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It was the middle of the night, but there was no way that Chris could sleep tonight. He was sat at the top of Golden Gate Bridge, looking at the clear starry sky, and thinking about the huge change that had occurred in his family.

They now all knew who he was, his secret was out in the open. This meant that things were a bit awkward with his family at the moment. They all felt guilty that he had had to go through all that he had in his short life. They had also gone into slight shock, realising that in his memories they'd witnessed the gradual destruction of their family. Paige and Phoebe had seen the deaths (or aftermaths of) their children and husbands. Piper had seen her own death. Leo had seen what a terrible father he could become, unless he did something about it – and quickly. They had all seen some of Wyatt's evil deeds and some of the traumatic life of Chris.

A downside to them finding out that he was their son and nephew was that he couldn't work round the clock or go vanquishing demons whenever he needed to anymore. His whole family (though particularly his mother) fussed over him, always asking when was the last time he had a decent meal, or a full night's sleep. They hated him going alone to the underworld, and always tried to convince him to let one of them go with him – even when he was supposed to be undercover.

However, there was a silver lining to the cloud. Now, they trusted him completely and he had their full cooperation in doing everything they could to save Wyatt. But the main bonus for him was that for possibly the first time in his life, he didn't have to hide anymore… or not much anyway…



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