Chapter One-An Unexpected Occurrance

Okay, so, Kai's Dranzer has taken form as a 17-year-old boy.Black Dranzer also has taken the form of a 17-year-old boy. Why? Why,indeed...








Dranzer-Appear as a 17-year-old(Gabriel)

Black Dranzer-Appear as a 17-year-old(Damien)

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It was a sweltering day at the Kinomiya dojo.

Five teens, two pre-teens and a pair of rapidly rotating spinning tops had somehow drifted into the beautiful garden behind the centuries old kendo practice room.

Kai, in all his well-groomed splendour, was resting against a sakura tree, slate brow raised in judgement as he scrutinised the Driger and Dragoon.

"Kinomiya!" He called curtly "Your not focused"

"How can I focus with you suffocating me?" Said teen retorted in a hoarse shout.

"Nah, Dude, I think that's the heat." The young Mizuhara panted from his place under the shade of the dojo.

"Kinomiya!" Kai growled once again, but it was too late. The now-grinning chinese 'blader took the victory with a mocking bow, recieving a laugh from Daichi and Max.

"Hey! Thats not fair! You cheated!" Takao insisted, pointing at the tiger-weilder with a pout.

"On the contrary, Takao" The Chief intoned before the Hiwatari heir could rip the young 'blader to shreds "You were the one that got distracted."

The Dragoon holder scowled very unbelievably before collapsing into the shade beside the strangely silent brunette girl.

"God, Hiromi! How can you not be sweating!" he cried, but the girls eyes were on the team captain, who also looked to be silent. As usual, ofcourse, but Kai had somewhat of an uneasy air about him that had started when Max had asked for a match with him.


The crimson-eyed 'blader glared up at the blonde with an almost scornful indignation.

"Come on, Kai, just a friendly match?"The Mizuhara begged, fishing Draciel out from the front pocket of the unnaturally bright dungerees he wore.

"No."was his blunt reply.

"But...why?"the blonde pressed.

From the other side of the room, Rei, Takao, Kyouji, Hiromi and Daichi all watched in interest as their capatain blatantly refused to bow to Max's pleading.

"I don't have to answer that question" Kai scowled at the younger boy before stalking from the kitchen, dubbing the conversation 'Over'.

"It would be polite, though" Takao grumbled, patting his disappointed best friend on the shoulder.

End of Flashback

As if everybody sensed the change in the atmosphere, one by one, everybody turned to look at the Bladebreaker captain, who suddenly had a barely concealed pained expression upon his handsomely pale, yet emotionless, features.

"Kai?" the neko-jin asked warily.

"No..."the fifteen-year-old, scarf-clad leader muttered.

"Huh?" Daichi screwed up his face, confused"What are you-"

"No." Kai said it more forcefully this time and the others realised he was not talking to them, but to himself. "You can't."

As if in answer, Kai let out a gasp of pain and fell to his knees. Instantly, Hiromi was by his side, and soon, the others were aswell.

"Kai, what's-" Takao stopped mid-sentence, feeling the pulsation of energy from Dragoon.

What's going on? he asked himself this time.

An earsplitting screech tore through the air, making those around Kai recoil with their hands over their ears.

When it sounded again from above, their eyes were pulled skywards and what they saw there made their eyes widen beyond belief. A golden phoenix. The likeness to Kai's Dranzer just too obvious to be misconstrued as a coincidence. Beautiful red and gold plumage, blazing golden eyes, with talons so sharp you wouldn't even be able to scream before they tore through you. Ofcourse, a bird so beautiful as this would surely never dent even a fly.

Oh, no.

This was the beautifully regal and elegant pheonix from the proud blade Kai would release into the beydish. This bird would not smear itself with the blood of an innocent.

But what came next most certainly would.

This time, the screech did not come from that mythical creature, but from their strong-willed captain as he let loose an agonised howl, black light seeping from him impossibly. The more of the dark light that pulled away from Kai, the more it took shape.

This time, into the unmistakable form that was the Black Dranzer.

Ebony and darkest purple feathers starkly contrasted as it rose up to face the Dranzer with a barely concealed smirk in it's blazing crimson eyes.Instead of the rich, white mane like it's counterpart, the Black Dranzer sported locks of purest ebony and, as it squawked shrilly at the other mythical creature, it tossed it's head.

"Whats's going on?" Daichi yelled angrily.

"They have been fighting..."Kai told them wearily, shrugging Hiromi off to kneel alone. His eyes held the signs that Black Dranzer's awakening had taken much of his strength, but his posture was one of utmost strength and reliability

"What are you-"Takao began heatedly, but Rei raised a hand to the bluenette for silence.

"How long for, Kai?"Rei asked softly as they all stared at the birds above, sizing each other up.

"Since Alkali Lake" Kai admitted, cringing subtly as the two birds attention was drawn to him.

"Kai, how do we get them to go back?" Kyouji cried, scurrying to hide behind Takao, Max and Rei.

Kai was silent.

"I don't want them to go back..." he murmered, looking away from them all, knowing he had just missed all the shocked gazes.

"Why?" Hiromi asked, and for once, her voice was level.

"Dranzer should be free...and for Black Dranzer to go back, he has to go back within my soul..."It was barely a whisper, but all heard it. With a triumphant squawk, Black Dranzer landed behind the still kneeling Kai and slowly began to change.

First, his mane of hair began to shorten, while his plumage began to disappear. The pheonix also began to shrink and it's bones seemed to horrfically rearrange. Ever so slowly, the form took that of a human, fully outfitted in a silky black shirt and black jeans. The teen that was covered by them was about a head taller than Kai at his full-height and his ebony hair dipped over one of his deep, soul-seeringly ebony orbs, while the other danced over Kai. The pheonix-turned-human was handsome, with golden skin, high cheekbones and a seductive,smirking mouth. On his fingertips were obvious claws and those able to see them took an involuntary step back.

With a glare and a burst of light, Dranzer landed infront of Kai as another human. It seemed that, as Black Dranzer was a product of Dranzer, it didn't possess the godly power of shapeshifting easily. He now stood with golden blonde hair and wise, liquid gold orbs that also ghosted over Kai. The two Dranzers had the same bone structure and physical structure, but one had black hair and eyes, while the other had blonde hair and gold eyes. The two were the same height, but instead of the black garments, Black Dranzer wore, Dranzer wore a silky, dusted gold shirt and dark blue jeans.

"Kai..." The voice was low and seductive as Black Dranzer draped his arms about Kai's neck. Kai did nothing to prevent it and it was obvious why. Though his claws were smaller as a human, they were still razor-sharp. "I've missed you..."

That made Kai's eyes widen in surprise and he looked to Dranzer for help.

"Black Dranzer, release Kai at once!" The pure Pheonix demanded, his face emotionless. But his eyes danced with unspoken outrage for his master.

A teasing smile wound onto Black Dranzer's lips and he moved his lips beside Kai's ear

"I think he's jealous, pet." Black Dranzer smirked at their shocked faces and began to trail butterfly kisses down Kai's neck.

Kai grimaced, resisting the urge to pull away. He knew what Black Dranzer would do if he tried.

"Uh..."Takao took a step forward as if trying to be friendly "I'm Takao...What should we call you?"

Dranzer turned his attention to the Dragoon weilder and raised a brow.

"We know who you are, Takao. But you may call me Gabriel." Dranzer told him with an incline of his head.

"Ever the diplomat, kuso." Black Dranzer spat at Gabriel from his minustrations on Kai's neck. "You may call me Damien, dobe."

Kai turned loathingly pleading eyes upon Rei, who looked back sympathetically.

"Uh...Damien...why are you ...out of Kai?" Rei blushed at the way it sounded and Kai gasped as a clawed finger trailed up his clothed side luxuriously.

The black phoenix smirked, blowing on Kai's neck.

"I came out of Kai so...that i could Kai...if you understand my meaning" Damien grinned, helping Kai to his feet and immediately wrapping his arms about the fifteen-year-old bluenettes neck.

Kai paled and looked to the Bladebreakers and Dranzer for assistance. Most of the Bladebreakers had the decency to blush and look away, but Gabriel took a step forwards, his beautiful, liquidine orbs flashing as he glared at Damien.

"Release my Charge now, Damien, or else there shall be dire consequences." Gabriel snarled. Damien merely barked a laugh before complying, only to lick Kai's cheek seductively, making the younger, shorter boy shudder.

"Uh, come on, Kai, you said you would help me with my 'blading."Rei lied smoothly, stepping forward slightly to give Kai an excuse to get away from the two phoenixes.

Kai's eyes briefly shone with gratitude before he took a step towards the dojo gate after Rei.

"Did I say you could go, koi?" Damien asked smugly.

Grudgingly, the wine-eyed boy halted, only to be pulled back into the arms of the phoenix.

"Damien!" Gabriel spat angrily, taking a step towards them.

The Black Dranzer raised a hand, hushing him as he continued to entrance Kai with his endlessly dark eyes. Running a tongue over Kai's lips, he massaged his lower back before swooping down to capture the bluenette's usually thin lips with his own in a demanding kiss. Too surprised to struggle or respond, Kai stood stock still, eyes still locked onto those deep pools of ebony as they danced into his own, mesmerising him, so that when Damien's tongue asked for entrance, Kai was too enthralled to refuse.

The others looked on, seething as they knew the Great Black Dranzer would rip them to shreds if they drew near. Not only that, but the beautiful red and gold phoenix had given them a warning look not to interfere. Even though it was completely suspicious behaviour coming from the creature sworn to protect Kai, the others believed in Dranzer completely.

Pulling away from Kai, Damien watched in amusement as Kai panted slightly, his lips swollen from the breath-stealing kiss.

"Now you can go, pet." He smirked, nibbling on Kai's bottom lip teasingly before releasing Kai completely.

With an almost imperceptible dazed expression, Kai followed after the waiting Rei slowly.

Almost as soon as Kai and Rei had disappeared from sight, the same thought went through Tako's, Hiromi's, Max's, Daichi's and the Chief's heads :

What the HELL do we do with them now?

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