An Apologetic Hare By FalconLobo Rated T for Teens to be safe

I Don't Own Foster's

This is a one-shot short story based on two of my Pictures on Fan Art Central An Apologetic Hare and the prequel picture You Always Shove The One You Love

Of course it's romance slight humor Fic With Frankie and Herriman

This is what I think could have happened after the shoving incident between Herriman and Frankie

This Takes place after Mac went home and Bloo went elsewhere with the last remaining scribble

Herriman said To Frankie, "Ms. Frankie" but forgot what he was going to say because Frankie was giving him a dirty look.

He then said "err Ms. Frankie why are you looking at me like you want to kill me?"

Frankie Yelled "Why do you think I'm giving you this dirty look you crazy rabbit!

Could it be because you shoved me for no reason what so ever?"

Then Frankie Stormed off angry leaving behind a very hurt bunny ashamed of himself for his previous actions.

He thought "she's right my actions were uncalled for. I mean I wasn't thinking straight but that was no reason for me to shove her.

Also he thought on I should eventually tell her how I truly feel about her, that I love her.

But that can't ever happen if I don't say I'm sorry to her first."

So Herriman went outside to the garden picked a flower for Frankie and Hoped for the Best.

Herriman finds Frankie in her room; she sees Herriman and says "what do you want now Bunny?"

Herriman Says to her "I'm apologizing about before I had no need to shove you it was uncalled for and I'm truly sorry.

He went on to say I also picked a flower to give you for I hope for our friendship to bloom into more."

He handed her the Flower and after that kind of an apology what else could she do but say "I accept your apology" and give Herriman a big kiss on his bunny lips?

Then he started kissing her back and after they finished kissing they both blushed and went about their business.

Frankie smiled thinking about the kiss she just had with Herriman while she was pressing the flower in a book.

Meanwhile Herriman was taking a shower of the cold kind thinking about that same kiss he just had with Frankie.

The End