone mentally told the original.

Naruto praised to his fortune that he found Gai and he dismissed his clones. Strangely he could now communicate his clones to do exactly that were needed to be done even if the clones were far away. Before, they had to be near the original creator.

Gai was looking at Lee hoping that he would be better after the operation. Gai almost wondered if Lee's usage of the Eight Celestial Body Gates was worth the price. But his train of thought was broken when somebody barged into the room. It was the blond kid with the orange clothes. What shocked Gai was that the kid was breathing hard.

"Are you Maito Gai, Lee's sensei?" huffed Naruto as he was exhausted.

"Yes I am! Are you visiting Lee too?" asked Gai. He was excited that somebody else was visiting Lee besides himself and Lee's teammates.

Naruto didn't really think of visiting Lee because he was pretty much in a coma. But with his new irregular intuition, he said the opposite.

"In a way, even if I don't have anything to leave for him. But more importantly I am seeking some training from you," replied Naruto.

Maito Gai became so excited. Somebody had see assistance from the Beautiful Green Beast, Gai!

"Ah yes you must be Uzumaki, the one with so much youth of flame! What can I do for you?"

"Indeed it is me. I request training so that I can beat Neji who hurt Hinata!"

"Oh! To spend your youth on romance is amazing! How encouraging to avenge your love one! Romance is the best moment that you youthful kids could do! But I'm sorry, it would go against my student and it would go against your sensei's training schedule."

Naruto gave a huge sweatdrop. He didn't have any romantic relationship with Hinata what so ever. But he didn't care since getting Gai's training was more important so he decided to use the dobe situation.

"But, but how am I suppose to train to beat Neji? Also how am I supposed to train so that I can beat Uchiha Sasuke?"

That gave Gai a shock.

"You need to beat the Sharingan user? Why is that?"

"Because he calls me dobe and I must show that a dobe can beat him."

"Oh! You remind too much like Lee's situation. He strives to be the true geniuses of hard work! Neji was born a genius but he has not earned it unlike Lee!"

"Yes! I want to be a genius of hard work! So will you teach me how reach that goal, Gai?"

Gai gave Naruto a sorry look.

"Nay. Even it pains me I cannot teach you. It would be going against my student, Neji. You have your own teacher which is my eternal rival. You can go to him."

"But I did! He would not teach me anything! Your eternal rival is more focused on training his prized pupil, Uchiha Sasuke!

Gai's eyes boggled.

"That can not be! My eternal rival would do such thing like that!"

"But it's true! He always read that pink book instead of teaching me!"

"Ah, Kakashi is hip as always by reading those deplorable books!"

Naruto sweatdropped once again.

"Uh yeah... But your eternal rival told me that I can go train with somebody else. So I decided to go to you since you are supposable strong! It will not interfere my sensei's training since I have no training from him!"

Gai shook his head. "If you had asked before the exams, I would not mind! Even if you had been match with my student, I would have taught you. But you didn't. Therefore people would be asking why I have been teaching you instead of Neji since he is my student of the past month. They will think I am favoring you over Neji."

"That's true, but Neji is already a genius! He doesn't need any more training does he? I mean everybody thinks that he will win against me!"

"That's true; he is very strong. But if I train you, people would think I would be giving you tips on how to beat Neji."

Naruto sighed. Gai was right. People are always trying to make his life miserable including his teammates. Well, better use the last and final assault.

"Okay fine. I'll go somewhere and let my flames die out since my teammates won't help me train. Not only that, I'll just give up the match and let Hinata die as an old maiden. I guess the flame of youth isn't all great as Lee claimed. Good bye old friend," sulked the blond as he walked away after giving some prayers to Lee.

Gai's fuzzy eyebrows twitched furiously as Naruto opened the doorknob.

'He must be trying to end his life!'

"NO! That can not happen! Lee will never forgive me if I turn his youthful friend away. The spark between you and Hinata must not be extinguished! Your voice has already been dimmed because of me! I must payback what additional harm I did to you! My eternal rival does not deserve that title if he won't help you! If I don't help you, I'll give up my youthfulness!"

Naruto was really shocked by Gai's sudden change.

"But why? A moment ago you said you wouldn't teach me!"

There were a few tears coming out of Gai's eyes. "Call me foolish, but with Lee knocked out, I have nobody who I can train with anymore in the morning. I feel so alone and it's my fault that I didn't train Lee enough youthfulness! Never fear, I'll train you strong enough that you will rival Lee but it must be in the hours that Lee usual trains. That way I won't be favoring you over Neji."

"You mean it?"

"Of course I mean it! I will make you a genius of hard work, second only to Lee!"

"So can I call you sensei?"

"Oh course you can!"

"Gai-sensei!" spoke Naruto trying to imitate Lee's usual greeting.

"Yosh! You are youthful just like I met Lee the first time! Your flames burn so brightly! But the time I train you, Lee will have an excellent sparring partner!" roared Gai as he leaped from his seat and he bear hugged the blond.

Naruto tired to break away so he could have some breathing space. But really, Gai had such strong grip.

'Argh! What a weirdo!' thought Naruto as he tried to break away.

Author's notes:

I always wondered what would happen if Gai taught Naruto instead. Well if you got any ideas, I like to hear your thoughts! Pretty sure that the two spandex guys don't enough screen time.