Mind Drifting Away By FalconLobo Rated T for Teens to be safe

I don't Own Foster's

Here's a Herriman Frankie Flashback Humor Slight Romance Fic

I don't Own Foster's

Ever wonder what Herriman was thinking about in the pilot before duchess was about to be adopted and Frankie Said in his type of voice Mr. H. You are needed in your office right now and he said after his trance was broken by Frankie's voice pause) oh right? Well this is what I thought he could have been thinking about and more.

Foster's in the somewhat past

Madame Foster Said "Herriman get the door I'm doing some laundry and I like to watch the clothes go around and around it's so much fun you should try it sometime."

Herriman sighed and thought "what am I going to do with her?" And he went to go open the door.

He saw a young pretty 18 year old redhead when he opened the door. Herriman blushed and said "uh can I help you?" She said holding back her own blush "Yeah Madame Foster's expecting me could you let her know I am here?"

Herriman said "Madame Foster is expecting her granddaughter Frankie who are you?" "Who else would I be? I am Frankie said the redhead."

Herriman stuttered "Ff--r--r-ankie is that you? Wow you grew up I haven't seen you since you were 13." "Took ya long enough Mr. Herriman I just wanted to say goodbye to you two before I went off to College."

Herriman said "please come in Ms. Frankie Madame Foster's doing laundry maybe you could help her?" "I'd be glad to" and went into the house along with Herriman right behind her.

"Oh Frankie" Madame Foster said "ya got tall you and Herriman are about the same height now. I'm done with the washer and I'm gonna dry em now." Frankie Joked "Here let me help you with those clothes I can put them in the dryer seeing that I now surpass you in height."

"Oh thank you dear and afterwards you and Herriman can help fold them so it can give you two some time to talk before you leave." "Okay Granma while the clothes dry why don't we get some lemonade?" Madame Foster said "Sounds good to me how about you Funny Bunny?"

"Madame please don't Call me that in front of her" Herriman said blushing. "Why?" said Madame Foster. "Err no reason" he said trying to hide the fact that his blush had spread throughout his entire body of fur.

Fortunately for Herriman both women had already started heading for the kitchen so he followed them to the same locale for some lemonade to cool his blush as well as his thirst.

Afterwards Madame Foster said "I don't think you have the time to help with the folding if you want to get to school on time." "I can help you Madame" Herriman said.

"Okay Bye Grans Bye Mr. H." She gave her grannie a hug and kiss. Then Herriman walked her outside the door and just as she was about to leave she threw her arms around Herriman in a big Hug and gave him a kiss on the lips then she was off.

Herriman was left with a lovesick look on his face for about a hour after she left when he finally heard Madame F yell "Bunny these clothes aren't gonna fold themselves are you coming in or what?"

Herriman snapped out of the trance and said "yes Madame right away I'll be right in to help you in minute." He sighed once then twice still thinking about Frankie and then thought on "I think I'm in love."

The End Or Only The Beginning