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Time Setting: End of X-3 when Bobby enters Rogue room to find out she had taken the cure.

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What I wanted

"I know, it's what I wanted."

Those were the words Rogue said to her boyfriend before she grabbed his hand. It was the first time she was able to touch him. The first time she wasn't afraid of hurting him and he wasn't afraid of getting hurt. Her brown eyes locked in with his blue ones as she waited for the one thing she wanted the most. For that first kiss. It would be the first kiss that she and Bobby would share without getting hurt. And sure enough he kissed her. She felt the warmness of his body as she felt his lips press against hers.

When Bobby had said the words "This isn't what I wanted," it was a lie. This was what he wanted. He wanted to be able to touch his girlfriend, to be able to kiss her. He didn't want to see the worry and pain her eyes every time he got to close. No, he wanted this, what Rogue had given up. So why did he feel so hollow. He no longer felt the want he had before and she felt it in his kiss.

"Bobby…?" Rogue asked as her boyfriend slowly pulled away. Her smile that she looked up at him with before was gone. It was now replaced with worry, confusion, and hurt. They were now able to kiss each other why was he responding like this. Her own boyfriend didn't want to kiss her.

"Rogue...I..." Bobby said struggling to for words to say. "I mean...I don't want this...anymore..."

Her brown eyes narrowed in hurt. She knew what he was saying, though she wanted to hear him say it. The upper part of her forearm started to burn. It was where they had put that needle in her. The needle that carried the cure, that scourged her veins until she they killed the mutation inside of her. It was the cure that killed the Rogue inside of her. Now she was just Marie.

She fought back tears as she struggled to get the words out. "W…what are you saying…?"

"I'm…I'm saying I don't love you anymore…" He never wanted to hurt her. He truly did love her. He cared about her and hated to be the one to hurt her like this, but if he had held on any longer she would just be in more pain.

"I'm sorry…" His hand reached out to touch her face in a comforting manner but she pulled away quickly. She pulled away as if he was the one with the lethal skin not her.

"Rogue…please…I never wanted to hurt you…"

"Marie," she said forcefully. "I'm not Rogue anymore. My name is Marie." The girl's eyes looked in to Bobby's not backing down. She didn't want to him to see how broken down she was.

"Marie…I'm sorry." And with that Bobby Drake left Marie's room.

Marie slowly sat down on the edge of her bed as she heard a click of the door when Bobby closed it behind him. What did she had left? She had given away so much for nothing. Now where was she suppose to go, and what was she suppose to do. After Bobby had gone she let down her defenses and the tears came pouring out. She made no attempt to dry them off as she slid down her cheeks and down to her chin. It was ironic. Now that someone could hold her, there was no one there.