Revenge of the green orange beast

Summery: Since Kakashi won't teach Naruto, the blond goes to Kakashi's rival to learn the power of youth. YOSH!

Pre read by Amei-chan

Chapter 5


During his youthful mission, Naruto had a pretty good idea where to hide. With the fairly new friendship with Konohamaru, the third Hokage's grandson, they found a hiding place.

This place was an abandoned plot of land that was located near the forest but still within the parameters of Konoha's protection. In the early days, this place was wrecked by the wrath of the great super nine tailed beast.

Unfortunately the people were not able to find the previous owner. Possibly, the owner was dead or just had no money to rebuild it. The citizens of Konoha did not dare to buy the property because of their fears of being so near the forest where the beast came out. So as the years passed, it was left there with all its rubble and other junk that people came by to litter.

With Konohamaru two friends, Moegi and Udon, they were able to renovate the place.

For the money, it was easy as picking up all the scrap metal and selling them to the junkyard.

With lots of Kage Bunshin impart by Naruto's stamina, the place was quickly cleaned up and built into a decent dwelling. It was good enough to keep out the average weather such as heat, rain, and wind. But the inside didn't have any tiles or such. So it was often dusty at the interior.

Right now, Naruto was doing the exercise imparted by the wise Gai.

"TAKE THIS, TEME!!" screamed the blond as he gave lots of punches to an emotionally disturbed, angst vengeful boy; aka Sasuke's face.


While the ramen loving boy was doing the youthful exercise, Gai was walking to training ground, Area fifty-two, for Hyuuga Neji's final monthly training.

There upon the ground, Gai had to dodge a bunch of projectiles coming towards him.

Luckily with the green beast's super fast reflex, his glossy bowl cut perfection hair did not take any damage.

There on the ground, Gai guessed it was Neji spinning around and deflecting lots of weapons thrown by his teammate, Tenten.

The teacher waited there until Tenten ran out of weapons from her SouShouRyu: Twin Rising Dragons technique.

"Ah I see that you are training hard for your final match, Neji. Not only that, you are getting help from your teammate who did not pass the preliminary," replied Gai-sensei interrupting their moment of training.

Neji and Tenten gave their usual respect for the Jounin. Then Neji took the role.

"Yes you are correct Gai-sensei…" replied the stoic boy.

Gai blinked for a couple moments. Wait was this the Neji who was always preaching about fate stuff and how fate dictated direction of life?

"Wait… Are you training for the match against Uzumaki Naruto?" inquired Gai making sure that his Neji was not an imposter.

"Oh course not! Neji would never train seriously for something he could win easily! After all, what are the chances that the loud mouth can beat the Hyuuga!" piped up Tenten.

"Okay then who?" inquired the green beast.

"Sabaku no Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke," replied the Hyuuga.

The Jounin was dumbfounded. That was not Neji's next opponent.

The Hyuuga, seeing the confused look of his teacher, decided to explain his line of reasoning.

"You see Gaara, while he is powerful with that absolute sand defense of his, mine is even more powerful," spoke Neji.

Tenten nodded enthusiastically thinking that Neji was always right. "Yes from what I heard, Lee was able to pierce into Garra's sand defense. But nobody can penetrate Neji's Kaiten, the Heavenly Spin technique. Lee has tried many times but he always fails to do so. Therefore Neji is much stronger than Gaara."

"Yes but you heard from Lee and I that Sasuke lost against Lee, so why train against the Uchiha?" reciprocate Gai.

"That is correct, but fate has given the Uchiha something in order to correct the mistake from losing to Lee. You must have seen that black charka that surfaced during the preliminary. Uchiha has defiantly changed. He will be much stronger than what I have seen so far," answered the Hyuuga.

"Since you deemed that you are fated to win against Uzumaki, why bother training for the others?" questioned the spandex guy.

"Fate has dictated to show Lee's road to failure even when Lee went though a lot of hard work. As you see Lee is a nobody; therefore Uzumaki is a nobody too. On the other hand, Uchiha is from a powerful clan such as mine."

"Yet you are training with your teammate," implied Gai.

Neji smirked at the thought while Tenten thought it was a smile.

"Fate had determined what Tenten should be."

While the Neji's fan girl went starry eyed and went into her lala land, ignoring her surroundings, the pupil less boy continued: "Tenten was never meant to be strong by herself as preliminary showed. Her dreams of being as strong as Tsunade's legendary strength will never happen. She is only useful when she is with somebody. With her help and yours, I shall win against the Uchiha."

Gai was almost fuming at Neji's remark. He had pretty much said his teacher and teammates were stepping stones. But he could not question Neji about himself since Neji would say something like: it's different by comparing age.

"What about Uzumaki's fight with Inuzuka Kiba. Everybody thought the dead last would lose," asked Gai.

"Beginner's luck," scoffed Neji. "Besides, I have to train for speed since no doubt the Uchiha will learn the speed that Lee used to possess. So do tell what I must do in order to achieve that speed. One more thing, no weights since I have no need for such primitive means."

The teacher had no choice but to teach him. After all, a teacher was supposed to teacher, whether the pupil as nice or not. Gai sighed and told Neji to run some laps for warm up.

The boy left with Gai staring at the still lala Tenten.



There on the ground lied the battered, beaten, and bruised Uchiha Sasuke.

"Ha! Who's the genius now, huh?" taunted Naruto.

"Still a dobe," groaned Sasuke.

"Arrrrgggghhh!" roared the blond as he gave a final kick to the fallen boy.

The angst bishonen boy rolled a couple feet away until it poofed away.

What happened?

Well you see when Naruto was told to strike at some random tree by Gai- sensei, the blond wasn't too happy about it. Naruto did not like to beat up trees since the trees didn't do anything bad. Not only that, Naruto was a plant loving guy with a couple plants at home.

So the next best thing was to strike the dumb villagers especially the so called Uchiha prodigy. But since Naruto could not lay a hand onto that spoiled kid, Naruto had to make a clone henged into the Uchiha. Therefore Naruto could lay a smack down at the nuisance anytime at anywhere. It was not the real one, but it was close enough.

As Naruto breathed in and out, he thought about the events that happened so far. Kakashi dumped him when Naruto needed him the most in order to beat Neji and snake freak. Yet Kakashi went to help solely Sasuke instead helping the team as whole. Yep that was Kakashi, the teacher. All Kakashi taught Naruto was tree-climbing exercise and the fact that Kakashi was not a reliable teacher.

For a jounin, Kakashi sure didn't even notice Naruto's off balanced chakra control when Orochimaru placed the five-pronged-seal.

The seal was still there to that day.

Yep it was the best decision to go to Kakashi's rival.

Before Naruto could reflect on any more thoughts, his watch beeped.

The blond boy looked at his watch and he smiled. He then proceeded to dash away.

The words that flashed on the crystal screen were two words: Ramen Time.


Author's notes:

Long time yes I know, hope this chapter still holds its good humor and such.

Just wondering did I get the characterization right? Reviews and ideas would be great thanks.