Awakening of Greatness? Or Mistake of a Lifetime.

The doors to the lab opened slowly, allowing light to spill into the room. The mechs there stopped for a moment, watching the small figure walk in, her eyes glowing faintly as the door slid shut behind her.

"Is it ready?" The voice echoed through the large room, tiny but carried authority.

"Yes Mistress. Is this wise though, to send this would change history, everything you have achieved." The bot looked at the much smaller form but winced as her eyes turned to me.

"Do not question me, ever. No one is meant for this...It must change." She winced, coughing, energon running down her lips. The end was so close, but this needed to be finished. Looking down at the small form in the pod she nodded "Open the space bridge, I feel him coming."

The bots around her stood back as a blue light engulfed the pod warping it away as the doors blew open behind her. A shadow fell upon her causing her to turn slowly, standing her ground. Megatron looked down at the femme before him, eyes burning darkly.

"What have you done." He reached out harshly grabbing her and brought her to his level, squeezing slightly and smirked as he finally got a reaction from her. Humans were weak and easily broken but he had to take care with this one. She was so much more.

"I am the instrument of your end Megatron, I am Omega." She smirked seeing his eyes burn hotter before whipping her to the ground with a sickening sound.

"Leave her!" He bellowed when her workers went to move to her "She will heal, she always does." Pulling his cloak tighter around himself he turned and left, her words echoing in his helm.

In the past:

The pod landed hard kicking up dirt and rocks before coming to a stop under a tree, the hatch opening as a baby began to cry. A few campers near by looked around at the sudden noise and stood scanning the area. The Autobot with them moved carefully as they came to it and looked shocked at finding a baby here in the Primus Nature preserve. Carefully they lifted the baby out of the pod and wrapped her in a shirt. The pod slowly turned to dust, leaving all there stunned as to what had just happened.

17 years later:

Kat swam thru twisted images and sounds, from alarms to yelling. Outside her pod seemed like a dream to her, unable to grasp the reality of it. Through the last of her subconscious, she heard the words that would seal not only her future, but others as well: "We're going down."

The landing of the Maximals was less then smooth. In fact it was hell. Optimus slowly stepped out of his pod after taking a beast form to enable his survival on this planet. Rinox, Rattrap and Cheetor did the same as well.

"Where the hell are we?" Rattrap looked around the ship, looking at the damage.

"I'm not sure, but we should secure the area in case the Predacons survived the impact as well. I don't want to be taken by surprise." Optimus righted a console, trying to turn it on, sighing when it just sparked.

Rinox turned on the outside censors, a geo-map forming on the screen. "I'd say we landed in a rain forest. Lots of trees." Optimus walked over, looking at the map behind him.

A few days later a pod came crashing to Earth, alerting both the Predacons and Maxamuls of its landing area. The pods scanner extended but came back with out scanning anything and opened the lid. Kat slowly got out, rubbing her back.

"The hell...great, they launched the pods for some reason. I knew I shouldn't have hid in one." Kat kicked the pod, then winced and began walking up a small rise and looked around, eyes widening at the jungle in front of her. "Great."

She began walking when she heard a faint buzzing noise and moved behind a tree, watching a giant wasp fly overhead. It transformed into Waspinator and looked the pod over and looked around the area for the transformer that emerged from it. Upon finding nothing, he reported back to Megatron.

"Waspinator to Megatron, Come in Megatron. Waspinator found pod but no find bot." After a few moments of silence, a voice came over the link.

"What do you mean the pod is empty? Find the transformer that came out of it or I'll have your head as a plant pot, yes." The link cut, leaving Waspinator less then happy. He quickly took to the sky, looking for anything.

Kat watched, the quickly ran, trying to keep quiet. She wasn't sure where the Maxamuls were, but she figured she had a much better chance of surviving if she could find them and avoid Megatron. But what was Megatron doing here? And why were they on the same planet. So many questions had to be answered, knowing she would have to answer a few herself for going with Optimus when he had forbidden her from going in the first place.

She slowed down holding her chest and looked around seeing a few small blue crystals on the ground. "Energon?" She carefully moved around them, the pain getting a little worse every time she came to close to one. After moving away from them, she climbed a tree to get a better look at the area. In the distance, she could see the Maxamul ship next to a waterfall and slid down. "How am I going to explain how I got here?" Sighing she unzipped the top of her suit as the day began to warm up. "Doesn't matter. He'll be mad either way." She began moving again, not seeing the censor she had triggered.

In the base, alarms went off, screens going on following the life form heading toward the base. "Is it a Pred?" Rattrap looked at the screen only to be moved by Rinox.

"I don't know. The censors say its humanoid, but not a transformer." He looked at Optimus who was deep in thought.

"Maybe its a life form of the planet coming to see what we are." Cheedor look hopefully at Optimus while Dinobot just shook his head.

"It is a Predacon trap! We should destroy it before it can reach us." Dinobot stood getting ready to leave with the intent to kill. Optimus looked at him.

"We need to see if it is friendly first. I don't want to be responsible for a war with a new life form." The others agreed while Dinobot just snarled a little, putting his weapons away. The cameras at the main doors turned on a few hours later and came onto the screen. Optimus looked and sighed, rubbing his temples. Rattrap stared blankly at the screen while Cheedor was confused.

"I thought you said she couldn't come with us?"

"I did Cheedor..." Dinobot raised an eyebrow, looking at the screen.

"You know this...human?" Rinox stood and walked away to let her in.

"She wanted to join us before we left Cybertron and I said she couldn't. It seems now that she found a way to get on the ship without me knowing." Dinobot snickered a little.

"You wish to lead us, and yet you can not command a simple human. This proves that I should take command of this unit." Optimus glared slightly at him and turned as Kat walked in, looking slightly embarrassed.

"What are you doing here Kat. I said that it was to dangerous for you to come with us."

"I know what I am doing, anyway, how dangerous could it be?" They all just looked at her. Dinobot looked her over, deeming her nothing but a weakness that would get them killed eventually.